GAO: Feds Made $124.7B in Improper Payments in 2014;
‘Almost $1 Trillion’ Over 12 Years

Must Know Headlines


Sacramento Police Officer Ambushed
And Beaten For Being A Cop

Muslim ‘Clock-Boy’ Dad Pushes 9/11 Conspiracy Theories

Scary – These People Vote

Unseen Footage: Planned Parenthood Doc Discusses How
To Get Brains From Aborted Babies

Mrs. Ben Carson: It Will Take 5,000 Years To
Pay Off $18.5 Trillion National Debt Even If
We Pay $10 Million Every Day

ILLEGAL Immigration

Top Law Enforcement Official: Terrorists
Have Infiltrated U.S. Through Mexico

Deportations At Lowest Levels Since 2006

Education Secretary: Provide Financial Aid For Illegal Immigrants

Border State Sheriffs React To DOJ Plan To Release
Up To 2,000 Criminal ILLEGAL Aliens

ILLEGAL Aliens Complain About Racial Profiling In Jail

Barack Obama

Report: Obama Has Already Released A Third Of
The 6,000 Prisoners He Plans To Put Back On The Streets

Obama Schedule || Thursday, October 8, 2015


Democrats Push for Investigation Of Man
Behind The Shocking Planned Parenthood Videos

House Democrats Try Again To
Dissolve Select Committee On Benghazi

Unhinged Alabama Democrat ASSAULTS
Reporter – TWICE – During Questioning (VIDEO)

Hillary Compares The NRA To ‘Iranians And Communists’

Liberals Hate Police But Love Police States

Democrat-Activist Media

Ben Carson Disarms The Lib Ladies Of The View

Carson Attacks Prove Media Prefer
Schoolchildren Helpless And Dead

MSNBC Cut Parts Of Focus Group
That Were ‘Too Negative’ For Hillary

A Blood Libel Every Day:
The NY Times Does It Again

Over Rupert Murdoch’s ‘TERRIFYING’ TWEET!!!!


Planned Parenthood Tears Hole In Woman’s Womb
In Botched Abortion, Staffer Hesitates Telling 911