Must Know Headlines


Dossier Revelations Blow Up Collusion Narrative

Panicked Students Call On Deranged
Muslim Convert Professor

CRAZY PELOSI (D): ‘God Bless’ The Illegal Alien DREAMERS
And ‘Their Parents For Bringing Them Here’ (VIDEO)


3 Out Of 4 Convicted Terrorists Came To U.S.
Legally Via Current Immigration System

Vermont Machete Attacker Is The
Foreign-Born ‘Son Of A Somali Refugee’

Illegal Who Stabbed Stranger In
Neck At Market Deported 7 Times

Illegal Alien Cop Killer Vows To Kill Again,
Angel Mom Reacts

57.9% Of Illegals Caught At U.S.-Mexico Border In
FY17 Not Mexican; From 111 Other Countries

Report: Haitian Nationals Banned From Entering U.S. On
Low-Skilled Work Visas Following High Overstay Rates

Illegal Immigrants Showed Up To Senate Offices To
Demand Amnesty. Then The Capitol Police Showed Up

Accused Mexican Cartel Assassin Caught
Sneaking Across Texas Border

Donald Trump

On ‘Rocket Fuel’: Economy Roars To Life During Trump’s First Year

The Media Has a Very Different Attitude Toward
Donald Trump’s Health Than Hillary Clinton’s

Democrat-Activist Media

CNN Very Quietly Backtracked A Fake News Story

Amid Booming Economy, NBC Hypes Homelessness

CNN’s Ana Navarro Tweets Vulgar Profanity At Pres. Trump

Enraged Acosta: ‘It’s Our Right, Duty,
To Ask Trump If He’s A Racist!’

New York District Attorney Raids Newsweek Headquarters

Crap News Network Dominates Trump “Fake News Awards”

U2 Bring The KKK To Trump’s White House
In ‘Get Out Of Your Own Way’ Video

Celebrities Join Women’s March L.A.
On Anniversary Of Trump Inauguration