Osama-Bin-Biden & Obama-Bin-Laden, Or: Why I Do NOT Vote Left, Nor Will I Ever


Osama-Bin-Biden and Obama-Bin-Laden, Or: Why I do NOT vote Left, nor will I ever


Being a leftist has an undeniable attractive… At schools and universities… The media tells us every single day that to be good people, to be empathic and of course, to be trendy, we need to be good leftists.

But I choose to categorically REJECT the left, and in this vid I’ll give you my five reasons!


REASON NUMBER ONE: The Left is the most murderous ideology in History

The Left and the Right are political categories born during the French Revolution

The Jacobines, the first Leftist Force, so to speak in the Western World were the first to establish a single party government, that thru the “public sanitation committee” murdered more than 35,000 people for not adhearing or opposing the Revolutionary Regime thru what was called “The Terror”

But the XX cetury would see the socialist left rise to power thru the Bolshevic Communist movement (Marxist-Lenninist-Maoist)

Between 1917 and 1991, these carried out the most crude killings in our modern history, even tho it’s a reality often hidden, they innaugurated the use of concentration camps for mass ideological repression, where thru mass deportations of people, general slavery was achieved by use of forced labour grids

These are the numbers of assassinations that, only during the XX century, the Left commited:

USSR: 20,000,000 deaths

China: 65,000,000 deaths

Vietnam: 1,000,000 deaths

North Korea: 2,000,000 deaths

Cambodia: 2,000,000 deaths

East Europe: 1,000,000 deaths

Latin America: 150,000 deaths

Africa: 1,700,000 deaths

Afghanistan: 1,500,000 deaths

All of this only counting cases of communism in power, that is, without counting deaths at the hands of left-wing terror and guerilla organizations far and wide in the World, for example, without counting the more than 21,600 attacks commited by “Montoneros” and “ERP” in Argentina, or the 12,500 lives taken by “Sendero Luminoso” in Peru.

If we are talking about murders, it’s worthwide to remember that the first country in the World to legalize abortions was the USSR in 1920, and that in Latin America, the first one to do it was Cuba in 1965

That’s why the most important Libertarian Politican of the XX century, Rond Paul, told us in his book “Abortion and Freedom” that abortion was intimately linked to totallitarism in communist movements


REASON NUMBER TWO: The Left in power trims and severs freedoms in their every form

As is explained by Norberto Bobbio in “Derecha e Izquierda”, the ideologist backbone of Communism is it’s “egalitarianism”: the desire to make men and women equal BEYOND equality before justice and law, makes the Left destroy free initiatives and social spontaneity

 Plus, the State claims more and more power because more and more power is needed to achieve this “desired equality”

Likewise, give the fact that to make those who are different, equal, it is needed to treat people NECESSARILY in an UNEQUAL MANNER, the left ends up ruining equality before Law

Let us take a look at the 2018 Heritage Foundation ranking, which indexes countries according to their level of economic freedom, measuring the quantities of taxes, subsidies, regulations, bureaucratic paperworks, etc.

In this ranking, that looks at 180 countries, the last 3 spots are “awarded” to North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela

(Native American Dictator) Evo Morales’ Bolivia appears at the sad sad spot of 173

But the Left does not only trample and crush economic freedoms, it does the same with the rest of liberties! For example, press liberty and free speech

Reporters Without Borders’ 2018 ranking, that measures precisely free speech in the World, has in their last 3 spots:

North Korea, China and Cuba

Let us not forget that for example in Venezuela, from the year 2011 up until 2018, more than 3,200 attacks on free speech have taken place


REASON NUMBER THREE: The Left destroys economy, productivity and demand

Three great economists and sociologists, Ludwig Von Mises, Max Weber and Boris Brutskus showed at the start of the XX century that under socialism accountability is impossible, because the information required that is provided by the system of prices, does not exist

There are two cases, either info does not exist, like under war Communism because what does not exist is money and production and distribution are organized by a military-grade apparatus, OR, info is not correctly generated, because idustries do use money but what they earn does no longer depend on the demand from consumers or free competition (called real socialism, the most common case of State-controlled economies under the Left(

Public businesses are rewarded monetarily by accomplishing arbitrary production goals established by the State itself. 

It is known by instance that the USSR ended up informing itself about prices from product catalogs brought in from the USA, given the fact that the State managed to regulate prices but they did not reflect the real need for the products or their production rates

This led these systems to institute “the line”, for people to obtain their most basic consumption products that ended up being rationalized for them to be enough for everyone, and also the  abandonment of entire shipments of products before ever being consumed, and it was also easier for a peasant to store broken bulldozers than buy parts and pay for repairs

On the other hand, in their ambition to make all people equal, the Left ends up razing economical incentives that lead people to produce

This is quite easy to understand: let us suppose John earns 10 and Peter 6, what the Left says is, we’ve got to subtract 2 from John to make him equal to Peter; THE ISSUE IS, John that produced 10 will no longer possess the incentives to do so any longer, but his productiveness will drop to 8, and thus the “cake” keeps becoming smaller and smaller

If to this compulsive redistribution we add a State that overwhelms the rights to property, that negatively affects private initiatives, that makes the public system fatter and fatter and augments its regulations, AS IT ALWAYS HAPPENS in Left-wing regimes, what we will see become afflicted in the end and in unavoidable ways is THE ECONOMY, 


REASON NUMBER FOUR: The Left destroys quality of life

This reason is intimately linked to the other one, and the data and numbers are out there for everyone to see: For instance, in Ukraine in the years 1932 and 1933, Stalin caused a historical famine, called “genocide by starvation” or HOLODOMOR, where 4 million people lost their lives, and in 1934 the birth rate had dropped to an abysmal 40%!

Let is look at the Chinese case: Under the Totalitarian regime implemented by Mao Tse Tung; the poverty rate was of 80%, but after the market reforms in 1978 implemented by the Right-winger Deng Xiao Ping, the number began to plummet, and crashed at about 10%

This means that after leaving behind Socialism and putting in place rightful market reforms, China managed to extract from poverty over 500 million people!

Let’s see also the Cuban case: by the end of the 1950’s, before Fidel Castro’s “revolution”, The Ginzburg World Economic Atlas placed Cuba at the 3rd place for GDP in Latin America right after Argentina and Uruguay…

Today, Cuba comes and the previous-to-last place in the ranking, with 7,602 USD in per capita GDP, while Chile for instance has a per capita GDP of 27,058 USD, and places 1st in the UN’s Human Development Index

And we have the Venezuelan case right before our noses: The so-called Socialism of the XXI Century left 87% of their population in a state of poverty

In 2017 for example, 64.3% of Venezuelans lost an average weight of 11.4 kilos… Nowadays, 76% of school-aged populace does not concur to classes (2018) because of lack of food…

These numbers are outdated but in 2018, 4 million Venezuelans had abandoned their country since the establishment of chavismo… It does not matter that you live right above an ocean of petroleum, the Left will always make people severely and irrevocably impoverished!

REASON NUMBER FIVE: The Left is the secular religion of the social resentful

Frustration is a psychological reality that no one is safe from

It’s inherent to human limitations to not accomplish that to which we devote ourselves in all cases. There’s always something that we do not achieve or will not be able to. Mankind by definition is fallible.

Here’s the nerve where the Left intervenes, soothing frustration and twisting it into resentfulness. The Left says:

You do not have any sort of individual responsibility over your actions. You are simply another victim of an essentially unfair system that led you to failure. 

The Left offers the resentful individual a sort of psychopolitical relief, by providing him of an abstract enemy in which they can place all of their frustrations; they call it many ways, including “capitalism”, “patriarchy”, “heteronormativity”, “imperialism”, “colonialism”, or whatever other way.

But from said frustration, not only resentment is necessarily born; valiant efforts towards self-improvement can come as well, in the same measure as the individual identifies the quota of fair personal responsibility, and decides to act on it.

Frustration devolves into resentment when there is no force of will to make an objective analysis between one’s own failure and possibilities of success and prosperity

Thus, to protect what’s left of self-esteem, Socialism works towards eliminating “guilt” and focusing solely on “foreign control locus”, discarding causes other than external factors, utilizing key social structures as escape goats

These are MERELY 5 reasons among the many that could be given!

If you don’t either consider yourself a Leftist, I invite you to raise your voice and to not be afraid, this is the time to speak against pernicious ideologies that get sold to us as “trends” but are nothing more than pieces of a vile and ill-willed “establishment”.

~Scripting by Agustin Laje, Translation by Tiago Mairena