Must Know Headlines


Armed ANTIFA Prof Admits Chasing Charlottesville Driver
—Before Deadly Crash!

Reaction To Trump ‘Shithole’ Remarks ‘Faux Rage,’
‘Made Up’ For Cameras, Microphones

Pakistanis Logged Into House Servers As Members
Of Congress, Covered Their Tracks

US Chops $65 Million In Aid To Palestinians:
‘It Is Time For This Absurdity To End’

WH Press Reporter Slurs Her Words As She Asks About POTUS
Trump Slurring His Words In Recent Speech (VIDEO)

ILLEGAL Immigration

Illegal Immigrant On Killing Two Cops:
‘I Wish I Had Killed More Of The Motherfuckers’

‘We Must Have A Great Wall To Help Protect US’
Trump Stands Firm On Border

DREAM Act: Straining Budgets,
Punishing American Workers

Trump Administration Planning Its “BIGGEST”
Ever Round Up Of Illegal Aliens

Sanctuary City Politicians May Be Prosecuted


Dems Think 800,000 Illegal Immigrants Are Worth
Forcing Active Military To Go Without Pay

ISIS And The Far Left Share The Same Goal:
Destroy Western Civilization

Convicted Intelligence Leaker Chelsea Manning
Slams Dems In Senate Campaign Ad

Bill Nelson Was Okay With Offshore
Drilling When Obama Proposed It

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Hack Don Lemon LOSES IT When
MLK’s Nephew Won’t Call Trump ‘Racist’

Nets Blackout Uranium Indictment While
Spending 42 Minutes On S-Hole

The Media Has Found Its Useful Idiots In #NeverTrump

Google Refers To Republican Senator David
Perdue As ‘lying, Unscrupulous Politician’

ESPNW: LeBron James Calls President Trump A Stupid Racist


Iran Tortures And Kills Protesters;
West Mostly Silent As 8,000 Citizens Arrested