Venezuela, March 11, 2018: Situation Report


by Yago Mairena

I wrote this sort of “sit-rep” for a friend on Twitter. After the longest power and information blackout my Nation of Venezuela has suffered, it wasn’t clear if I was alive or dead. I’m alive, yes, thank God. Five (5) days straight without power. Without cell network coverage or broadband access from any ISP in the country. COMPLETE BLACKOUT.

It may fail again any minute (we are depending on the gas-oil plant of Tacoa right now, way closer to the Capital City of Caracas than the hydro-electric power plants at Guri (close to Orinoco river tributaries). Uh, I may not be able to write all I should after all… I’m asking people on social media to put these messages out there somehow; we Venezuelans would appreciate it.

In a public, State-run hospital in the City of Maracaibo, State of Zulia (westernmost Venezuelan coastal territory, close to Colombia), more than 80 “born-alive” babies… Dead… The systems needed to keep them alive dead as well; they all failed because of this massive power outage, and there were no backup power plants of any sort.

Incubator machines failing all over the country… Intensive care units & urgency therapy machines also, as well as dialysis systems for renal patients, who are being told to “hold tight”. This is a tragedy… We will never know the full scale of it… The regime is covering their tracks at every turn… People are being massacred in many places, just for crying out for State-provided electricity.

The incident in southernmost Santa Elena de Uairén (where they murdered pemón Indians) pales in the face of these new atrocities… They just drive by on motorcycles and gun down crowds of people… My people. In places like “la Colonia Tovar” (German Colony, west of Caracas) and Santa Teresa of River Tuy (south of the Capital).

This “accident” (if it’s even that, and wasn’t purposely caused as a sabotage from the regime itself, which is a very plausible theory) began at the Hydroelectric Complex of Guri, an heirloom from some 40 years ago, when the State and the Government actually worked, PdVSA was our crown-jewel and when we were not a communal “state” but a true Republic. It’s located South-east of the country, where the majestic High Orinoco River (second only to the Amazon River in length and width) turns lower, and hydraulic power can be generated.

It seems a turbine failed… It went off its axis. Supposedly because of a nearby wildfire. Maintenance has not been done properly to these systems in many, many years. It’s not weird some foliage caught fire (there’s a quite heavy drought here, also) and it spread until it reached critical systems.

These, the regime fails to properly protect, and then goes and blames others (like the USA or us the Resistance) of their own incompetence and utter uselessness. These dudes are truly a joke; for those of you unacquainted with them, it would be fun to look into it, into their complete inability to rule!

Anyways, it seems the fire and blast blew up a big chunk of the installation, killing at least 200 people… The dark regime, of course, is covering this fact cruelly and ruthlessly.

As a Citizen, I feel like our only choice is to go and ask, in force, either the people in power (the usurper regime) or more likely the new Legitimate Transitional Government to activate article 187 of our National Constitution… This is quite important: This article empowers the Interim President, Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez, to allow Venezuelan military missions abroad …OR FOREIGN MILITARY MISSIONS INTO OUR OWN NATIONAL SOIL!

If this is indeed invoked and activated, it would allow President Donald J. Trump to send the Fourth Fleet and US Southern Command (perhaps along with the Armed Forces of Colombia, Brazil and others) to at least allow humanitarian aid into Venezuela, and it may well be in the works, after our own Venezuelan President Juan Guaidó went on official visits to most of South America, which forms the majority of the Lima Group, that has taken as it’s own the task of ousting the usurper Maduro and allowing the return of democracy and LIBERTAD.

That’s most likely the solution, and the reason I wrote about military aid from the United States of America and her Allies in the first place. (link)