Must Know Headlines


Deep State Brings In Big Gun US ATTORNEY To  Defy Request For Evidentiary
Hearing On Previously Hidden Peter Strzok And Lisa Page Emails On Seth Rich

Video: Reporter Covering Officer Funeral Procession: “A Waste Of My Day”

‘Very Distracting’: Trump Tells Crowd About Nancy Pelosi
‘Mumbling Terribly’ Behind Him At SOTU

Department Of Justice Claims that Communist China’s
Military Stole Millions Of Americans’ Data


AG BARR: “Significant Escalation” Coming Against Sanctuary Cities

IRS Sent $46,378,040 In Refunds To 23,994
‘Unauthorized’ Aliens At 1 Atlanta Address

Donald Trump’s Budget Promises 1,000 Miles Of Border Wall

How To Take On The Deadly Drug Cartels That Run The U.S.-Mexico Border

New York City Shooting Proves The Dangers Of Sanctuary Policies


Not Just Bidens! Kerry, Romney, Clintons,
Pelosi, Soros Are ALL Tied To Ukraine

Biden: ‘Thug Rudy Giuliani’ The Only One Who
Has Said My Son Has ‘Done Anything Wrong’

Quinnipiac: Nearly Half of Biden’s African-American
Supporters Have Abandoned Him

Sanders: ‘Our Policies Will Create A Lot More Jobs’ Than Trump’s Will

Pete Buttigieg’s Father Was A Marxist Professor
Who Lauded The Communist Manifesto

Democrat Councilman Sole More Than $130,000
From Kids. Sentencing Mysteriously Delayed

Biden: Trump ‘Deathly Afraid To Face Me’ – ‘I Will Beat Him’

Buttigieg: Heroin Possession Won’t Be Illegal Under My Administration

Soros: Zuckerberg Controlling Facebook Might Help Get Trump Re-Elected

Democrat-Activist Media

Barack Obama Praises Documentarian Who Quoted
‘Communist Manifesto’ In Oscar Acceptance Speech

A NYT Writer Said Trump’s Immigrant Crime Stories
Were ‘Bogus’ – Then DHS Provided Him Examples

Equality: Hollywood Celebs Handed $225,000 Swag Bag At Oscars

Oscars Viewership Plunges To Record Low

MSNBC’s Reid: Trump Is Angry at Romney, Obama’s Honesty And Manhood