Must Know Headlines


Police Report Reveals Why Anti-Trump Van
Driver Targeted GOP Voter Registration Tent

Gunman Who Tried Assassinating NYPD Officers
Vows To Shoot More If He’s Released

Holden Matthews Admits To Torching Churches In The Name Of ‘Black Metal

Jewish Harvard Club Member Assaulted During
Pro-Palestinian Lecture, Lawsuit Says

California Hospital Releases Patient Cleared Of
Coronavirus, Tests Positive Following Day

Victims of Socialism In Venezuela Warn U.S.: ‘Don’t
Fall for It,’ ‘People are Eating from Trash Bags’

AG William Barr: ‘Sanctuary’ Policies Are Unconstitutional, Discriminatory


Revealed: Ilhan Omar’s Second Highest Donor, Basim Omar Sabri,
Is A Convicted Felon Who Regularly Raises Funds for Hamas

All Four Prosecutors Quit After Justice Department
Intervenes On ‘Excessive’ Stone Sentencing; Trump Applauds

Obama ‘Planted Moles’ In White House To Torpedo Next President

In NH, Pete Buttigieg Speaks Spanish To Illegals:
‘This Country Is Your Country Too’

WATCH: Bernie Sanders Supporter Explains
Democratic Socialism at New Hampshire Victory Rally

Democrat-Activist Media

The Eonomy Is Not Working’: MSNBC’s Katy Tur
Claims People Have 30-Year Car Loans

Morning Joe Meltdown: Scarborough Rants ‘Would-Be Dictator’ Trump Would
Arrest Every Journalist He Doesn’t Like, WaPo Owner Jeff Bezos if He Could

Watch Katy Tur Try To Maintain Her Smile As Random
Guy In Parking Lot Trashes Bernie Live On MSNBC

Former CNBC Anchor Michelle Caruso-Cabrera
Takes On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez