Must Know Headlines


ILHAN’S DISTRICT: 17-Year-Old GOP Volunteer
Shot Dead Outside of Gas Station in Minneapolis

OUTRAGEOUS: Milwaukee Man Who Was
Defending His Home from a Leftist Mob is Arrested

Man Who Shot Person Attacking Him Cleared On
Self-Defense. Months Later, Prosecutors (D) Are Charging Him

Spike In Homicides Shows ‘Minneapolis Effect’ In Full Force

Colorado Protesters Charged In July
‘Occupation’ Of Police Precinct: Reports

LEGAL IN CHINA: German Shepard ‘Cries’ As He’s Forced
To Eat Spicy Chilli In Chinese Binge-Eating Internet Trend


NYT 1619 Project Founder’s Racist Rant: White ‘Bloodsuckers’
Are ‘Biggest Murderer, Rapist, Pillager, And Thief Of The World’

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Teams Up
With Pro-Chinese Communist Party Group

Black Lives Matter Marxist And Chinese
Communist Links Exposed In Activism Funding

BLM Support Plummets, But Still Dangerously High

Buffalo School Teaching Students To Question
Nuclear Family As Part Of BLM-Integrated Curriculum: Tucker


Democrat Mayor Of Nashville Caught Hiding
Ccoronavirus Case Data To Justify Shutdowns

Hunter Biden Offered D.C. Access To
Chinese Company In Exchange For Investments

Susan Rice: ‘Dear Leader’ Trump’s Patriotic Education
Executive Order ‘Communist, Retro, Crazy’

Gov. Newsom Threatens Pastor With Jail. Pastor:
“I’m Open For A Jail Ministry… Bring It On.”

Tucker Carlson Guest Blames George Soros,
Democrats For Enabling Rising Violence In Cities

Donald Trump Calls 1619 Project ‘Toxic Propaganda’
& Blames Left-Wing Schools’ ‘Indoctrination’ For Rioting
– As He Unveils ‘1776 Commission For Patriotic Curriculum’ 


Wildfire Victims Lash Out At Newsom And Harris,
Say They Used Family’s Devastation For Photo-Op To Push Politics

Bjorn Lomborg: California Fires Mainly Caused
By Century Of Suppressing Controlled Burns

Democrat-Activist Media

Child Trafficking Expert: Netflix ‘Cuties’ Could
Be Used To Groom Kids For Sexual Exploitation

As Murders and Shootings Skyrocket
In NYC, Cuomo And Lemon Laugh

Masculinity Suddenly Rushes Into The News

Shameless CNN Argues BLM Protests Are Safe
From COVID Outbreaks, But Not Trump Rallies!

CONFIRMED: Twitter’s Manipulated Media
Rules Don’t Apply To Joe Biden