Must Know Headlines


SHAME: Democrats Opposed Travel Bans Now
Being Implemented Worldwide To Slow China Virus

Tom Cotton Debuts Plan To Take Pharma Production Back From China

America Gets Another Hostage Back, This Time From the Iranian Regime

Newsom Says Over Half of Californians Will Get The Wuhan Virus in 8 Weeks

Rick Wilson Tweets Melania Trump Should Get China Virus

Chuck Schumer Brags About China Virus Law: New York
‘Gets Billions and The Most Of Any State in the Nation’

China Virus

EU Shuts Down Borders To ALL Foreigners Before USA

NYC China Virus Cases Continue To Grow
With Nearly 4,000 Infected, 26 Dead

Now 3 International Studies Find Chloroquine With Azithromycin
Shows 100% Success Rate In Treating China Virus In 6 Days! (VIDEO)

‘Governments Are Really Scared’: Virus Builds
Back Borders That European Union Demolished

Ford, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler Shutting
Down Factories Amid China Virus

Hong Kong Pet Dog That Tested For China Virus
Dies After Returning From Quarantine Virus-Free

Fourth Person In NJ Family Has Died From China Virus

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Rhetoric On ‘Wuhan Virus’ Echoes Chinese Propaganda

Washington Post Corrects Jennifer Rubin Column Falsely
Accusing McConnell Of Delaying Coronavirus Vote

Trump Bashes NBC Reporter For Network Labeling
Him ‘Racist’ Over Coronavirus China Travel Ban

While Stephen Colbert Argues ‘Chinese Virus’
Is Racist, Let’s Revisit His Jokes About Asians

Unlike Media, Dr. Birx Blames China For Virus
Cover-Up, Rebukes CCP Propaganda

Kowtow to Commies: Friedman Says We NEED
China To Get Through Virus Crisis