Must Know Headlines


Report: Gang Member Darius Sutton Participated
In Three Shootings After Being Freed Without Bail

Twitter Admits China Used Nearly 200,000 Fake Accounts
To Influence U.S. Politics, 150 Times More Than Russia

Congressman Urges DOJ To Investigate ‘Disturbing
Trend’ Of  Attacks On Churches Across The Country

Ohio Gov. DeWine Tests Negative For
COVID-19 Hours After Testing Positive

‘Systemic Nihilism’: Professor Blasts Democrat
Lawmaker’s Call To Abolish American History

Woman Arrested For Throwing Blue Paint Across
Black Lives Matter Mural In Front Of Trump Tower


Portland Police Declare Riot At East Precinct

‘You Are Attempting To Commit Murder’:
Portland Mayor, Police Chief Denounce Violence At East Precinct

3 Massachusetts Police Officers Stabbed After Responding To Call

Police Say A Legally Armed Citizen Saved An
Innocent Man From Being Murdered – Where’s The Media?

NYPD Announces Citywide Crime Statistics For June 2020

Washington State Teens Honored For Saving Deputy’s Life

Federal Agents Heading To Memphis,
St. Louis To Help Fight Violent Crime


Portland Mayor Finally Admits Violent Riots Aren’t
The Same As ‘Peaceful Protests,’ After 68 Nights

Former Acting AG Sally Yates Testifies:
Biden Was In Oval Office For Flynn Discussion

With Gun Sales At Record High, New York AG Goes After The NRA

Joe Biden Insults Black Americans AGAIN, Says
‘Latino Community’ Has More ‘Diverse’ Views And Attitudes

Michelle Obama Says She’s Dealing With ‘Low
Grade Depression’ In Quarantine From
‘Racial Strife’, Trump Administration

Comrade Eric Garcetti Will Cut Electricity &
Water To Your House If You Host A “Large” Party

Progressive Upstart Cori Bush At Least One Year
Late Disclosing Her Personal Finances As Required
By Federal Law, House Records Show

Democrat Group Creates “The White List” of 75
Congressional Democrats Who Will Be Targeted
And Harassed Until they Sign On To Reparations

Pelosi Falsely Claims Republicans Don’t
Give ‘A D*mn’ About Minorities

Democrat-Activist Media

UH-OH: Minneapolis Star Tribune
Endorses Omar’s Democrat Opponent

ABC/NBC More Outraged Trump
‘Pounced’ On Biden’s Racist Comments

TikTok’s Parent Company Employs Chinese
Communist Party Members In Its Highest Ranks

PBS Adores Democrat Wives, Hates GOP Wives

CNN’s Cuomo: Biden Beats Trump in ‘Mental Acuity’
— He Is Ranting, ‘May Be Impaired’

‘A Violent Institution’: These Celebrities Are
Funding The ‘Defund The Police’ Movement