Rep. Ilhan Omar Floats Taxing Rich Up To 90 Percent


HAHAHA!! This is the Democrat Party. What are your thoughts celebrities? I mean, you are the 1%. And the majority of you PROMOTE and VOTE for these Communists.

I would LOVE to see celebrities and rich democrats taxed at 90 percent. HAHAHA!!

Fox News:

Freshman Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar floated taxing the wealthy at a rate of up to 90 percent, joining fellow Democrats pushing for much higher rates on the top bracket to payfor sought-after programs like “Medicare-for-all.”

In an interview this week on “Through Her Eyes,” a new weekly show on Roku, Ilhan, D-Minn., suggested “a few things” to change when looking to pay for high-cost programs.

“One of them is that we can increase the taxes that people are paying who are the extremely wealthy in our communities,” she explained. “So, 70 percent, 80 percent, we’ve had it as high as 90 percent. So, that’s a place we can start.”

She added: “The one percent must pay their fair share.” READ MORE

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