Must Know Headlines


McCarthy And Scalise Front-Runners To Replace Paul Ryan

Russia Moves 11 Navy Ships Out Of Syrian Port:
Moscow Heeds Trump Warning To ‘Get Ready’ For Strike

Chinese Spies Engaged In Massive Theft Of U.S. Technology

Rod Relents: DOJ Finally Hands Over Crucial
Russia Probe Documents To Congress

Woman’s Armless, Legless Body Found In NYC Park: Police


FBI IGNORES WARNINGS On Boston Bombers – Nikolas Cruz –
Omar Mateen… But Executes Pre-Dawn Raid For Trump ‘Pussy’ Tape

Federal Probe Seeks Records About 2 Women Who Allege
Affairs (On The Same Weekend LOL ) With The President

LOL!! Karen McDougal Isn’t Sure How Trump Could Have
Two-Timed Her With Stormy Daniels In Tahoe


“Um, Uh, No”: Mark Zuckerberg Not
Keen To Reveal Own Personal Info

Facebook Still Employs Researcher Who
Sold Data To Cambridge Analytica

ILLEGAL Immigration

Court Rules Illegal Aliens Can Sue Over “Discriminatory
Employment Policy” Requiring Green Cards


Nancy Pelosi Reveals Income-Stealing
Agenda If Dems Win Back House

California’s Jerry Brown Agrees To Send National Guard To Border

Democrat Gleefully Wants To Kill President Trump

DNC Chair Refuses To Condemn Dems’ Impeachment Talk:
‘I Share The Concern About This Reckless President’

Democrats Praise Trump Nominee For 9th Circuit

Democrat-Activist Media

Bernstein Celebrates! Cohen Raid Designed
To “Scare The Hell Out Of The President”

Nets Totally Ignore Pro-Life Walkout,
Spent 10 Minutes On Gun Walkout

O’Donnell: Paul Ryan Worse Than Pedophile
And Slave Owning Speakers

How The Establishment Media May Justify
South Africa Taking Land From Whites