Must Know Headlines


California Coffee Shop Doubles Down On Refusing Service To Cops

AFL-CIO, United Steel Workers Praise Trump For
Tariffs They Couldn’t Get Dems To Impose

Home Depot To Train 20K Veterans, Young Americans For
Construction Jobs In Trump’s Tight Labor Market

Sessions Takes On Activist Judges: It’s About Time

Laura Ingraham: ‘California Is Almost Acting
Like It’s A Separate Country’

 ILLEGAL Immigration

15 U.S. States Resettling Most Refugees:
See If Your Location Made The Big List

Illegal Immigrants Have No Automatic Right
To Freedom, Supreme Court Rules

Illegal Aliens Indicted On Felony
Charges After Voting In 2016 Election

Florida Man Avoids Millions In Taxes By
Hiding Illegal Aliens From Payroll


Kamala Harris: ‘I Support’ Oakland Mayor Who Helped
Criminal Illegal Aliens Evade Deportation ‘100 Percent’

Maxine Waters Complains About Trump’s
Name-Calling, Labels Him ‘Con Man Don’

Elizabeth Warren Refuses To Take DNA Test,
Says She’s Not Running For President In 2020

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