Must Know Headlines


How The Man Running WHO Is China-Centric & Career Politician
Who Worked For A Communist Junta & Became WHO’s First NON-Doctor
Director-General ‘Following Intense Lobbying From Beijing’

Taiwan Says It Warned WHO In December That
Wuhan Virus Was Contagious, But They Were Ignored

ACCOUNTABILITY: President Trump Fires Deep
State Snitch Who Triggered Impeachment Hysteria

China Has Killed Hundreds Of Millions in Forced
Abortions, But Gets Seat On UN Human Rights Panel

Churches Were Forced To Close, But Abortion
Clinic Killed 40 Babies on Palm Sunday


Chicago Mayor Signs Executive Order
Giving Coronavirus Benefits To Illegal Aliens

Michigan Faces Constitutional Crisis After
Governor’s Coronavirus Power Grab

Progressive Groups Betting Trump’s Briefings
Will Be Left’s ‘Greatest Ammunition’

Democrat-Activist Media

Here’s How Pro-Beijing Outlet Phoenix TV Made It
Into The White House Coronavirus Press Briefing

Seriously? CBS News Re-airs Misleading Italian
Hospital Footage For Wuhan Coronavirus Story

If A Democrat Were President, Media
Would Push Unity Against Coronavirus

ABC’s Hostin: Trump’s Coronavirus Press
Conferences Are ‘Endangering American Lives’

Study: CNN Barely Covered Coronavirus Outbreak

Meghan McCain: I’m Fearful ‘Totalitarian’
Trump Will Try Pandemic Power Grab

Joy Behar Wants White House Reporters To Vall
Trump A Liar, Walk Out Of Press Briefings