Must Know Headlines


The Ninth Circuit Just Allowed Children
To Sue Trump Over Global Warming

FBI Tells Congress It Failed To Follow
Protocol Parkland Shooter Warnings

“Significant Increase” In USDA Employees
Viewing Porn On Govt. Computers During Work

Devin Nunes: Deep State FBI And DOJ Fought Hard To Hide
From Congress That Hillary And DNC Paid For Crap Dossier

U.S. Steel Brings Back Jobs Because Of Trump Tariffs

DOJ Releases ‘Fast And Furious’ Documents, Previously
Blocked By Obama Admin, To Oversight Committee

ILLEGAL Immigration

INSANE Pelosi Says Illegal Aliens
‘Make America More American’

Denver Sheriff Shields ILLEGAL Hit-And-Run
Suspect From ICE Deportation

Border Patrol: California Sanctuary Laws
Obstruct Public Safety, Law Enforcement

Harboring And Shielding Aliens And Other Federal
Felony Offenses: A Thought Experiment


They’re After Your Money Again: Democrats Want
To Repeal Parts Of Tax Bill, Raise Taxes

All Russiagate Roads Lead To Obama Administration

SARA CARTER: John Kerry Officially Under Investigation
As Dossier Probe Targets Obama State Department

Chelsea Clinton: It’s Fair to Ask Ivanka
About Dad’s Alleged Sexual Assaults

Democrat-Activist Media

Report: Facebook Algorithm Change Hits Fox, Breitbart,
Conservative Sites – CNN, New York Times Unaffected

NYT Corrects Piece About Couple’s Tax Increase Under
New Law to Admit Their Taxes Would Go Down

CBS, NBC Ignore Failed School Bombing By
ISIS-Inspired Student, ABC Downplayed

Andrea Mitchell Frets Over GOPers Arguing
Against Letting Students Write Laws

Lawrence Tags ESPN With Federal Lawsuit
Alleging Sexual Harassment, Retaliation

Why Isn’t Media Asking Pelosi, Schumer,
Other Sr. Dems To Denounce Farrakhan ?