Must Know Headlines


‘Constant Gunshots’: Area Where George Floyd Died
Reportedly Becomes Police-Free Zone Plagued By Gun Violence

Revealed: It Was An Illegal Immigrant Driving Drunk
Who Killed Three Thin Blue Line Motorcycle Members

Watch: College football Star Shot At NYC Deli
For Accidentally Bumping Into Another Man

The Confused And Pointless Rage Of An Entitled Generation

Police Say Man Released On Parole Went On To
Rape 12-Year-Old Girl ‘Between 15 And 20 times’

Vatican Allegedly Hacked By China Ahead Of Key Talks


Steelers’ Stephon Tuitt: ‘I’m Not Kneeling’ And
‘Screw Anybody’ Who Has A Problem With That

Tyler Perry On ‘Defund Police’ Push:
‘I Think We Need More Police’

At Least 303 NYPD Vehicles Vandalized By
Rioters, Causing Over $1M In Damage

Hero Down: Chicago PD Deputy Chief Dion
Boyd Found Dead Of Suicide At Office


Trump On Portland: ‘We’re Not Leaving
Until They’ve Secured Their City’

Portland Fining Federal Government $500 For Every 15
Minutes Fence Remains Around Federal Courthouse

St. Louis Prosecutor Kim Gardner Fundraised Off
McCloskey Case. Their Lawyers Want Her Disqualified

2 Angry Women Arrested Including A High School
Counselor After  They Beat The Hell Out Of
Wisconsin State Senator At Black Lives Matter Rally

California Sues Trump To Inflate Its Power
In Congress Via Illegal Migration

Big Tech

Big Tech Floods House Judiciary With Cash As
Committee Intensifies Antitrust Review

Report: ‘Power Wielded’ By Big Tech
CEOs Reopens Foreign Student Loophole

Democrat-Activist Media

1619 Project Founder Admits It’s ‘Not A History,’
But A Fight To ‘Control The National Narrative’

Politico’s Mistake Proves They’re An
Arm Of The Democrat Party

Appalling: CNN’s Blitzer REFUSES To Ask NBA
Commish About Fealty to China, Biden Donation

IRONY: MSNBC Journalists Slam Someone ELSE As A ‘Partisan Actor

Tiffany Haddish Says She Won’t Have Children Out Of
Fear Police Will Hunt Them Down Or Kill Them