This article centers around the route to achieve an international military coalition (for the People of Venezuela). It also deals with the semi-mysterious subject of the Inter-American Treaty of Reciprocal Assistance (called “TIAR” in Brazilian Portuguese and Western Spanish; we will call it IATRA henceforth), as well as the increasingly popular UNSC doctrine of R2P (Responsibility to Protect), and the not-too-likely crumbling within Bolivarian Armed Forces.

by Tiago Mairena

It has been stressed before that the IATRA (Rio de Janeiro, 1947), also called the Rio Treaty or Pact, is an international convention, essentially covering military cooperation, that foresees the USE OF FORCE.

It becomes active when any Nation within the Americas suffers any sort of aggression or experiences any situation that threatens to endanger Continental peace and security.

There are currently 17 member-states within the Rio Treaty, including the United States of America, Brazil (2nd largest Armed Forces in the Continent) and Colombia (most afflicted Venezuelan neighbor). Venezuela was a signatory until 2013 when the Chávez regime chose to withdraw from it, for very obvious and anti-democratic reasons.

To simply hold out and HOPE for international military aid out of compassion, pity or a sense of duty (because of United Nations Security Council “R2P”) is not the same as being able to DEMAND IT within the frames of a Treaty, which allows for unavoidable requests that international obligations be met and fulfilled.

Venezuela’s re-entry into the Rio Pact is quite easy (and already underway). All that is required is Acting President Guaidó Márquez to subscribe to the Treaty, Parliament to ratify it and to communicate such ratification to the OAS. It all could be done within a matter of hours.

Until very recently, no jurist, diplomat, congressman, politician or influencer dared suggest Venezuela’s re-incorporation into the IATRA. It was all R2P and Article 187-11 of our National Constitution, both flawed instruments in regards to ousting the whole corrupt, murderous, terrorist and drug-dealing regime that still parasites on Venezuela (and not only their pawn Maduro).

Parliamentary blockades and objections to Article 187-11 (which enables Head of Parliament Guaidó Márquez to authorize a foreign military mission within Venezuelan territory) DO NOT APPLY to Venezuela rejoining the Rio Treaty. It’s not a matter of third parties, but of the will of the legitimate authorities of Venezuela and our People. Also, no other Nation needs to consent to Venezuela rejoining and celebrating this Treaty; it’s a sovereign right.

Now about the R2P, there are no international obligations or treaties attached to it. It is merely a doctrine developed by the UN, that becomes relevant under humanitarian reasons when rulers fail (or are unable) to protect their population.

Nevertheless, the question remains, are Venezuelan President Guaidó Márquez (as Head of State) and the National Assembly actually hand-tied about protecting our Nation? Can’t the Rio Pact be considered a means to help defend us Venezuelans from many foreign and domestic RUTHLESS ENEMIES?

R2P’s biggest obstacle is the need, under such a doctrine, for the UNSC (Security Council) to authorize this multilateral military intervention, which Russia and China (as the other two permanent members of the Council aside from the USA, the UK and France) would likely not hesitate to veto.

Now among the IATRA’s biggest pros (without many cons) is that its decision-making mostly takes place within the OAS Permanent Council (which rules out any Chinese or Russian MEDDLING), as well as bilaterally (with Venezuelan Ambassador to the US Carlos Vecchio and US Southern Command Admiral Craig Faller meeting in Florida as I write these lines). Though the “American” Democrat Party’s foul influences spread far and wide throughout our World, the Rio Treaty’s decisions are not subject to the whims of the Dems. It is actually surprising these great advantages have not been greatly and widely underlined, until now.

Lastly, the Rio Pact does not exclude parallel work on other options, such as the one our Transitional Government has placed most of its efforts on: The internal collapse (until now without any USE OF FORCE being credible or possible) of the regime’s Armed Forces. On the contrary, to develop the IATRA option would contribute to a spontaneous implosion on that arena, freeing many low-ranking officials to take the side of freedom, and the Will of the People of Venezuela; it must be stressed though how unlikely it is for the high-ranking officials, generals and drug-lords to cut all ties of loyalty with their own crimes and dismantle their operations (to think otherwise is naive, foolish and an unaffordable liability to our Nation).

Until that partial collapse happens, what Pres. Guaidó Márquez and the National Assembly are doing daily is to beg a COLLECTIVE OF CRIMINAL BANDS (such as the Cartel of the Suns and their “friends”, without a shred of honor in their words) to stop being criminals. That will obviously not happen, but the threat of the Communist Cuban regime in Venezuela (the true puppeteers behind Maduro) must be ended, for it endangers the whole of the region with its ties to Islamic terrorism (Hamas, Hezbollah, etc.) and drug-dealing (Colombian “Ejército de Liberación Nacional”), to say the least.

It is not enough anymore to simply say “all options (including the military one) are on the table”. It is now time to justify, develop and demand said military assistance, so my People stands a chance against the abysmal odds we are faced with, including Russian, Chinese, Iranian and Turkish official ties and mafias; these also pose a grave danger to the territorial integrity and National Security of the USA, more so from a base of operations INSIDE our Western Hemisphere. The Rio Treaty shows us the way, our good God-willing.

In truth, it is much more heroic, patriotic and dignified for Venezuela’s rightful authorities to promote, demand and denote as JUSTICE the conformation of a Pan-American Military Coalition, within the just reach of the IATRA. If all goes well with this new and surprising option, my People will finally be able to breathe the free air again. May the Lord our God bless my Nation of Venezuela and all our Allies, such as the United States of America and Pres. Donald J. Trump.