Nearly Half Of The U.S.’s Homeless People Live In California


CA is dominated by Open-Border Socialist Democrats like Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters. Diane Feinstein, Barbara Lee, Kamala Harris, Eric Swallwell,  Ted Lieu, and so many others. Elected Democrats are what is wrong with California.


More than half a million people are homeless each night in the United States, a new White House report has found. And nearly half of them are concentrated in one state: California.

All told, 47% of all unsheltered homeless people nationwide — meaning those who sleep in areas not meant for habitation, such as sidewalks, parks, cars and abandoned buildings, rather than in shelters — live in the Golden State, according to a new report on homelessness from the White House Council of Economic Advisers. Unsheltered homeless people represent just over a third (35%) of the overall homeless population nationwide.

At the city level, four of the five cities with the highest rate of unsheltered homelessness are in California: San Francisco, Los Angeles, Santa Rosa and San Jose. Seattle joins the California municipalities in the top five. READ MORE

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