Must Know Headlines


Black Lives Matter Activist Found Dead
After Tweeting Reports Of Sexual Assault

Wall Street Journal Decries More Than 40% Of
All Black-Owned Businesses Vanishing
Due To Statewide Lockdown Measures

CHAZ’s Warlord Handing Out AR 15s
From The Trunk Of His Tesla…
Gun Control Groups Have Yet To Comment

SCOTUS’s Transgender Ruling Firebombs The Constitution

Christopher Columbus Statue To Be
Taken Down From California Capitol


Man Opens Fire On Police. Police Shoot Back,
Killing Him. Mayor Fires Police Chief,
One Month From Retirement.

Prosecutors: Ambush Slayings of Two Officers In
California Linked To Anti-Government Extremist Group

NYPD Officers Taken To Hospital After Drinking
Milk Shakes At Shake Shack, ‘No Criminality’

Detroit’s Recent Move To Defund Police Had
Serious Consequences, Reporter Finds: ‘Children Are Dying’

Police, Fire Reportedly Refused To Respond To
Crime In Progress In Seattle’s Breakaway CHOP


Atlanta Police Release 911 Call
Before Rayshard Brooks Confrontation

92-Year-Old Woman Speaks Out After Being
Randomly Attacked In NYC, Suspect Arrested

PURE EVIL: Police Investigating after White
Kid Knocked Out on Ocean City Boardwalk
– Then Stomped On by Mob (VIDEO)

Homicides And Shootings Explode In Democrat-Run
Chicago On Despite Strict Gun Control

Atlanta Police Release 911 Call Before
Rayshard Brooks Confrontation

The Drug Cartel’s Latest Attempt To
Smuggle Narcotics Across The Border


What Difference Does It Make? Hillary Will Find
Out After She Lost Her Appeal And Will
Be Forced To Testify On Benghazi

Kente Cloth Worn By Democrats Was ‘Historically Worn’
By African Empire Involved In Slave Trade, Fact Checker Says

Nancy Pelosi Criticizes Trump For Planning Rally
Even Though She Attended Protest In DC Two Weeks Ago

Democrats Who Defend Riots Have Embraced Mob Rule

Democrat-Activist Media

On Use Of Force By Veteran Cop

Protest-Obsessed TV Networks
Barely Mention Violence Against Police

Joy Behar: ‘Shame’ On Thomas Dissenting In
LGBTQ Ruling — He’s ‘Married To A Caucasian Woman’


Hongkonger Injured In Knife Attack While
Defending Epoch Times Staffer Says He Has No Regrets