Op-Ed: Do Americans know what they are voting for? The hell-hole they could be getting into?


As a Venezuelan, I know first-hand the chaos and devastation a socialist regime can lead a country and a people into. Do Americans know? I hope so…

By Yago M.

It usually begins with a quite innocuous appearance: We will feed the hungry! We will end poverty! Equality for all! Down with the elites! We the People can rule ourselves! And other such blatant lies. This below is how the Venezuelan regime “feeds the hungry”; crumbs from their fatso-filled tables, thrown at social interest eateries like this, where people can only afford a dish of soup a day for their malnourished children, women and elderly.

In fact, they will not feed the hungry, they will feed those who are hungry that support them, the others can starve to death, and even their supporters, eventually! End poverty? Well, on paper, yeah. Happened in Venezuela you know? The UN (that rotting, decadent global socialist-agenda organization of DEATH) actually said poverty in Venezuela had diminished to a minimum when Chávez Frías was in power! Well, that’s not what you see on the streets: Even today, when I go to downtown Caracas, all I see is people (MY PEOPLE!) eating off of garbage bags, barefooted, all dirty and with clothes they have not changed in months, sidewalks all filthy and communist propaganda all over. It is not fair!

As I was saying, poverty. It has all but increased these past few years, when Chávez Frías ruled it was nasty and awful, and now with Maduro Moros, that mentally-challenged bus-driver from Cúcuta (Colombia) (YES, HE’S AN ILLEGAL ALIEN!), it has got abysmally worse. Factories and industries closing all over and filing for bankruptcy, or being STOLEN (“expropriated”) by the regime! Our productive apparatus halted nearly to a stand-still, petroleum (our pride and glory in decades past) almost not being produced at all now …and all due to terrible socialist-communist policies being implemented by the band of thugs that currently mismanage MY COUNTRY and keep my people hostage.

Above, a man drags a box of his “buhonero” (peddler or hawker) business wares through a deteriorated street of Downtown Caracas, just like Venezuela drags the weight of our sins and regime mismanagements for 20 long, hard and desertic-arid years. Equality? I will just say they mean to make us all equal downwards, not upwards. I mean, their aim is to cut heads, not to uplift anyone, raise people by their feet or anything of the sort! The elites? Well who are they kidding, if they just mean an “out with the old, in with the new” sort of strategy? THIS FILTH, THEY ARE THE NEW ELITE! (Uneducated and rude, violent and volatile, and socially-resented and sick as few other groups of people, but still the new elite.) And when that happens, well, the obvious logical result is, the People of the USA (or any other place where socialists have got to power) are left last, not first, like President Trump has stood for: AMERICA FIRST!!! AMERICA ONLY!! The Brave and Beautiful America that the Founding Fathers dreamed of, and parents, and grandparents, and their parents before them, have enjoyed since 1777!

I believe I have given arguments enough, no? This link, from a US mission to the incompetent UN urging them to act, will explain things in further detail. I don’t think it will matter much to you, my dear reader, but all of this honestly brings a tear to my eye. I am literally spilling tears of sadness as my jaw drops at the sight of my fellow nationals having trash for dinner. To see how we are seen from the outside, and not being able to escape, or to help my People, is excruciatingly painful. If it all seems unbelievable, I would recommend you take a look at the Wikipedia article on Venezuelan economy; it’s an article anyone can edit, right? Why have regime officials and “sapos” (as*holes who dedicate their pathetic lives to monitoring Resistance movements and posts) not edited it to hide the truth like they do with many other such articles? (It does happen, I have seen it with my own eyes.) Because they can’t, they have likely been banned from editing it and the article is locked, due precisely to their accustomed wicked ways!

The article does state many Venezuelans were hoping Chávez Frías would help when he got elected in 1999, because the economy was suffering gravely; what it DOES NOT SAY right away as it should is, he did not, he did precisely the opposite: he aligned with the evils of the World (more on that on an upcoming article), mainly Cuba, and by helping them he took away lots and lots from us Venezuelans, sealing our fate to become a corrupt, failed mafia-State with a collapsed economy that came crumbling down a few years into his Administration of awful mismanagement and fell deeper and deeper with Maduro Moros and his cronies in power. These DEMONIC CRONIES include dudes with ties to: subversive groups State-side (including “Code Pink” and friendlies of the DemonRATS and BEIJING BIDEN), Arab terrorists from Morocco to Pakistan and beyond, Chinese gold-traffickers and eco-criminals, Colombian and Dominican drug-dealers, illegal radioactive-material miners from Persia, counterfeit weapons smugglers from the so-called Korean People’s Republic, you name it! Below, the results from Maduro Moros’ sad and unconstitutional years in power… And the debacle his incompetence has led us into!

It is of paramount importance that we make one thing clear here: With all the funny and DEVIATE policies being implemented by the regime over the past 2 decades and the STEALING of factories and entire industries, to say the least, the evidently gloomy future forecasted by small company owners and big transnationals alike led many, MANY of them to abandon ship, to jump overboard and flee the country to relocate elsewhere with better opportunities and much less risk. That in turn caused a huge shortage of funds and investment, which unfortunately contributed greatly to the collapse of our economy, and to awful and painful, long-lasting shortages of food and medicine, of car and bus parts, of even toilet paper, for God’s sake! Do Americans want the same for America? I highly doubt it! Many of them may just not know it yetBut Americans and their businesses surely do not want to end up LOOKING LIKE THIS BELOW!

Furthermore, that Wikipedia article (and many others around the Web) still mention Venezuela as an OPEC (Organization of Petroleum-Exporting Countries) country; we are not no longer! OPEC, founded by Venezuelan Juan Pablo Pérez Alfonso, and initially composed of Venezuela, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Iraq and Persia-Iran (the Founding Five), declared publicly that our country (with vast, unending reserves of crude oil below the surface) is no longer producing enough quantities of refined oil to be considered a member-State, so our membership has been indefinitely revoked. With that said, facts about our economy are brilliantly stated in this blog, complete with references and sources of LEGITIMATE INFO, unlike the regime’s, that’s all filled with half-truths and half-lies or plain silent accomplice’s misdeeds.


Some half-wits blame the problems on US sanctions; to those people I say, you are sorely mistaken. Venezuelan problems are actually diminishing due to sanctions, because they are forcing regime officials to be more accountable, and fear of being captured or having their STOLEN properties and money confiscated or locked away also helps, and means they are forced to behave a little better, or are slowed in their thievery tactics and devious activities, including but not limited (as the non-exhaustive list from 3 paragraphs ago makes clear) to counterfeit oil and illegal gold mining operations (in which the Chinese have utterly destroyed the savannahs and vegetation at Mount Roraima, Angel Falls and the surrounding areas (more on this in a later article). More on this very important topic of the US sanctions AGAINST REGIME OFFICIALS explained flawlessly here.

On the other hand, and much more importantly, Venezuelan economic problems began long ago, not only since inflation skyrocketed in the mid 1990’s (to ONLY about 90%, unlike the abysmal number Maduro Moros has given an unholy birth to: 27,000%!!! YES, YOU READ THAT RIGHT, HIS OFFSPRING IS AN INFLATION OF TWENTY-SEVEN THOUSAND PERCENT! The highest in the History of Mankind.) It began well after: Chávez Frías allied himself with Cuba’s hellish regime and their necromancers at around 2002, and began gifting away OUR oil to those Hell-island terrorist beggars called the Castros, so our numbers began to suffer about then. This, coupled with their dark rituals and even human sacrifices, is sure to have left a mark of ashen charcoal on our once-proud and prosperous Nation… It began as well with the dismantling in 2004 of our oil-producing flagship industry “PDVSA” or Petróleos de Venezuela, SA (Venezuelan Petroleum Company), which included the mass-firing of its highly-professional and well-trained “human resources”, who opposed the regime and went on a strike for many months, which resulted in their arbitrary ousting without meeting none of their just and fair requests for less authoritarianism and blatant insult to OUR people, OUR industries and OUR resources. This, to this day, has left a profound rift in Venezuela’s heart, a wound that runs deep and wide, festering to no end and debilitating us and our National Spirit profoundly… The men who were supposed to rescue and defend us would rather betray us, screw us over, put their interests and foreigners’ before ours, deliver our heads on silver plates …like the head of John the Baptist by King Herod to his witch of a wife… And all for the sake of what? Oh yes, for Hell-island remaining identically poor with their ancient automobiles or twice as desperate with their regime-gifted compact cars! “Que viva Cuba”? With Cuban nationals languishing in the streets of non-tourist Havana, that’s not too likely, huh?

So this is the scenario (which Fox News presents in great detail here) with which we are met when exploring the results yielded by the socialist-communist regime in Venezuela and others. This, is the New Era for American “leadership” that OSAMA BIN BIDEN would usher in. And this is only the tip of the ice-berg; when exploring the dealings of these Nations across the World, we see very damp and funky alignments: many of them openly support terrorist groups like Al-Qaeda, Hamas and Hezbollah [the PPP (personal playground pals) of Kamala “AK-47” Harris, no less!], militias across the Middle East and beyond, and if not openly, secretly, like Venezuela which has murals and entire compounds dedicated to supporting the Palestinian and Lebanese mafias and armed groups.

Such underground and hidden support extends, by the way, to Iranian-Persian weapons-race ambitions worldwide (including uranium enrichment ON VENEZUELAN SOIL), to Chinese supremacist interests (that would very much like to see the USA move out of their way), to Cuban “anti-Imperialist” propaganda (a left-over corpse from the Cold War), to North Korean enslavement of their populace at the hands of the perennial Kim Jong Dynasty (which began with Mr. Il’s father and continues with his son, Mr. Un). In other words, they are all friends with each other: The DEMON(c)rats, Hamas and Hezbollah, the Persians, the Chinese, the North Koreans, as well as the Cuban Castro Dynasty and their Venezuelan Treasury “Officials”This is by the way how the Kim Jong family sees things (“their way or the highway”) and teaches North Koreans to live: indoctrinated with their foul propaganda books and surrounded by their ruthless military, loyal only to him, the self-imposed “Supreme Leader”.

I must say here I have personally noticed (as have many of my fellow Nationals) ever-increasing amounts of Persian, Chinese and Cuban nationals, to name only the few I’ve been able to identify, most likely running quite secretive and highly unpopular errands for local regime officials or their own regimes abroad… On the other hand, most of these rogue nations are sympathetic with the FARC (“Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia”, or Colombian Revolutionary Armed Forces) and ELN (“Ejército de Liberación Nacional”, or National Liberation Army), terror groups in Colombia that sustain themselves on drug-dealing (particularly by getting cocaine illegally into the USA) who have killed countless innocents and sowed impressively widespread chaos in an otherwise pacific nation (our Sister Nation, for that matter, for Colombia and Venezuela have been intertwined in our history and destinies for centuries) …these murderers and criminals are sympathetic, AND THIS CANNOT BE STRESSED ENOUGH, with the Democrat Party and their Supreme-Leader-apparent, Mr. Biden, and with his Death Dealer and heir to the throne, Kamala the Anti-Christ.

Because of all of the above (unless you hate your country, which I am sure you do not) PLEASE do not vote for senile-demented Biden, and even if you do not love his personality or behavior, please VOTE for the man that’s keeping American production and employment rates at their record highs: Donald J. Trump. Please remember, I humbly ask of you (as a Venezuelan who’s seen the worst death and havoc “charisma” can bring): Mr. Chávez Frías was very charismatic, but it is not that, but patriotic loyalty and faithful force of will, businessman agility and an entrepreneurial mind, that is needed to keep a whole big, wide and powerful Nation like America afloat and flamboyant, gloriously restored, like President Trump has done so far and will God-willing continue to do! There will be better times to vote Dem if that is your alignment and your wish —just, not now, for God’s sake, “for all that you hold dear on this good Earth!”

When we look at all of this destruction and suffering in Venezuela, and what other Communist Parties have done across the World, like in “the People’s Republic” of China, Vietnam or North Korea, and also “lesser devils” like Belarus, Portugal and India (and basically any place where State ownership and control comes before free market and individual liberties), we are met with an abysmally harsh, jaw-dropping truth: If the US was to vote SOCIALIST/COMMUNIST, and Wreck-it Joe & Kill-em-all Kamala were to have their way, the future of the Great United States of America would bode very, VERY grim… Hell, the future of the entire planet and all the peoples and nations on it would look very grim, quite dark and depressing, and rather chaos-ridden… Our good God in Heaven forbid it comes to that. In the Name of our Lord Jesus the Messiah. AMN. I do pray to our Almighty God to bless America like the national anthem of Venezuela chants: Faithful Compatriots: Strength in Unity! From Heaven Above, the Magnifiscent Author of Life infused THE PEOPLE with a Sublimely Victorious and Radiant Breath…!