Must Know Headlines


Why Are There No News Reports About
The Christian Churches Are Being Attacked?

McCloskey Self-Defense Saga Expands: Sen. Hawley
Requests DOJ Investigate St. Louis Circuit Attorney

All These Major American Companies With Hong Kong
Footprints  Weighed In On George Floyd’s Death.
They Have Nothing To Say About China’s Hong Kong Takeover

BLUE Cities

5-Month-Old Boy, 2 Men Shot On Near North Side

Man Accused Of Punching NYPD Chief,
Cops On Brooklyn Bridge Released Without Bail

Mark Levin: We Can’t Rely On Mayors To
Protect Us From Domestic Terrorists

Parents Should Be Warned About One Depraved Group
That Doesn’t Want Their Kids to Go Back to School Over COVID

BLM & Police

Cop Who Took A Knee With Protesters
Beaten Up By Brooklyn Bridge Rioters

VIDEO: BLM Rioters Attack Disabled Man’s Car In Ohio Protest

The Myth Of Systemic Police Racism Is
Leading To Targeted Attacks Against Cops

Black Lives Matter Fundraising Handled By
Group With Convicted Terrorist On Its Board

Police: Atlantic Beach Officer Beaten
Unconscious, Suspect Shot Outside Panera Bread


Marxist Angela Davis: Joe Biden Is ‘Candidate
Who Can Be Most Effectively Pressured’

Chicago Mayor Calls Kayleigh McEnany A ‘Karen’ And
The Trump Campaign Shoots Back A Fiery Response

Cuomo Claims Trump Not Imposing Nationwide
Mask Mandate Will Kill 40,000 Americans…

Tlaib, Pressley Introduce Breathe Act, A Bill
To Abandon All Law Enforcement And Prisons

Here’s How Much Trump’s Deregulation Saved Your Family This Year

Democrat-Activist Media

N.Y. Times ‘1619 Project’ Founder: Whites ‘Barbaric Devils’

Barr Calls Out Hollywood,Ttech Giants For Caving To Chinese Communists

Twitter Hack Shows Why TikTok Is So Extremely Dangerous

Revealed: Son Of Fox Corporation Founder Rupert Murdoch
Donates $1.23 Million To Joe Biden’s Presidential Campaign

Shameless Ghouls: Liberal Journalists Eagerly Take
McEnany Out of Context On Reopening Schools

Why Is The Washington Post So Wager
To Rescue Ilhan Omar From Herself?