The end of darkness & Venezuela’s now-ongoing Operation:LIBERTAD


In an evident surge of repression and violence, pro-Maduro and pro-Castro forces in Venezuela brutally repress protesters on the streets as Acting President Juan Guaidó Márquez (along with Leopoldo López, a political prisoner and hostage of the regime that’s been freed today) and a handful of military rebels kick-start the final phases of Operation:LIBERTAD
by Yago Mairena

The sort of things we are forced to witness here in Venezuela, “Little Venice” at the North of the South, below and beyond the Caribbean, are usually hard to describe. The atrocities we’ve been put thru could make many go mad. Actually they have; reports of people losing their minds, becoming unstable and actually killing themselves over the situation abound. They cannot be blamed.

And yet, here we stand, resisting boldly against the dark forces that surround us to this very day, including terrorists from Hezbollah and Hamas, from ETA, FARC and ELN, and thugs and mafias from Russia, Iran, China and Turkey.

Today though I saw something Dantesque: Two military vehicles, armored and heavy, used basically as battering rams not against buildings or doors, but against CROWDS OF PEOPLE! The individuals inside them must have been and still be deeply disturbed, demoniac, possessed: I mean, to simply speed towards groups of 10-15 people without a hint of compassion? They ran them over, for God’s sake! They hit them, rolled their heavy wheels over them and left them for dead.

Afterwards, when they began shooting live ammo against us, the cries of “medic! medic!” and “quickly, a doctor!” were simply deafening.

I suppose we have had this coming for a long time. We always think they will not dare go further. We are mistaken at every turn.

Today though, at the turn of the tide, I must admit I am surprised. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by my God the Lord Most High, for I woke up today with news I had began to think I’d never hear: “Operación Libertad” is well underway. Cuba’s little backyard project is failing catastrophically, Maduro and his cronies (many of them more responsible than him for this mess!) find themselves at the end of their dark road, at the tip of the plank, dead-end.

I am sorry for such a long introduction, but the emotions in my throat make me try to express them as legitimate as I can, raw and beating. The fact is, Ladies and Gentlemen, those of us (me included) that had thought Pres. Guaidó was only a for-show character and one that would never actually dare take the steps needed to free our homeland have been proven wrong today, with a bang. Thank God.

So what’s the sit-rep?

Well, I jumped off my bed (quite late, at 8 AM) and learned that Guaidó and a modest group of domestic military support had gone (at around 4 AM) to find and free Leopoldo López, a cornerstone of our struggle. I must take a brief moment here to explain who he is: The founder of an important “opposition” (though we are not that anymore!) party called Voluntad Popular, or “Popular Will”, and also a sociologist, economist, political scientist and governance expert from Harvard and Princeton, no less (he’s obviously among the best prepared and best fit to lead).

Along with a few people from Primero Justicia (Justice First) and Corina Machado’s Vente Venezuela (Let’s Go Venezuela), and also figureheads like UN Ambassador Diego Arria and Caracas Mayor Antonio Ledezma (exiled in NYC and Madrid, respectively) they represent the best of our political caste, deeply tainted by the very corruption that we are attempting to drive out, and that has taken a grotesque and shameful shape in strongman Chávez before and now in Maduro, a bus-driver from a foreign border city that’s done us harm beyond repair. Truth be told, these wounds will not heal quickly, but with Jesus the Christ’s help all things are possible.

Okay, I then knew López had been freed, and that he, Pres. Guaidó and the small military entourage were on the move but, where? To a vital point in the capital city of Caracas: La Carlota Air Base, officially called “Generalissimo Francisco de Miranda”. When I went out to the streets, along with hundreds and hundreds more, they were already there, fighting, RESISTING!

They obviously survived, unharmed, unlike many today. News is they then headed westward, towards the Presidential Palace of Miraflores. Some time later it also became evident they did not make it over there. Too many roadblocks, military pikes and obstacles; they chose to withdraw for the day, to fight tomorrow at first light on the 1st of May, worker’s day here in Venezuela.

Despite the apparent defeat or failure to achieve goals, it is undeniable that things have been set in motion. Definitive things. We’ve been living a political and social roller coaster from the 5th of January, when Head of Parliament Juan Guaidó was sworn in, took oath and charge as Acting President, as is Constitutionally lawful in absence of a legitimate Head of State (after Maduro rigged the 2018 elections). Hope has been rekindled many times, and snuffed out a few times afterwards, but this time, there’s too many factors against the dark regime, and too many in our favor; it’s people like Secretary of State Mike Pompeo being very vocal in this whole affair, people like Ambassador John Bolton, US Envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams, Vice-President Mike Pence and President Donald J. Trump himself.

On top of it all, this time the most important fact of all has been laid bare before the eyes of the World: Maduro no longer counts on the military as a unified and adamant body, nor can he “comfortably” sit atop bayonetas and rifles; his days are surely numbered, and people like his Minister of Defense, Vladimir Padrino, will meet their end momentarily, either at gunpoint or by stepping down, but it will surely happen, with the help of our good God. Pray for us, my brothers and sisters, we are in the eye of the storm, but the Lord’s Light will see us thru this.