Must Know Headlines


New Hampshire Man Assaults Pro-Trump
Teenager At Polling Site, Leaving Him ‘Traumatized’

James Whitehurst (Another Bernie Bro) Threatens
Trump Supporters With Cane Sword

Wife Of ‘Proud Boys’ Member Imprisoned For
Self-Defense Pleads For Help For Their Three Children

Coronavirus Scare: CBP Seizes Package Of Dead Birds
At Airport – Traveler Flew In From China

Flashback: Roger Stone Was Set Up By FBI Informant ‘Henry
Greenberg’ Back in May 2016 …Update: FBI File On ‘Greenberg’

I Survived An Abortion And My Daughters Are Alive Because I Survived

Border Security

US Military To Fulfill New DHS Request To
Build More Fencing On The Southern Border

Police Warned About ‘Credible Threat’ To Kill Cops. Illegal Immigrant,
MS-13 Gang Member Arrested In Connection.

ICE Issues Subpoenas After Connecticut Protects Criminal
Aliens Convicted of Manslaughter, Burglary

Republicans Introduce Bill To Pull Funds From States
That Give Driver’s Licenses To Illegal Immigrants


Democrats Put Votes Before Safety As Drug
Seizures Set Records At U.S. Points Of Entry

Senate Democrats Insist Babies Born Alive After Abortions Should Be Left To Die

They All Suck: Nevada Union Refuses To Endorse A 2020 Democratic Candidate

Check Out Donations To Democrats (Including Hillary)
Made By Roger Stone’s Jury Foreperson Tomeka Hart

Popular Black Radio Host Wants To Know: Why Are Black Democrats
Supporting The Most Racist Candidates In South Carolina?

Fauxcahontas Takes $3 From Student Who Says She Only Has $6 In Bank

‘Won’t Go Well’: Devin Nunes Predicts Barr Hearing Will Be Bad For Democrats

Former Congressman: Dem Strategy Is To Totally ‘Transform’ Nation

Bernie Sanders Proposes $4.35 Trillion Tax Increase On ‘Wealth’

AOC Is A Fracking Idiot

Democrat-Activist Media

Political Bias of Lead Stone Juror EXPOSED, Nets Respond With Blackout

CNN’s Navarro: Trump ‘Wears More Pancake Makeup Than Any Drag Queen’

Katie Couric Says She Is ‘Shocked’ By Fox News, And Watching It Makes Her ‘Crazy’

Jorge Ramos Tried To Wokescold Hispanic Trump Supporters, Got SCHOOLED