Must Know Headlines


American Prisoners Held In North Korea On Their
Way Home After Pompeo Visit, Trump Says

Republican Establishment, Corporate Lobby Defeats
‘America First’ Candidate Christina Hagan In Ohio

After 580 Days in Prison, American Pastor’s Fate Remains Uncertain

Reputed Gang Member Charged In Friday Shooting Of ATF Agent

FS1’s Jason Whitlock: Liberalism ‘Hazardous’ To Black Families


Illegal Immigration In April Increased 230% Over Last Year

U.S. To Prosecute Parents Entering Illegally With Children

DACA Recient Arrested For Gun Possession, Says Border Patrol


Trump Is Now Free To Fight For Iranian Freedom

Trump Ends Obama’s Iran Hostage Crisis:
In 1,251 Words, Trump Crushed Every Lie About The Iran Deal

11 Things You Should Know About Iran
Sanctions Now That Nuke Deal Is Dead


Obama Disgruntled About Trump Decision To Scrap The Iran Deal

ABC Fails to Mention AG Accused Of Beating
His Girlfriends Is A Democrat 

Nancy Pelosi Predicts A Win For Democrats In November

Schneiderman Scandal Should Be A Spiritual Crisis For Democrats

Clinton: ‘There Are Tens Of Millions Of People
Who Haven’t Moved On’ From 2016″

 California Set To Require Solar Panels On New Homes:
$8500 In New Upfront Costs For Homebuyers

 Democrat-Activist Media

The Media Get Trumped: President’s Polls
Improve Despite 90% Negative Coverage

The Iran Deal FACTS: What The MSM
Isn’t Telling You About The JCPOA

Actress Cynthia Nixon Calls For Marijuana Reparations For Blacks

Report: BuzzFeed Targeted Readers With Sponsored
Anti-Trump Political Ads Without Proper Disclosure

2020: Don Lemon Reveals CNN Will Limit
Airing Trump Rallies ‘In Real Time’

Hollywood Director Ava DuVernay:
America Is A ‘Leaderless Country’

NPR Praises Mexican Federal Police Checkpoints
— Ignores Acts Of Corruption, Cartels