Must Know Headlines


Illegal Alien Gets Two Years In Jail For
Returning To U.S. After Killing Four Kids

‘My Father Would Have Said They Ain’t Nothing But Devils”
– Muhammed Ali’s Son Speaks Out Against Black Lives Matter

Police Get Called To Respond To Shooting, Murder
Inside Seattle’s Cop-Free’ ‘Autonomous Zone’

Macy’s Says White Employee Attacked By
Black Man Never Said The ‘N-Word’

Star Power: Watch Black Celebrities
Declare ‘Race’ Is Not The Problem

Yulin 10-Day Dog Torture Festival

Horror Scenes: Chinese Wet Markets Sell Roasted
Dog Meat Ahead Of Yulin Festival Despite
Pooches Finally Getting ‘Companion’ Status

‘Breeding Ground For A Pandemic’: Dog Meat
Still On Sale In China, Despite New Guidelines

President Trump

Trump To Mark Completion Of Border Wall’s 200th Mile

Nolte: Trump Was Mocked For Predicting Woke
Taliban Wouldn’t Stop At Confederate Statues


Deadly Weekend In Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis
As New York City Reports Uptick In Shootings

“Some White People May Have To Die for Black
Communities to Be Made Whole” – Far Left UGA Teaching
Assistant On Black Lives Matter Movement

Before And After Photos: Here’s What
Seattle’s ‘CHAZ’ Has Done To The City

Teddy Roosevelt Statue To Be Removed
From Museum Of Natural History

BLM & Antifa Terrorists Start Trouble Outside Trump Rally

Bill De Blasio: ‘Problematic’ Roosevelt Statue
To Be Removed By History Museum

Charlotte WWII Memorial Defaced With Communist Symbols

MLB’s Minnesota Twins Remove Statue Honoring
Former Owner Outside Minneapolis Stadium

Democrat-Activist Media

This Big Media Outlet HIDES The KKK’s
Past Ties To Democratic Party

Media Raises Hysteria Over Trump Tulsa
Rally After Celebrating Mass Protests

Many Newspapers Are Refusing To Publish Mugshot
Galleries Because The Criminals Aren’t White

Stelter Credits China-Owned App
Users For Trump Rally ‘Sabotage’