Obamacare Stories Ignore Taxes, Penalties 88 Percent Of The Time

Must Know Headlines


Paul Ryan To Ron Paul Supporter:
Do You Want Barack Obama To Be Elected? Then Vote For Ron Paul

American High School Band Marches With Hammer & Sickle

Influential Jewish Democrats Warn “Don’t Trust Obama On Israel”

Report: 34 Of The 55 Gitmo Detainees Obama Cleared For Release Are
Considered “High Risk” Who Are Likely To Return To The Battlefield

Romney Must Explain: Bush Didn’t Cause The Recession

Romney Gave 1,000 Times As Much To Charity In A Year As Biden Gave In A Decade

US Officials Stay Seated For Ahmadinejad’s Speech, Israel Walks Out

Fact-Check Web Site Re-Confirms: Obamacare Funds Abortions

Barack Obama

The Obama Record: 1 In 7 On Foodstamps – 1 In 16 On Disability – 1 In 12 Out Of Work

More Audio From Obama’s 1998 Loyola Speech Uncovered
– Wanted the Poor to Be Majority Voting Block

Obama Lies, Taxes Rise

Chevy Volt Battery Plant Floundering Despite $151M From Obama

Obama Opens Gitmo Gates After Detainee Kills Our Ambassador

3 Reasons Why Jews Who Vote For Obama Are Fracking Idiots

Obama Ignored Mideast Polling Data Predicting Anti-U.S. Disaster

Iranian Regime Celebrates Obama’s “60 Minutes” Interview on ‘Noisy’ Israel

Obama: Sacked Consulate And Dead Ambassador “Bumps In The Road”

Adelson: Obama Wanted Me ‘Toxic,’ Leaked Smears

Narcissist In Chief Obama On ‘The View’:
‘I’m Just Supposed To Be Eye Candy For You Guys’


Clinton Aide To Reporter On Benghazi Questioning: ‘F*** Off’

Biden Overstates U.S. Forces In Afghanistan–By 582,000;
Calls Combat Troops Part Of Romney’s 47% Dependent On Gov’t

Stephanie Cutter: Women Aren’t Concerned What’s Happened Over The Last 4 Years,
Only What’s Going To Happen In The Next 4 Years

After Controversial Packers Loss, Wisconsin Democrat
State Senator Tweets NFL Commissioner’s Phone Number

How Liberals Screw The 47 Percent

The Left’s New Romney Tax Narrative: He Paid Too Much

Faux Cherokee Elizabeth Warren’s Faux Law Practice 

Bill Clinton, Still Lying After All These Years

Paul Ryan: Mitt Romney Will Pay More In Taxes Under Our Tax Plan

Democrat-Activist Media

AP Reports Imaginary Crowd As ‘Largest Yet Of The Obama Campaign’

Don’t Look Now, But Islam Is Becoming The MSM’s Official Religion Of America

US  Army’s Senior Neuropsychologist Runs Keith Olbermann
Fan Site, Takes Pot-Shots At Republicans

CBS Doesn’t Air Obama Admitting Mistakes In Campaign Ads

ABC, NBC Punt On Latest Developments In Libya Consulate
Attack; CBS Highlights State Department vs. CNN

John Leguizamo: ‘Latin People For Republicans Are Like Roaches For Raid’  

Don’t Look Now, But Islam Is Becoming The MSM’s Official Religion Of America


Michigan Asks Voters If They’re Legal Citizens; ACLU Freaks Out

Perpetrator Slaughtered Her In Broad Daylight So Everyone Could See

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