Trump’s Longtime Dream Of Moscow Tower


Which is exactly why Democrats chose Russia as their destination for collusion. So when they found none, they could still pretend there was. Democrat voters are easily confused and misled. They don’t need proof. You just have to say it over and over.

NBC Washington:

Donald Trump for decades dreamed of building a Trump Tower in the heart of Moscow, a plan that flared and fizzled several times over the years, most recently when his presidential campaign was gaining momentum.

That last plan led Trump’s longtime lawyer Michael Cohen to plead guilty Thursday to a charge brought by the special prosecutor looking into possible Russian meddling in the 2016 election. Cohen admitted he lied to Congress about key details in the negotiations for the Moscow tower, most notably that those talks stretched much deeper into the presidential campaign than previously thought, to June of 2016.

Trump, speaking to reporters Thursday, disputed Cohen’s timeline and suggested his former fixer was telling prosecutors what they wanted to hear to save his own skin. As for why the most recent deal failed, Trump said he made the decision himself for one main reason.

“It was very simple,” he said. “I was very focused on running for president.” READ MORE