Must Know Headlines


Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering 92-Year-Old:
Ban Courtroom Cameras To Stop ‘Poisoning Public Opinion’

Trump’s Defense Team Offers Nancy
Pelosi Some Fancy Souvenir Acquittal Pens

Andrew Breitbart On Orson Bean: He Shaped ‘Everything I Do’

Medal Of Honor Recipient Says LTC Vindman Was
A ‘Spotlighter’ Whose Own Peers Wanted Him Out

Child Molester Set To Be Released From Prison
After Gender Transition: ‘No Longer A Threat.’


NYC PBA President Shreds Democratic Leadership
For Inciting Attacks On Police Officers

NYPD Union To Mayor Bill De Blasio: ‘We Do Not Respect You’

Retired Cop: New York City Leaders To
Blame For Assassination Attempts On Police

Trump Angrily Denounces ‘Weak Leadership’
In Two Assassination Attempts On NYC Police


78-Year-Old Bernie Sanders Flip-Flops
On Promise To Release Medical Records

Joe Biden Promises Taxpayers Will
‘Pay’ To Send Drug Traffickers To Rehab

Maxine Waters: Trump Has ‘No Respect For People Of Color’

Ocasio-Cortez Seems To Suggest McConnell
Responsible For Attempted Assassinations In NYC

Big Surprise: The Deadliest, Most Crime
Ridden Cities Are All Run By Democrats

Joe Biden Calls Woman ‘Lying Dog-Faced
Pony Soldier’ At Campaign Event

Sanders: ‘Being Pro-Choice Is An Absolutely
Essential Part Of Being A Democrat’

Democrat-Activist Media

Hollywood Filmmaker Quotes The ‘Communist Manifesto’
In Oscar Acceptance Speech

Obama’s Oscar-Winning ‘American Factory’ Omits
His Own Role In Ohio Factory’s Closing

ABC, CBS Uninterested In Van Attack Against
Trump Supporters Registering Voters

Maher: Trump Is President Because Americans
Live in an Age Absent of Facts, Education

Liberal Media Sounds The Alarm Over Empty Seats A NH Democrat
Fundraiser: “This Does Not Look Like An Energized Party” (VIDEO)

Rob Reiner: Dems Have To ‘Punch’
Trump In the Nose, Call Him Fat

Pornography And Sex Trafficking Are
‘Completely Interwoven,’ Activists Warn