Must Know Headlines


Blackwell: Democrat Mayors Avoiding Responsibility
For Cities ‘Wrecked By Violence & Lawlessness’

Declassified Docs Reveal FBI Agents Didn’t Believe Russia Trump
Conspiracy. When Will AG Barr Deliver Justice For The Nation?

Michelle Malkin Attacked By Antifa & Black Lives Matter Thugs At
Denver Back The Blue Rally; Sends Law & Order SOS To President Trump

We Immigrants Know The America-Bashers Are Ridiculously Wrong

Pro-Life Artist Paints ‘Baby Lives Matter’ In Front Of Planned Parenthood


Gun Violence Sweeps Democrat-Run Cities Again As Weekend
Sees Seven Shot Dead & 53 Wounded In Chicago

Levin: 60 Million Americans Got Swine Flu,
Obama And Biden Stopped Testing

‘Delusional’ De Blasio: Critics Slam Mayor For Saying NYC
Is ‘Safer’ And ‘Better’ With FEWER People In Jail As
Violent Crime Surges To The Highest Point In 25
Years & More Criminals Are Released On Bail

Portland Protest Organizer Says Her Goal Is the
Abolition Of America ‘As We Know It’ (Video)

ACLU & Oregon Sue To STOP Trump From Arresting
Antifa/BLM Rioters In Portland. What A Change…

Democrat-Activist Media

Why Most Published Presidential Election
Polls Are Meaningless (Especially This Early)

Twitter Removes Trump Campaign Ad After Linkin
Park Files Copyright Complaint Over The Use Of Song

Why ViacomCBS Ignored Nick Cannon’s Remarks
About White People’s ‘Genetic Inferiority

The Washington Post Hate-Pukes On America — In The Weirdest Places!

Many Cheered When He Crashed’: Bubba Wallace
Booed At NASCAR Race As Confederate Flags Fly