Must Know Headlines


Justice Dept. Brands NYC An ‘Anarchist
Jurisdiction,’ Targets Federal Funds

BLM Activist Wearing ‘Justice For Breonna Taylor’ Shirt
Walked Into a Louisville Bar & Murdered 3 People

‘Vile’ Video Shows Man Rob Air Force Veteran
While He’s Dying From A Heart Attack

Watch: Philadelphia Rioters Attack Car With Dog Inside

DEVELOPING: All Passengers On Epstein’s Flight Logs To
Be Named – Epstein’s Rich And Famous Pals Panicking

Woman From Canada Taken Into Custody For ‘Sending
Letter With The Deadly Poison RICIN To Donald Trump 

Nebraska Bar Owner Who Killed George
Floyd Protester Dies Of Apparent Suicide

George Soros

Why Aren’t We Allowed To Talk About
George Soros’s Plan To Remake America?

Criticizing Soros Is NOT Anti-Semitic,
Soros Is A Bad, Anti-Semitic Dude

Glenn Beck Tells First-Hand How High George Soros’
Influence Goes At Fox News After Gingrich Incident


Here’s A List Of White Liberals Caught Pretending To Be Black

Fact Check: Joe Biden Pretends He
Never Promised A SCOTUS List

WATCH: Schumer Nods Along While AOC
Talks About Impeaching Trump Again

Pelosi on Using Impeachment To Stop SCOTUS
Nomination: ‘We Have Arrows In Our Quiver’

Mark Levin: Democrats Wanting To Pack The
Supreme Court Are Following A ‘Stalinist Model’

Democrat-Activist Media

2020 Emmys Turn Into Anti-Trump, Pro-BLM Woke-Fest

Emmys: Jimmy Kimmel And Anthony
Anderson Chant Black Lives Matter

Emmys: Covid-19 ‘Test;’ Jimmy Kimmel Mocks MAGA
Rallies, Cracks Jokes About Russian Interference

WashPost Still Vomiting On Trump As Anti-Journalism
After All The Access He Gave Them

Facebook Changes APP Logo To Honor
Ginsburg—Never Did It For Scalia