Trump Touts Black Employment Rate, Congressional Black Caucus Refuses To Stand Or Applaud, Looks Angry


This is how the Congressional Black Caucus celebrates the lowest rate ever recorded of black unemployment.

Proving once again that the Congressional Black Caucus isn’t interested in the well-being and prosperity of black people. And that they are nothing more than Big Government, Socialist Democrats.  They like to protest white people and Republicans. They like to race-bait and complain but watch out because they don’t like it when blacks are doing good! MAGA!!


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the national unemployment rate for black workers, 16 years and over, was 6.8% in December, making it the lowest unemployment rate for blacks since 1972 — 45 years ago.

The CBC’s reaction to this fact below.


Daily Caller:

Only one member of the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) clapped during President Donald Trump’s comments about low black unemployment at his first State Of The Union address Tuesday night.

Florida Democratic Rep. Al Lawson was seen clapping for Trump’s comments about the success of the economy, specifically African-American unemployment, as cameras immediately turned to the group during his speech. Other members of the CBC refused to stand or applaud his comments on the low unemployment claims for African-Americans since he has taken office. READ MORE

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