Why Venezuela Desperately Needs America’s Help, Humanely And Militarily – Part 2


by Yago Mairena

America’s general public opinion is usually quite susceptible to what the media reports, and therefore biased. The tragic account of events that we Venezuelans have had to endure for 20 years now is clearly detailed in Part 1. President Trump is a true democrat (unlike those calling themselves that) and an honest man of his word in coming to our aid now that we need it the most. He’s seen what we’ve been forced into. He’s said it since day one… He’s denounced our kidnappers, and is now moving towards the goal of helping us get rid of the disease that has plagued us for so long. As this video says, President Trump knows we’ve been fighting alone against too many for far too long (including terrorists like Hezbollah, FARC and ETA, and also criminals like those “colectivos” formed by gangs and convicts).

There is some other lie the media (and Twitter accounts aimed at spreading lies and death) like to report or make it look like: “The US wants to steal Venezuela’s oil.” You know what we Venezuelans say onto them? Good! We would gladly pay with it to America and become a developed country, rather than be forced into this nightmare of misery and rampant poverty while being robbed of our riches anyways by the accomplices of the local Mafia State! Okay that’s just a joke, but we do need foreign powers to STOP stealing from us. For more on this, read the previous post that clearly details how the Turks have been stealing OUR gold, Russians and Chinese OUR oil, etc.

There’s even been horrific reports that foreign and domestic mafias have been ILLEGALLY extracting gold and diamonds from the Roraima Basin and the Guyanese Mezas to the South-east of our country; that’s one of the purest, most ancient regions our World has, beyond River Orinoco and close to the Amazon Forests, and it’s being ruthlessly deforested by these CRIMINALS that care not for the wilds, the flora or the fauna, and are bent on extracting all the gold they can as fast they can. This is an ecological emergency, and it needs to be denounced!

Iran (which is extracting URANIUM from Venezuela, no less), Turkey, Russia, China and Cuba need to be expelled from Venezuela’s soil. Also, regimes like Nicaragua and Bolivia, that keep enacting the Hemispheric “zone of influence” inherited by the Castros from the Soviets. Even Lebanon, Syria and Kim Jong Un’s KPR need to be ousted from here ASAP! We sadly cannot do it alone. We need the USA military to help us, and help the Homeland in the process, for it too is being threatened, for the distance from our shores to FL and TX is way too short. Terror and crime is using Venezuela as a continental platform to stage attacks on the USA, and that cannot go unanswered, can it? As if all the previous was not MORE THAN ENOUGH, a vessel carrying missiles and weapons was discovered some years ago in the Panama Canal, disguised as a humble brown sugar shipment inbound from Cuba towards North Korea.

We of course want to give away our resources to no-one. The pillaging and robbing and sacking of OUR NATION has to stop. But it is also clear we the People of Venezuela are in dire need of military support here to oust the usurpers. President Trump’s Administration has undeniably shown the will to do so. Will the Democrats and the rest of the World stand by us Venezuelans (and him) on this? They’d better! Lest they be forever marked by us Venezuelans and the true Democracies of the World as traitors and tyrannical authoritarians in supporting this failed regime.

Right now though, starting on January 23, with Acting President Juan G. Guaidó taking charge of a Legitimate Transitional Government and pushing further forward to actually oust the dictatorial regime, there are important pro-Democracy movements going on in my homeland. All of this goes back to May 2018, when presidential elections were held. By the pro-regime National Electoral Council, of course. It was a big sham and a fraud! The World knows it.

On a quick sidenote, did you know the Venezuelan regime’s parallel Supreme Court of Justice (the Legitimate one has it’s Justices on exile) is presided by a maggot –I mean man!— charged with double homicide and imprisoned twice? His name is “Maikel Moreno”, and he does all of the regime’s dark “judicial” bidding.

So, about those rigged elections. The EU and most of our Latin American neighbors DID NOT APPROVE OF THEM. They clearly saw and denounced the cheating and the fact that 80% of the population did not vote (for more than obvious reasons). Maduro did not win. He only shamed himself, as the ignorant fool he is.

It is worth noting at this point, that our Interim President did not, as crooked, corrupt media likes to say, “declare himself” as such; that is what dictators do, not CONSTITUTIONAL leaders such as Guaidó. Our Constitution clearly states in article 233 (please scroll down) that when there’s a power void (which in this case was caused by Maduro’s loss-disguised-as-a-win) the Head of Congress (President of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó, in our case) must step forward as Acting President until new elections can be held (which can take anywhere from 6 months to 18, mind you). Furthermore, as if the rigging and fraudulent voting was not enough, there are two pivotal PUBLIC AND NOTORIOUS ACTS that make Maduro unable to rule us: Congress and the Supreme Court did declare him ABSENT and REMOVED from office, respectively.

As you can see, dear reader, the Constitution is clearly on our side, and the usurpers stand no chance of Law is indeed enforced, which is why we Venezuelans ask Americans to support us in regaining our Freedom and “Libertad”.

The National Assembly (which is our unicameral version of Congress, in case you didn’t know) was won by us the People on 2015, and elected new Supreme Court Justices (who have been forced into exile) some months after. On January 10th, 2019, the usurper was supposedly going to take office. The dictator only PROCLAIMED HIMSELF president (in an attempt to further kidnap us all) in front of the aforementioned worm, Moreno, in a pitiful display of absolute lack of popular support, because he could not do so in front of OUR National Assembly! Also, because the legitimate one is ours, the regime has a parallel version of it dubbed “Constituent” –bent on reforming our Constitution to completely annihilate Democracy and the Rule of Law (with nothing of use coming out of it). The dictator simply did not dare to mount his clown-show there.

For the first time in two decades, hand in hand with Interim President Juan Gerardo Guaidó Márquez, we the People of Venezuela have a real shot at this. We are pouring out onto the streets once again. Our National Assembly voted for and elected Juan Guaidó as the new President of the Chamber on January 5th, who now becomes President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela under CONSTITUTIONAL LAW.

You see, as I have made abundantly clear, the dictator Maduro did not win, so he cannot be proclaimed President (which he tried to do on January 10 anyways). He needed way more than the mere 20% of our total population (that was coerced into voting) and he only got a laughable 1 or 2 million votes (out of Venezuela’s total population of more than 31 and a half million people). By all accounts the seat of president at Miraflores became vacant. I repeat, the regime of this dictator and his accomplices in crime and murder (all of whom have managed to do so much harm to a whole Nation) is by all means OFFICIALLY over. This time they have no way to cheat their way into staying in power.

Mr. Maduro, as public leader of this Mafia State, has been declared permanently absent, and our Constitution clearly states that in such a case, the President of the National Assembly must step up and take office; such is the case of the Legitimate and Constitutional President of Venezuela, Juan G. Guaidó M., the Lord our God bless him and grant him the wisdom, vision and Light to lead us all out of these times of need.

Internationally, the dictator (who is right now rumoured to be looking for places he can flee to) becomes increasingly isolated; only a few anti-democratic countries back him, as well as Russia and China on the U.N. Security Council, while all true DEMOCRACIES worldwide support the Constitutional Interim President of Venezuela, Juan Guaidó. More than 20 countries declared recognition to Pres. Guaidó right away on January 23, and many more have added themselves to the list of FREEDOM. Now that humanitarian aid is on the way, it is being sent by over 70 countries, including Germany, France, Canada, Japan and many others. Most of the EU (with few exceptions like the Greek) backs our plight, as well as fundamental neighbors such as Colombia (which has been brutally hit by our crisis) and Brazil (which has the second largest and strongest Military in the Hemisphere). Hence, with so much resolute backing, the United States are sure to play a pivotal role in the next few days in the Operation “Libertad” for Venezuela. It is our belief, God be our witness, that we can count on the People of America to back President Donald Trump’s battle to establish once again Democracy, Order and Justice in our chaos-ridden Homeland.

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