The Mass Shooting In Detroit You Probably Didn’t Hear About


In the month of August, there were 3 mass shootings with a black shooter (that I know of). Did you hear about any of them? Our media is so biased. They create a narrative and ignore all news that contradicts it.  Even if the lib media does report it, they do NOT focus on it like they would if the shooter was white.

Metro Times:

Four young men were shot at a beauty salon on Detroit’s west side Tuesday evening.

No press conference. No national media headlines. No outrage.

It’s the 254th mass shooting in the U.S. so far this year and the fourth in Michigan, according to the Gun Violence Archive, a nonprofit organization that compiles information on gun-related violence.

Tuesday’s shooting came a few days after the massacres in Ohio and Texas.

At 8:50 p.m., police say a man opened fire at the So Unfair Beauty Bar on W. Seven Mile Road a few blocks east of the Southfield Freeway after a dice game, injuring a 23-year-old and three 24-year-olds. The victims are expected to survive.

The suspect was still on the loose Wednesday, and police said they had no information on the shooter.

What constitutes a “mass shooting” varies. According to the Gun Violence Archive, a mass shooting is any incident in which four or more people are shot READ MORE