Must Know Headlines


Class Action Lawsuit Filed In Las Vegas
Blames China For COVID-19 Outbreak

Dr. Fauci: President Trump’s Travel Ban Is What
Will Save This Country From Becoming Italy

Escape From New York: White House Warns
Americans To Self-Quarantine After Leaving NYC


A Look Inside ‘Wet Markets,’ Where Experts
Believe COVID-19 Originated

SHOCK VIDEO: Chinese People Repeatedly
Attempt To Spread Coronavirus In Public

WATCH: Professor Explains Why Coronavirus
Much More Serious Than The Flu

Sen. Josh Hawley Calls For International Probe
Into China’s Coronavirus ‘Cover-Up’

Coronavirus Spreads To At Least SIX Amazon
Warehouses Shipping Packages To Isolated Americans

Can States Close Their Borders? COVID-19
Gives Local Authorities Wide Power


Nevada’s Governor Bars Malaria Drugs For Coronavirus Patients

Former Vice President Joe Biden Keeps Pushing
Misinformation About The Coronavirus. Here Are 5 Examples

Schiff defends Democrats’ Holdup Of COVID-19  Relief Bill,
Says Unrelated Additions Are For ‘Health Of Our D

Gillum Photos Emerge: Not Good For The Democratic Party

Biden Coughs Into His Hand Shortly After He Says
He Hasn’t Taken a Coronavirus Test (VIDEO)

Democrat-Activist Media

Don’t Amplify Misinformation’: Rachel Maddow
Wants The Media To Blackout Trump.

Study: China Escapes Scrutiny
In TV’s Coronavirus Coverage

MSNBC Covers For Host Who Suggested 50% Of
Population Would Die If Pandemic Spread Across Country

CBS Allows a Scant 10 Seconds On Own Poll
Showing Majority Support For Trump On Corona

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