Must Know Headlines


Enough Of The Lying – Just Look At The Data.  There’s No
Epidemic Of Racist Police Officers Killing Black Americans.

President Trump Says Black Lives Matter’s Threat To
‘Burn Down This System’ Is ‘Treason, Sedition, Insurrection’

[VIDEO] Officer Has A Good Laugh When “Defund The
Police” Group Requests “Police Security” At Their Protest

Hostilities Flare At Emancipation Memorial, Black Man Slams
Protesters: ‘Y’All Don’t Know The History Of This Statue

Thousands Of Immigrants To Secure U.S.
Citizenship To Vote In 2020 Election


Two Paterson N.J. Politicians Charged With
Massive Mail-In Ballot Voter Fraud

President Of Leftist DC Think Tank Attacks St. Louis
Says He Would ‘Beat Their Brains In’

4 Children Shot, 18 People Dead, 47 Wounded In
Weekend Violence In Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago

Democrat Party Begins Demonizing Mount Rushmore,
Refers To July 4 Celebration As ‘Glorifying White Supremacy’

Father Of Teen Murdered By Illegal  Immigrant Says
Only A Few Black Live
s Matter To Libs: ‘
Everybody Else Just Gets Screwed’


BLM Protester Kills Photographer
Who Supported The Movement

16 Year Old Dead, 14 Year Old Critical After
Shootings In Seattle Autonomous Zone

L.A. County Faces Coronavirus Surge
After Black Lives Matter Protests

BLM Terrorists Broke Down Private Gate To
Democrat Mark McCloskey Home In St. Louis

At Least Two Shot As Camp Reportedly Opens Fire On Jeep
After Capitol Hill Protest Zone Drivebys — UPDATE: One Dead

Democrat-Activist Media

The Russia-Taliban Bounty Story Is Fake News

‘Absurd Question,’ Says McEnany:
Is Trump Sad the South Lost The Civil War?

Media Cover-Up: ABC, NBC Claim Radical St. Louis Mob Was ‘Peaceful

Facebook Caves To Liberal Pressure And Agrees To Censor Trump