Must Know Headlines


REPORT: More Than 40,000 People Have Arrived
In The US From China Since Trump Restricted Travel

Of Worst-Hit Countries, US Has Third-Lowest
Fatality Rate, Third-Lowest Per Capita Death Toll

Child Rapist Freed From Massachusetts Jail To Protect Him From
Coronavirus, Lawyer Slammed For Celebrating On Twitter

Fact Check: No, Tea Party Is Not To Blame For
Obama Failing To Replenish Mask Stockpile

Earth Day Founder Dies In Prison After
Murdering and Composting Girlfriend

Why Inspector General Michael Atkinson
Roundly Deserved To Be Fired

Chinese City Shenzhen Bans Eating Cats And Dogs

Chicom Virus

Bronx Zoo Tiger Infected With COVID-19 By Zookeeper.
Could Your Cat Or Dog Be At Risk?

Here Are All The Funding Landmines Congress
Stuffed Into The 3rd Coronavirus Stimulus Bill

Sheriff Rebels Against Governor:
‘We Will Not Be Setting Up A Police State’

China’s Disgusting Profiteering From Coronavirus Spread Exposed

Coronavirus Jailbreak: Soros-Funded ACLU Helps Free
Illegal Alien Child Molester, Immigrant Child Abuser

China Sued Over Coronavirus In International Criminal Court


Dem Rep Spreads Chinese Propaganda While
Blaming Coronavirus Deaths on Trump

Democrat Kentucky Governor Vetoes
Mandatory Voter ID For 2020 Election

Pelosi Knew About COVID-19 During Impeachment
Trial-Then Why Didn’t She Act? (Video)

Biden Falsely Claims: 45 Nations Blocked Chinese
Nationals From Entering U.S. Before Trump Did

Cuomo Says He’s Fighting To Save “Even Just One Life”
From Coronavirus, But Legalized Abortions Up UT Birth

Bernie, AOC and Omar Calling For Sanctions To
Be Lifted On Iran During Coronavirus Crisis

Democrat-Activist Media

Reporters Without Masks Grill Trump About Not Wearing A Mask

Sarah Silverman ‘Hates’ Trump Supporters!
‘Hatred Is What I Feel’ For ‘These People’

Chelsea Handler Questions If It’s Ethical And
Safe To Air Trump Coronavirus Briefings

PBS Discusses Why Biden Is Better Than
Perverted, Virus-Empowering Trump

ABC Trashes Pence’s Christian Faith: Do You “Talk To God”
About How Many You Let Die From Coronavirus?


Let Them Eat Crickets! EU To Approve Bugs For Human Consumption