Venezuela: Do they oppose the murderous regime, or the people and our freedoms?


We Venezuelan Christians know our Nation needs to humble itself before the Lord. Only then will this man-made catastrophe end. We are also aware there’s been a lot of dark and satanic pacts in the form of Cuban santería being brought here in the first place, en-masse during the Chávez-regime. Still, it is quite discouraging and rather depressing to find out, it is not only Socialists our People need to fight: there’s also a more and more plain enemy in the form of the worst imaginable traitors we could endure: the so-called “opposition”.

We’ve thought for many long years we’ve been fighting side by side with opposition leaders such as Leopoldo López and Henrique Capriles, but it’s become evident they are not precisely on our side, the side of the people; they have their own side, their own interests and their own agendas, and they care very little about who dies or suffers as long as they get what they want…

In January this year, first on the 5th and then on the 23rd, a new, bold leader had risen in Venezuela: Juan Guaidó Márquez, a member of Lopez’s party Voluntad Popular (“the will of the people”) and he had a clear shot at getting our people out of their misery. By promising to defeat Maduro’s regime by any means necessary, this guy quickly became a shining figure in our struggle; he had been elected Head of Parliament about a month before, and by Constitutional mandate his was the right to rule as Entrusted/Interim President. He still is recognized as such by the United States of America and most Worldwide democracies.

This is truth in theory, but in practice things are quite different. The President in functions is still Maduro by all accounts, and Juan has been lagging farther and farther behind. Most “opposition” leaders are too busy in petty quarrels among themselves to even care if Guaidó succeeds. They, it appears, would actually benefit if the regime did not fall, or at least not yet. For such reasons they endeavored in February and March to knit a carefully designed stray-jacket to keep the President-apparent in check, restricting his movements and his Constitutionally rightful ability to form a government and appoint ministers. He’s been barely able to pick ambassadors, and no chancellor thus far.

As you all may have guessed, this “new and free” government has obviously been launched on the wrong foot, crippled from the get-go and lacking key elements to succeed in its effort to oust the red, murderous regime. Like a vessel that capsizes before it sets sail for the first time! The “MUD” (Mesa de la Unidad Democrática) is to blame… It’s really no wonder the acronym reads as it does!

Things are really not going well, at least not on the side of what’s public. Talks about military movements must surely be taking place, and our Hemisphere-side Allies must be getting ready, but the truth is President Guaidó Márquez has not been meeting our expectations.

And it is truly important to meet the expectations of people if he ever wishes to gain our trust and have our backing. Truth is,  sadly, he’s not been behaving like a “puppet” of President Donald Trump (like his enemies in the murderous regime claim, as beneficial as that would be) but rather as a peon of the rotten and corrupt MUD (or “democratic unity board”) and the rest of our failed political opposition.

For clarification proposes, please understand there is a huge difference between that failed  & fake opposition and the CIVIC RESISTANCE MOVEMENT inside our borders; in fact, the politicians have shown to be quite “opposite” to us the People of Venezuela!

This indeed is the warning and public complaint it looks like, but I also mean what I say about our Allies talking about coming to help us. Rumor has it the OAS has already decided to form a hemispheric coalition to help us. Or rather, help themselves; the most recent military “gossip” (which we’ll find out soon enough to be true or false) includes nuclear weapons being positioned in Venezuela by Russia and China to serve as leverage, as trading coins ala Cuban missile crisis. I dearly hope they are wrong but if they are not, the USA and regional allies like Colombia and Brazil MUST FORCEFULLY BE ReaDY to rise up to the challenge History is presenting to them. To meet those foreigners with strength and dignity, if the Americas are not to become once again the backyard of, not the United States of America (as our enemies claim), but of this newly reborn USSR, a Russian Empire  wannabe with Tsar Vladimir (Putin) at the helm, as many have foretold for a few years now. This has never been a Venezuelan-only conflict. It’s now more evident than ever. Our good God and Father help us all, in the Name of Jesus our Christ!