Why Does The Usurper Maduro In Venezuela Prefer To Starve People To Death?


Or, Reasons for which Socialism and Communism are not viable

by Miguel Henrique Otero (El Nacional, Caracas), translated and edited by Yago Mairena

There is a question being asked by millions inside and out of Venezuela: Why does Maduro (as public face) and the whole Mafia State (on the inside) prefer to kill the Venezuelan population of hunger and disease, rather than allow entry to humanitarian aid from at least 2 dozen countries?

The hardships and troubles of the People are impossible to hide since at least 3 years back, and each and every day new info and testimonies surface to certify the worsening of the situation. Still, the thugs, criminals and drug dealers that kidnap Venezuela to this day insist on prohibiting the ingress of food and medicine, why?

This is the answer: Because to starve to death and do nothing in the face of sicknesses grave and lesser is a core and primordial component of communist dictatorships.

It is written in their DNA, as a result of the methods with which Communists exercise power. Their origin is the imposition (at the cost of lives and destruction) of measures that deny reality. Communists possess pathogenic hate against production and productive beings in general, which in turn originates in a concoction of ignorance and resentment with which they interpret reality.

Not even the War for Independence (from France and Spain) or the subsequent civil wars (that ravaged Venezuela back in the XIX century) had produced recessions as morbid as the current one. The People of Venezuela experiments a deadly fall of a whole different level right now: That abyssal step from a state of generalized hunger and starvation (and the extended lack of life-essential nutrients –mainly proteins–) towards a condition of rickets and malnutrition that then gives way to the deaths and State-led extermination of the weaker ones: children and the elderly.

Furthermore, people of all ages are dying from diseases caused by malnutrition or deficiency food quantity and quality. Chronical sicknesses kill many daily (especially renal ones, for lack of dialysis equipment or medication), as well as infections acquired at hospital OR’s. The absence of tools and medicines at ER’s and emergency and first aid centers take many more lives; it can sound unbelievable but things as basic as gauze and acetaminophen are a luxury not many can afford.

The reasons for death and disease abound, sadly: Power outages can mean only a brief cut in communications to some, but to others it can signify murder by omission; a hospital power-plant shutdown can mean death to many at once (including children and newborn babies alike). So, deaths can happen because electricity is out, because of contaminated water, because of thousands upon thousands of medical doctors and paramedics having fled the country for their own lives, precisely to avoid the dilemma between hunger and crime-caused death.

We must study history, for what is being suffered at Venezuelan soil right now is inscribed within a current of historical events. It has a record that, with some variants, can be traced back to most of the XX and XXI centuries. A fundamental one reveals itself in the successive famines and generalized starvations produced after the ascent to power of Communists in 1917 Russia.

Only 6 months after the Bolshevik Revolution, hunger began to corrode stomachs and lives in most cities throughout all of Russia’s vast territories. Famine struck in 1919, 1920, and between 1927 and 1929. Then, after the strepitous and Dantesque failure of Soviet policies of collectivization, came the ferocious famine of Ukraine from 1931 to 1934, that then swept through the whole of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and killed from starvation more than 5 million Ukrainian people, with the murdered number rising up to 12 million in the wider USSR (as the Court of Appeal of Kiev also found out in 2010).

An event today called the Holodomor: Ukrainian for “murder by starvation”, a man-made famine (a peacetime catastrophe similar to the modern Venezuelan situation at least in that regard) otherwise known as the Terror-famine or the Famine-genocide in Ukraine. Arguing that actions such as rejection of outside aid, confiscation of all household foodstuffs, and restriction of population movement confer intent, it is academically thought to have been a maneuver by Joseph Stalin to snuff out a Ukrainian resistance and independence movement, with the resulting loss of live often compared to that of the Holocaust.

So, did the Communists obtain any sort of learning from the mistakes and crimes of Lenin and Stalin? The answer is: Between 1958 and 1962, the Great Famine of China was produced by Mao Zedong (a man hailed as a hero along with Che Guevara by the oppressive regimes in Cuba and Venezuela). As a result (though precision is difficult, in spite of the many studies) between 32 and 46 million people lost their lives. Mao Zedong, one of the most efficient mass-murderers the XX century ever had, ordered policies that devastate entire Chinese urban centers. In the same way than in Russia, hunger produced even episodes of cannibalism.

To spread starvation and fear: That’s what practices of Communist power consisted of, from Eastern Europe to Albania and Cuba. To make life itself take place in close proximity or upon the empty-stomach red line: A core aspect to Communist domination procedures. Socialism, of course, by definition, is no different in essence; merely the preceding steps. These are the reasons why America must never fall prey to the horrors of Socialism; its ultimate goal is indeed Communism, make no mistake. The distorted, delusional perceptions of Communism (and its variants) of economy and production (as enemies, basically, along with capital and free markets) lead inevitably to hunger and starvation.

This sort of “red hunger” is, simultaneously, consequence and backbone logic. They foolhardily attempt to take control of production systems, to annihilate the popular right to private property, labor, and wage-paying work. They also attempt to punish private investment and production for the mere fact of being such and to expropriate owners, control market-dependent prices and impose sells to the State at losing prices. These are all Communist practices and at the same time enemies of the American way of life.

Communists and hardcore Socialists (unlike Social-democracies in Scandinavia, mind you) also thrive when inducing confrontation environments between owners and laborers. They manipulate and stain their hands in blood at every turn knowingly… Consistently and repeatedly aimed at creating famines time and time again.

These are all text-book mistakes the usurper Maduro Moros (an illegal alien from Colombia) commits in Venezuela once and again, as if openly committing crimes against Humanity (by this point in History), as the World watches, horrified. His power is illegitimate, illegal and a fraud, yet its sinister reactions can also be traced back to Stalinist and Leninist policies.

The Maduro-led creation of Soviet-style fiscal entities dates back to “search and requisition committees” created by Lenin in 1920, which ended up decapitating and executing peasants that were not producing, accusing them of plotting against Communist power. This was a clear and evident predecessor of the “guerra económica” (economic warfare) that Chávez Frías in his deranged mind came up with, some years ago. By this point it is important to point to the video at the top, which clearly portrays many reasons for which America is being sent a warning from Venezuela’s goodhearted people. The lie cannot be believed, other mistakes repeated.

The humanitarian aid being sent to Venezuela (from the USA and more than 20 Allies Worldwide) the local regime and Mafia State have lied about, saying the food is “rotten” and medicine is “sickness-carrying”. The USA also sent aid to the People of Ukraine in 1922, and also faced such defamatory claims back then. As I said, textbook lies and errors.

Like present-time Nicolás Maduro, Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong also used to send “humanitarian aid” to other countries, while at the same time the People of Venezuela, Russia and China died and dies in their homes, at the doors of hospitals, in public squares or transport stations… Or even in lines of up to 20 hours to try to buy (if lucky) a bar of bread to keep them alive, keep them going into the agony.

Some days ago, on February 15, the Venezuelan diary “El Nacional” reported the death of a 6-year old little boy at Manuel Núñez Tovar Hospital (City of Maturín, Eastern Venezuela). The infant wheighed only 11 kilos, roughly 25 pounds. The death of this child sheds the Light of God upon the shameless faces of his killers, which once again display the complacency in the one-way road they have chosen to take: to keep murdering without any kind of piety or mercy, made into brutes who sit by oppulent tables farther and farther away from the suffering of a whole Nation.

Venezuela, as I’ve said before, anxiously awaits the arrival of the foreign aid (for the widely known humanitarian reasons that I’ve clarified above), and of the accompanying coalition Armed Forces to oust these God-damned murderers and creators of hunger and famine once and for all.