PragerU Besieged By Big Tech And The Left


Below is a letter I received today asking for all of our help in countering Big Tech’s assault on PragerU.

Dear PragerU Supporter,

Big Tech is censoring PragerU again. Facebook announced that they will be limiting PragerU’s reach to our own followers, and Twitter locked us out of our account.

We need you to sign and share our petition against online censorship with all of your family and friends ASAP.

Why are they censoring us? Because we dared to show America a different point of view. This time the flashpoint is a collection of frontline medical doctors’ testimonials about their successful use of Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating their COVID-19 patients.

Now we must reach out to you, our PragerU community, directly to get people to sign our petition. Here’s what’s happening right now:

  • Twitter locked us out of our account
  • Facebook is censoring our reach to our own followers
  • Instagram is removing our posts
  • YouTube and LinkedIn deleted our videos

PragerU does not give medical advice. But, we will make sure you hear alternative voices the media either refuses to cover, or falsely discredits, so that you can hear all sides and make your own decisions.

If you support free speech, please forward this email to at least 10 people to sign our petition today!


A coalition of over 600 doctors, some interviewed for PragerU’s Current Events Series, signed a letter saying that HCQ has been unnecessarily politicized as a potential treatment option for COVID-19.

Could HCQ help to end the shutdowns, get people back to work, open schools, and save more lives? Maybe.

Shouldn’t all possible options be on the table for discussion?

Why would Big Tech censor such information?

Our tech overlords overruled these frontline doctors, and colluded to remove these testimonials from doctors across all social media platforms. They decided to silence these brave physicians, and are attacking their character and religious beliefs. Anyone, including PragerU, who dared give them a platform is also being punished through censorship.

Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Information are under attack like never before.

The message is clear: Stick to the left’s narrative, or you will be wiped off the Internet.

We need your action right now to fight for our most basic American liberties. They are trying to cancel the America we know and love.

Only together can we stop them. Please send this letter to as many people as possible and inform them about the dangers of Big Tech censorship.

Please urge at least 10 people you know to sign our petition and join our mailing list in order to stay informed.

– Your Grateful PragerU Team