Must Know Headlines


Why Are Republicans Blamed Every Time There’s a Shutdown?

Rand Paul’s Attacker Pleads Guilty To Felony

Terror Link To Vegas Shooting?
‘Credible Info,’ Says Congressman

GRAPHIC — Mexican Cartel Cuts Out
Living Victim’s Heart Near Acapulco

L’Oreal’s Muslim Model: ‘Sinister’ Israel ‘Are
Child Murderers’, ‘Defeat Awaits’ Them


Crazy Pelosi Brags About Protecting DREAMERS After
Senate Democrats Block Funding In Favor Of Illegal Aliens

FLASHBACK: Sen. Schumer Sounded Like
 On Immigration Reform In 1990

Flashback: Maxine Waters: “Obama Has Put In Place”
Secret Database With “Everything On Everyone”
(Video) #ReleaseTheMemo

Democrats Play Women For Fools

Democrats Insist On DACA Amnesty

California Mayor Vows To ‘Go To Jail’ To
Protect ‘Sanctuary City’ From Feds


Google Employee Lawsuit Reveals
Google As Intolerant Race Cult

Google Has An Actual Secret Speech Police

Democrat-Activist Media

Facebook Will Rank ‘Trusted Sources’ Of
News Based On ‘User Surveys’

Morning Joe Pundits Saddle GOP With 8 Times
More Blame On Gov Shutdown

MSNBC Brings On Pro-Abortion Dem
To Bash ‘Callous’ Trump, Pro-Lifers

Jim Acosta Believes Trump Doesn’t
Have Constitutional Rights

Another One Bites The Dust:
CNN Cans Pro-Trump Ed Martin

CBS Ignores, ABC, NBC Give Under
3 Minutes To March For Life


German Rapper-Turned-ISIS Terrorist Killed In Syria