Must Know Headlines


Mexican Government Deploys Elite Marines To Combat Drug
Cartels Thanks To Pressure From The Trump Administratio

Pro-LGBT Media Slam Connecticut Girls For Suing To Stop Trans Cheats

Racist Virginia Student Tells White People To Leave New  Campus
Multicultural Center: ‘There’s Just Too Many White People in Here’ (VIDEO)

Ex-NYPD Cop Punched At His Nashville Birthday
Party After Red Cap Mistaken For MAGA Hat

Thousands Of Fetuses Found In Illinois Home To Be Buried In Indiana, Officials Say

Roger Stone

Three Mueller Prosecutors Abruptly Withdraw From Roger Stone Case

Roger Stone Jury Foreperson (D) Comes Forward To Defend Prosecutors –
But Social Media History of The Failed Democrat Candidate
Reveals She Mocked His Arrest, Labeled Trump Supporters”
Racist & Posed With Ex-DNC Chair Donna Brazil


Schumer: Yes, Party Will Unite Behind A Socialist

Lead Juror In Roger Stone Case Ran For Congress As A Democrat In 2012

Obama Intervened, Repeatedly, In Ongoing Trials And Investigations

Elizabeth Warren Tells Heartwarming Anecdote
About Taking Half Of A Supporter’s Money

Pete Buttigieg Recently Said The Same Things Bloomberg Did About Crime

OMAR’S PLAN: Ilhan Omar Introduces ‘Pathway To
Peace,’ Progressive Overhaul Of US Foreign Policy

Rashida Tlaib Urges Federal Reserve To Bail
Out Bankrupt Detroit And Puerto Rico

Top Democratic Presidential Contenders Want to Abolish the Electoral College

No, Senator, It Is NOT Congress’s Job To Redistribute Wealth

Democrat-Activist Media

The Media Couldn’t Be Less Interested
In Van Attack Against Trumpers

Election Dissection: Takeaways From New Hampshire
Primary The Media Doesn’t Want To Tell You

The Strokes Sing Anti-Cop Song To Officer
On Stage At Bernie Sanders Rally

Steven Spielberg and Wife Have Already Given $3.5 Million
To Dems, Including Iowa Caucus App Firm

Alec Baldwin: U.S. Government Is As Lawless
A Dictatorship As Nazi Germany