Pennsylvania Legislators Discover 202,377 More Votes Than Voters: “The Numbers Don’t Add Up”

Donald Trump has claimed that the error found in the election result would award him victory in this key state.
By Yago Sanz, Dec. 2020
Donald Trump and his team of lawyers continue to fight to prove that there was electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential elections in the United States. January 6 is just around the corner and the lawyers of the still president of the American nation continue to file lawsuits in state courts. Now, to the judicial fight, is added other evidence found in Pennsylvania, one of the states of the battlefield, by Republican legislators.
According to an official statement, the 17 Republican legislators, who have scrutinized the vote count, allege that in Pennsylvania there were 202,377 votes cast more than voters. That is, there were more votes than people voting. To discover this revealing data, the numbers of the counties were compared with those of the Uniform Registry of State Voters of November 3.
For legislators, “the numbers do not add up” and point to irrefutable evidence that shows a wrong electoral result. And is that from the figures of the State Department, the Republicans have deduced that 6,962,607 votes were cast in total, while the Uniform Registry of State Voters records indicate that only 6,760,230 people voted. The big difference between these figures is higher than the 80,555 votes with which the Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, was proclaimed the winner in Pennsylvania.
In their assessment, lawmakers say the certification of the Pennsylvania presidential election results was “absolutely premature, unconfirmed, and flawed.” Or what is the same, it was done in a hurry and without making sure that there were no errors in the final vote count, it is even suggested that this bad performance could be premeditated.
“The number of votes counted and the number of voters who actually existed and went to vote represent a worrying discrepancy,” criticized Republican lawmakers. For this reason, they point out and hold the officials and supervisors responsible for the serious infraction in charge of preventing this type of incident from occurring. “This evidence casts doubt on the accuracy of the Uniform Registry of State Voters, the consistency in the application of the Pennsylvania Election Code from county to county, and the competence of election supervisors in our State,” the report reads. Therefore, they blame Secretary of State Kathy Boockvar and Gov. Tom Wolf, both Democrats, for expediting a certification that is incorrect.
Donald Trump has immediately celebrated the findings of Pennsylvania lawmakers and applauded their loyal behavior toward the American people and the Founding Fathers’ Constitution. In addition, he has recalled on his official Twitter account that the fraudulent result would give him victory in this key state.