Must Know Headlines


America Has Fewest Cops In A Quarter Century, Data Find

Chicago Soars Past 600 Murders For The Year. The
Mayor Is Busy Playing With Penguins. No, Really.

Stable Genius: Is This The REAL Reason
Trump Declassified Those Spygate Docs?

CBP Reports Illegal Crossings At Southern
Border Decreased By 53
In 2020

Joe Biden

Man Who Discovered Hunter Biden Emails
Speaks Out, Says He Fears For His Life Now

Rudy Giuliani Says He Has 1000 More Highly Inappropriate
To ILLEGAL Photos Of Crackhead Hunter Biden Video

Senate Republicans Probing Claim Hunter
Biden Introduced Dad To Burisma Executive

Joe Biden ‘Must Immediately Release’ Emails, Meetings,
Phone Calls About His Family’s Business Deals

Emails Reveal How Hunter Biden Tried To Cash
In Big On Behalf Of Family With Chinese Firm

FLASHBACK: Joe Biden Fat-Shamed Iowa Voter
When Pressed On Hunter’s Business Deals


Democrat States Lead The Country With The Highest Unemployment
Rates – They Will Do Anything To Stop Trump and Gain Power

Nancy Pelosi Goes On Unhinged Tirade, Calls CNN’s
Wolf Blitzer & His ‘Colleagues’ ‘Apologists For The Republican Position’

New Cuomo Lie: There Was Never An Order
Instructing Nursing Homes to Take COVID Patients

Elections Chairman Resigns After He And His Wife
Are Accused Of Removing And Defacing Trump Signs

Outright Vote Buying By Minnesota Democrats: ‘Worse Than Somalia’

IRS Files Lien On Anti-Cop Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby For Not Paying Taxes

Democrat-Activist Media

Dem Soldiers: Nets CENSOR NYPost’s
Undisputed Biden-Ukraine Bombshell

Twitter Blocks New York Post Hunter Biden Story,
Citing It As ‘Potentially Harmful’

‘Election Interference’: Twitter Locks Trump’s Campaign
Account, Adds Warning Label To House GOP Government Link

Dictionary Changes Definition Of Word A
fter Dem Scolds Amy Coney Barrett

Charlie Cook, 10/13/2016 and 10/13/2020: “This Race Is Over!”