Must Know Headlines


Video: Everything You’ve Heard About
The Breonna Taylor Case Is A Lie

‘Get Trump’: FBI Whistleblower On Mueller
Team Details Real Reason Flynn Was Targeted

Sanctuary & Democrat Run Los Angeles Frees Illegal
Aliens Charged With Murder, Sex Crimes

Charles Barkley Blasts Movement To Defund Police:
‘Who Are Black People Supposed To Call? Ghostbusters?’

U.S. Marshals Take Down 262 Suspects, 141 Gang
Members, Six Murders And Save Five Missing Kids

Violent Democrats

Louisville Riot U Haul Driver Arrested
According To Leaked Internal Documents

BLM Supporter Charged With Attempted Murder After
Driving Into Crowd Of Trump Supporters In Parking Lot

Students For Life Action Staff Member PUNCHED IN THE FACE In
Front Of The Supreme Court While PEACEFULLY Protesting (VIDEO)

South Carolina Shooting Into GOP Building Sets Off Party Squabbling

‘Organized Election Fraud’: 4 People, Including Texas County
Commissioner, Charged In Mail Ballot Fraud Scheme

Louisville Church Offers Safe Haven To Protesters From Police
After Curfew Begins; White People Told To Get ‘The F*** Out!’

Dirty Democrats

Project Veritas Exposes Ilhan Omar Allies In Alleged
Ballot Harvesting Operation In Minnesota

East Texas Official Arrested For Alleged Mail-In Voter Fraud
Involving 2018 Democratic Primary For Local Seat

Photo: Flare Thrown Into Library During
Louisville Riot Over Breonna

Democrat Oregon Governor Kate Brown Declares State Of
Emergency In Portland For 1st Time Over Antifa Counter-Protest

Democrat-Activist Media

Donald Trump Scolds Media For Failing To
Report FBI And Dossier Developments

You Got A Problem With ‘Child Sexuality?
Media Defend Child-Exploiting ‘Cuties’ Movie

MSNBC’s Chris Hayes Goes On Wild Diatribe, Says Trump
Is Openly Plotting A ‘Coup’ To Hold Onto Power

Kentucky AG Daniel Cameron Warns Against ‘Celebrities, Influencers’
Who Don’t Know The Facts About Breonna Taylor Grand Jury Decision

CNN Reporter Forced To Pull Plug On Live Supreme Court
As Hecklers Repeatedly Shout ‘Fake News!’