U.S. Exorcist: ‘Abortion Is A Demonic Sacrifice’


Damn right it is.

CNS News:

Priest and exorcist Fr. Gary Thomas, whose work has been depicted in the book The Rite and the Hollywood film based on that book, starring Anthony Hopkins, said that demons can sometimes take hold of people if they participate in forbidden practices, such as an abortion, which is “a demonic sacrifice.” He added that “Satan hates the human race,” hates “everyone of us out of jealousy and rage.”

Fr. Thomas, pastor of Sacred Heart Church in San Jose, Calif., was selected by his bishop to study exorcism in Rome at a school there devoted to the phenomenon. While there in 2005, Fr. Thomas apprenticed under an Italian priest at more than 80 exorcisms. Since that time, he has worked on hundreds of deliverance cases in the United States and not a few full-blown exorcisms, where a ritual is performed to deliver a person from demonic possession.

During a Young Adult Conference at Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church in Turlock, Calif., Fr. Thomas gave a talk on exorcism and the ways in which demons can enter one’s life.

“We’re always looking to see what might have been a toehold or a foothold that a preternatural – in other words, a demonic entity – may have gained entrance into this person’s life,” Fr. Thomas told the audience.  READ MORE