Must Know Headlines


The Soviet-Style Push To Paint Trump As Mentally Ill

Dow Jones Ends Over 26,000 For First Time Ever

Julian Assange Confidant Offers Rare Glimpse
Into The ‘Secretive World’ Of WikiLeaks

Al-Qaeda Bomb Instructions Are A
Free Download At Barnes & Noble


California Neck Stabber Was Illegal
Immigrant Deported 7 Times

Illegal Immigrant Heroin Ring From Mexico Busted In Denver

3 Out Of 4 Convicted Terrorists Came To U.S.
Legally Via Current Immigration System


Apple Announcement Validates Trump Tax Cut

Apple Announces $350 Billion Investment
in America Over the Next Five Years


Senior Democratic Staffer:
‘We Do Not Care About Anti-Semitism’

Obama To Return To The Campaign Trail This Fall

Democrats’ Focus On ‘S–hole’ Comment Insults
Border Patrol Agents, DHS Chief Says

Dem IT Aides Pretended To Be Congressmen To Steal Data

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Doctor Defies Medical Report,
Claims Trump Has Heart Disease

Liberal Pundit Bill Press: Donald Trump’s
Base “Wacko Racist,” “Rednecks”

Matthews: I Wonder If The Dow Going Up Is Good News
Because It Means Regulations Are Being Killed

CNN Hack Don Lemon LOSES IT When
MLK’s Nephew Won’t Call Trump ‘Racist’

MSNBC Panel Offers Gooey, Criticism-Free
Love Letter To Liberal Media

Alveda King Says Facebook Pulled Ads For Pro-Life
‘Roe v. Wade’ Movie That Features Jon Voight