Big Tech Has Already Begun To Censor Republican Candidates Ahead Of The 2024 Election

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Claims FBI, CIA, And DOJ Will Rig 2024 Presidential Election After Successfully Rigging 2016 And 2020 Elections (VIDEO)

Supreme Court Compromised? Why Loy Brunson Still Thinks We Can Win!

Election Supervisor For Gwinnett County Says Georgia Roll System Built By Salesforce (GARVIS) Isn’t Working…Again

Former congressman: 1 more term for Biden and voting won’t matter

Husband Of California Democrat Rep. Linda Sanchez, Who Tried To Smear FBI Whistleblower, Sentenced To Prison In Connecticut Fraud Case

New Study Finds THOUSANDS Of Fraudulent Registrations Requesting Ballots On NY State Voter Rolls
Kari Lake Files Notice Of Appeal In Election Challenge

Kari Lake: “WE CAUGHT THEM!”

Judge Tosses Kari Lake’s Lawsuit After Trial On Fraudulent Signature Verification Shows AT LEAST 274,000 Ballots Were Verified In Less Than 3 Seconds – ORDER INCLUDED

Kari Lake Announces She Will Continue Fighting Stolen Election Case “To The US SUPREME COURT” – Will Launch “The Largest, Most Extensive Ballot Chasing Operation in Our State’s History” (VIDEO)

Kari Lake Trial Update: 274k Ballot Signatures Approved At LESS THAN 3 Seconds Each

“This Was COMPLETELY DIFFERENT Names” – Maricopa County Signature Reviewer Testifies In Kari Lake Trial Trial She Felt “Pressured” By Supervisors Sending Already Rejected Signatures Back To Them For Approval

MORE FOOTAGE Shows Maricopa County’s Fraudulent Signature Verification – Worker “Verifies” THOUSANDS Of Signatures in LESS THAN 3 Seconds Per Signature

Bombshell: Expert Witness Reveals Arizona Gov. Katie Hobbs Laundered Cartel Money To Rig Elections

Maryland Election Technology Not Certified, Requiring Immediate Decertification Of Machines

Ballots Stolen In Philadelphia On Election Day

Trump During CNN Town Hall: When You Look At What Happened During The 2020 Election, Unless You’re A Very Stupid Person You See… It Was A Rigged Election

Soros-Funded MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s Voter Rolls Contain “Over 48,000 NON-LEGAL Voter registrations At Trailer Parks And Apartment Housing Addresses”

BOMBSHELL INVESTIGATION Reveals Ann Arbor City Clerk and Ally Of Dishonest MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, Ignored Election Law In 2022 Election In At Least 180 Instances On Election Day

Palm Beach County Election Officials Caught Falsifying Machine Election Reports As Pressure Builds In Florida Over Discovery Of Massive Machine Election Fraud

Controversial Konnech Company Dismisses ALL CHARGES Against Catherine Engelbrecht And Gregg Phillips After Links To China Exposed – True The Vote Evaluates Options To Hold Company Accountable

Virginia Finds Almost 19,000 Dead People On Voter Tolls

Leftist Groups Tapping $1 Billion To Vastly Expand The Private Financing Of Public Elections

Biden’s DHS Reveals How It Plans To Use Tax Money To ‘Interfere’ In U.S. Elections

Feds Adapting AI Used To Silence ISIS To Combat American Dissent On Vaccines, Elections

Jordan Identifies Ways DOJ, FBI Interfered In Last 4 Elections As He Prepares To Chair ‘Church 2’ Committee

Kanekoa Releases The Konnech Files: FBI Shielded Two Firms Tied to Chinese Communist Regime That Holds US Voter Data in Mainland China

The IRS Went Down To Georgia To Steal An Election

Georgia Court Of Appeals Returns 2020 Counterfeit Ballot Case Back To Lower Court

George Soros Donates $1 Million To Wisconsin Democrats Ahead Of State Supreme Court Election

George Soros Has Already Spent $50 Million Trying To Buy 2024 Election

George Soros ‘Quietly’ Dumped Another $140 Million Into Political Causes In 2021

Soros-Backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins In Midterms

Alabama Withdraws From ERIC—Two States Down—30 To Go Before Dirty Soros-Funded Vote Cheating Program Is Abolished In All States

Worst Soros DA in US Refuses to Even Meet With Murder Victim’s Family


Clinton Campaign ‘Just Made Stuff Up’ About Trump/Russia, Former FBI Intel Chief Says

Hillary’s Hidden Hand: Clinton Okayed Anti-Trump Media Hit Job, Trial Reveals

President Trump Says “I Caught The Swamp, I Caught Them All”

Clinton Campaign Pushed Journalist To Spread Fake News About President Trump

Clinton Campaign, DNC Fined By FEC For Lying About Steele Dossier Payments

Watch: 12 Minutes Of Democrats Denying Election Results From 2000-2016

Email Released In Danchenko Case Proves Obama And His Deep State Lied And Set Up President Trump In Attempt To Remove Him From Office

Trump Calls To Be Reinstated As President Or Hold New Election

Durham Filing Reveals CIA Knew In Early 2017 That Data Tying Trump To Russia Was Fake

Durham Revealed That Fusion GPS Employees Sent Journalists Hundreds Of Emails With Unverified Accusations Against President Trump To Trigger Negative News Stories 

New Details From Durham Report Reveal Lawyers Tied To Hillary Campaign Spied On Trump WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT!

Over 500 2020 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending In Texas Courts

Lodi Council Member Shakir Khan Granted ZERO BAIL Release After Election Fraud Arrest

Democrat Lawmaker Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Committing Election Fraud & Stuffing Ballot Boxes For Democrat Candidates’

Biden’s USPS Chief Of Mail-In Ballots ARRESTED In Child Sex Sting

Another Democrat Going To Jail For Election Fraud

Democrat County Commissioner And Son Of Civil Rights Icon Indicted On Voter Fraud Charges

Election Software CEO Surrenders After Admitting Election Data Was Sent To China; Must Wear Ankle Monitor

Louisiana Democrats Sentenced To Prison In Vote Buying Scheme

Globalist Kalb Desperately Tries To Save Left’s Ability To Influence Elections In Greenwich

“This Is Absolute Vote Harvesting” – Chicago Prisoners Forced To Vote In Upcoming Mayoral Election (VIDEO)

Facebook Fined $25 Million For Violating Election Law
Georgia Elections Board Accepted $2 Million From Mark Zuckerberg’s Group, Violating State Law

Parts Of Georgia Grand Jury Report On Trump Election Probe Released

Dominion Bombshell: ‘Critical Bug Leading To INCORRECT Results’

“F**k  The USA!” – Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath To Being Former Skinhead, Heroin Addict – Lied In Denver Post Screed (VIDEO)

Election Integrity Experts Identify Privacy Flaw Affecting All ICP/ICE Dominion Voting Systems Across 21 States

Dems Lower Voting Age To 16 In Cities – Pelosi Once Said: “It’s Important To Capture Kids While They’re In High School”

They Can’t Win If They Don’t Cheat… House Democrats Vote To Give Aliens The Right To Vote — IN UNANIMOUS VOTE!

VT Supreme Court Rules Noncitizens Can Continue Voting In Local Elections

House Judiciary Democrats Vote To Support Non-Citizens Voting In Our Elections

IN STATE AFTER STATE… Democrats Are Running As Republicans To Get Into Office – They Even Have A Name For It – They Call It “Secret Sleepers”

UPDATE FULL VIDEO ADDITION: Ruby Freeman Body Cam Admissions Revealed In The Georgia Ballot Scanning Scandal

It Worked Once, Why Not Twice? Here Are Five Ways Democrats Are Cheating And Stealing The 2022 Election Like They Did In 2020

COLLUSION: Chinese Government Operatives Used Their TikTok Accounts To Help Democrats In The Midterms

Dems Use DOJ To Criminalize Election Challenges

Video Captures ‘Illegal Electioneering’ For Fetterman, Shapiro In Philadelphia

Two Massive Unexplained Ballot Drops Gave Gretchen Whitmer The Lead In Michigan – They Ran A ‘Drop And Roll’ In Michigan Last Night

“I Went After Drug Traffickers…You Are Vote Traffickers” – Attorney To Corrupt Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors (VIDEO)

Gregg Phillips Explains Why He & Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent To Prison: “We Have Irrefutable Evidence That The Entire PA Voter Registration File Is Living On A Server In China—Serial Numbers, Ballot Bundle Numbers”

More Election Fraud Headlines

WashPost Op-Ed: ‘Let’s Celebrate’ As Migrants Replace Americans

Ukraine Supporter With Nazi Flag Kills Himself In Police Standoff In Chicago – Media Conveniently Ignores His Ukraine Flag In Reports

Media Hot On Threats Against Target, Until Alleged LGBT Bomb Threat

Video: O’Keefe Catches Fetterman Staffer Admitting List  Of “Puppet” Journalists

NewsGuard Ignores Durham Report, Continues To Praise Russiagate Hoaxsters

Brit On MSNBC Says People Who Boycott Target Are Terrorists

MSNBC Talker: MAGA Voters Wrongly Think Biden Stole The 2020 Election

ESPN’s Sam Ponder Called A “Bigot” By Leftist Rag ‘USA Today’ Columnist For Speaking Out Against Transgender Athletes In Women’s Sports

Biden Tells Reporters ‘You’re Not In The Real World,’ ‘You Guys Don’t Bargain Very Well’

They’re On The Same Team: Karine Jean-Pierre Affectionately Asks CNN Reporter What His Favorite Beyoncé Song Is After Revealing He Flew To Paris For Pop Star’s Concert

Racist Hostin BASHES White Women AGAIN: ‘Protect The Patriarchy

‘You’re F***ing Dead To Me’: Famous Singer Stops Concert To Tell Fans Not To Vote For 2024 GOP Candidate

The View’s Sunny Hostin: Kamala Has Record-Low Favorability Because She’s (Half) Black

CNN Edits Fox To Bury Critique Of Media Over Biden Family Scandal

Networks Ignore Hearing On FBI Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

George Soros Investment Firm To Buy Bankrupt Media Company

CNN’s Jake Tapper Apoplectic Over Musk Calling Out George Soros

11 Brand New Biden Family Scandals The Networks Are CENSORING

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Illegal Alien From China Indicted For Crossing Border Allegedly With Child Porn

Chinese Nationals Stopped Near Sensitive Alaskan Military Base, Frightening Discovery Made In Their Car: Report

Five Illegal Aliens Charged With Murdering 15-Year-Old Boy In Maryland

Watch–Angel Mom Tells Congress: My Daughter Is Dead Due To Open Borders

Biden Admin Increases Number Of Immigrants Allowed To Enter US Using Mobile App

U.S. Companies Plan Over 400K Layoffs As Democrats Claim Business Needs More Foreign Workers To Hire

Black Chicago Residents Slam City Officials Over $51 Million Funding For Migrants

Video: Cartel Gunmen In Mexico Carry Anti-Tank Rocket Near Texas Border

Senate Democrats Propose More Funding And Work Permits For Illegal Aliens

NYC Migrant Hotel Descends Into ‘Free For All’ With Drugs, Alcohol

President Trump: “On Day One Of My New Term In Office — I Will Sign An Executive Order Ending Automatic Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Aliens” (Video)

Honduran Migrants Kill, Try To Eat Bald Eagle

Three New York ‘Teens’ Arrested For Killing Beloved ‘Faye’ the Swan – And Then Eating Her!

Minnesota to Provide Free College Tuition, Driver’s License, Health Care to Illegal Immigrants Using Taxpayers Money


Big Tech Corporations Continue Hiring Foreign H-1B Visa Workers After Mass Layoffs Of Americans

New Democrat Amnesty Bill Seeks To Flood Americans’ White-Collar Labor Market

Biden’s Migrant Mobile App Frees 80K Foreign Nationals Into U.S. In 4 Months

Biden To End DNA Testing That Was Used To Prevent Child Trafficking

Border Patrol Union President Blasts Biden Administration For Ending Familial DNA Testing At Border

Illegal Alien, Charged With Raping Teen Girl, Released Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

Biden’s Labor Market: Foreigners Taking U.S. Jobs Hits Highest Level As Employment Of Americans Declines

Update On Alleged “White Supremacist” Who Crashed U-Haul Into White House Barrier: Sai Kandula Bought His Nazi Flag Online, Supports Eugenics And One World Order, And IS NOT A US CITIZEN

Disturbing Find on US Side of Border, Cartel Involvement Suspected


Video: Illegal Migrants Let Into Texas By Guard Soldier Who Opens Eagle Pass Border Fence Under Orders From Biden Admin

Illegal Alien, Freed Into U.S., Convicted Of Beheading Legal Immigrant Woman Who Changed Name To ‘America’

El Paso Department Of Public Health Warns Of Community Outbreaks Of Chickenpox, TB, Infestations, And STD Due To Influx Of Illegal Aliens

FEDS: Chinese Migrant Charged With Possession Of Child Porn Video Of Preschool-Age Girl

Map Tracks Illegal Aliens Biden Regime Is Strategically Placing Across America… Are They Moving To Your Community?

New York City’s Sanctuary Status To Cost Taxpayers Billions

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Complains That 50% Of City’s Hotel Rooms Now Occupied By Illegal Migrants – Hurting The Economy

Flesh-Eating ‘Zombie Drug’ Ravaging U.S. Due To Additive In Fentanyl Flooding Across Border

Migrant Processing Center In El Paso PACKED With Illegal Aliens – Nearly ALL Are Military Age Males (VIDEO)

Four Illegal Immigrants Sue Two Republican Counties In New York For Banning Hotels From Housing Illegals

Chicago Residents Raise Hell Protesting Illegal Immigrant Wave, While Sanctuary-City Leadership Rolls Out The Welcome Mat [VIDEO]

Veteran Confronts Texas National Guard For Ignoring Gov. Abbott’s Order To Stop Illegal Alien Invasion (VIDEO)

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way: Biden Says ‘US-Mexico Border Will Be Chaotic For A While’

Armed Open Border Law Enforcement – Owen Shroyer Video: Armed Federal Agents Sent To Border To Protect Illegals Entering Country – As Democrats Try To Strip Americans Of Their Second Amendment Rights

Illegal Immigrants Get Free Smartphones Paid For By US Taxpayers – Some Do Not Have Court Dates Until 2035 (VIDEO)

HERE WE GO: Biden Regime Green-Lights Release Of Illegal Aliens Into the United States With “Legally Questionable” Memo – Thousands More Arrive To Storm The Border (VIDEO)

Black Residents Of Chicago’s South Shore Are NOT HAPPY About Plans For A ‘Migrant Respite Center’ In Their Neighborhood (VIDEO)

Video Shows Biden Admin Dumping Migrants On Texas Border City Streets

700,000 to 1,000,000 Are At The Border Waiting For Title 42 To End: Biden Doesn’t Care What Kinds Of Criminals Cross Into U.S.

Waves Of Migrants Flood Border In Texas, Arizona And California As America Braces For Chaos When Biden RELEASES Them Into The U.S. (With No Way Of Tracking Them)

31K Migrants Apprehended At Border In 72 Hours, 7.3K Got-Aways

Migrant Surge Grows To 11K Apprehensions/Got-Aways Per Day for Last 3 Days, Says Border Chief

DHS Prepares To Free Border Crossers Directly Into USA Communities

Biden Prepared To Veto Bill That Would Build More Border Wall And Restrict Migrant Asylum As Crisis Looms

Biden’s Borderless USA:  21K Venezuelan Illegal Alien Migrants In 12 Days Crossed Border Into One Texas Sector

WATCH: Angry El Paso Migrants Harass American Reporters In Tense Exchange
TX Mass Murderer Identified As Mexican National Who Has Been Deported Four Times

ICE: Jailed ‘Wife’ Of East Texas 5x Murder Suspect Also A Deported Migrant

INVASION: Drone Footage Shows Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Cross The Border Into Brownsville, Texas (VIDEO)

Police Officers Warn US Rep. Tony Gonzales, “There Have Been Cases Of Scabies, Measles, COVID, And Bed Bugs” Among Illegal Aliens In El Paso

Uber Eats Driver Murdered By ‘Demonic’ MS-13 Member After Making Delivery To His Home

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: Pregnant North Carolina Woman Loses Unborn Child After Being Shot by Gang Member (VIDEO)

WHERE’S AOC? Democrat Hypocrites Silent As Photos Show Kids In Cages At The Border

Sanctuary City Mayor Demands No More Illegals Be Sent To Her City, Gets Brilliant Response

James Woods Demands Biden Closes The ‘Damned Border Already – For The Love Of God”

Biden Border Crisis Bringing Invasion Of Gang Members And ‘Cartel Affiliates’

As Title 42 Ends, Our Human Trafficking, Illegitimate, Foreign Controlled, & Terrorist DHS Plans To Accommodate Expected Surge Of Illegal Immigration, Rather Than Prevent It

Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Imports 300K Ukrainians To U.S. — Twice The Population Of Charleston, SC

Biden Repeatedly Ignored Warnings About Children As Young As 12 Working In US Factories… Instead, Biden’s Anti-Child Regime Punished Whistleblowers

More CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS Apprehended In Canadian Border Sector In 7 Months Than Last 4 Years Combined

Terrorists Bush, Obama, Clinton Team Up With American Express To Fly Migrants Into American Communities

Biden Administration Claims Credit For Reducing Illegal Migration Even Though The Numbers Actually Went Up

Make Your Voice Heard: Tell Congress To Pass Border Security Legislation

NBC Duped By Adult Border Crosser Who Posed As Migrant Child To Get Into U.S.

Biden Welcomes At Least Five Million Illegal Aliens To U.S., Exceeding Populations Of 28 States

Migrant Apprehensions At Southwest Border Jump 25 Percent In March — 1 Million In Six Months

Biden’s ILLEGAL Border Flood: 180,000 More Migrants In March
Armed Mexican Migrant Convicted In Canadian Border Human Smuggling Case

‘Hemorrhaging Personnel’: Border Patrol Union Chief Warns Of Staffing Crisis As CRIMINALS Flood In From….. Canada

Border County Has 377% Surge In Human Smuggling, 610% Increase In Fentanyl Under Biden

Instead Of Securing The Border, Northern Border Agents Are Grappling With ‘Wave’ Of Illicit Drugs
DHS Chief Mayorkas Unable To Say How Many Americans Have Been Killed By Illegal Aliens Since Biden Took Office

Former ICE Director: Mayorkas ‘Opened The Door’ To Pedophiles, Child Pornography, Forced Labor

Biden’s Secretary Of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Says “Look, The Border Is Secure

Border Patrol Chief Defies Joe Biden: Testifies Border Patrol DOES NOT Have Control Of Border, It Is A “Crisis,” And They Should Finish Trump Wall (VIDEO)

White House Doubles Down On Kamala Harris’ Claim That Border Is ‘Secure
Illegitimate Joe Cuts Deportations Of Illegal Aliens By More Than 90% In U.S. Towns

Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s Border Agenda Is ‘Invasion’

Hundreds Of Billions Sent To Ukraine Could Have Built Seven 450-Mile Border Walls Along U.S.-Mexico Border

Rancher Charged With Killing Illegal Alien Called Border Patrol 30 Times in January, Agents Had Key To Property: Neighbor

More Than 1.2M Fugitive Illegal Aliens Remain Living Across U.S. Despite Having Final Deportation Orders

Whistleblower Says Biden Administration Trafficking Up To 40,000 Children Per Month From Border
Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better’

Biden’s DHS Released Illegal Alien Into U.S. Who Is Now Wanted For Murder

Biden Helps Illegal Alien, Accused Of Killing Teen Girl, Evade Deportation

Illegal MS-13 Gang Member, Accused Of Murdering Kayla Hamilton Was Freed Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Family Of Five Brutally Murdered By Drug Cartel Fugitive In Texas

‘Human Smuggler’ Kills 7-Year-Old Girl, Her Grandmother, 2 Others In Texas Horror Crash: Cops

Twice-Deported Gang Member, Wanted For Murder, Among Biden’s 1.2M Illegal Alien ‘Got-Away’ Population In U.S.

Female Border Patrol Agent Reportedly Has Nose Broken By Illegal Immigrant

Massive Group Of Military-Age Males Storm Port Of Entry In El Paso In Effort To Get Into US (VIDEO)

Migrant Posing As Minor Who Killed Father Of Four That Took Him In Gets 60 Years In Prison

Illegal Alien Gets 10 Years In Prison After 2-Year-Old Son Found Dead In Dumpster

Police Vehicle Hit By Unlicensed Driver While Police Were Investigating Incident By A Different Unlicensed Driver

BIDEN’S AMERICA: 2-Yr-Old Abandoned Boy Found By TX State Police On Border By Himself With One Toy And Disturbing Note Inside His Backpack 

Watch Omar Tell Illegals: ‘You Exemplify The Very Best Of Our Country’

Illegal Rapes 8-Year-Old, Then Forces Girl To Clean Her Blood From His Vehicle

Wanted Accused Illegal Alien Child Rapist Captured Years After Sanctuary County Freed Him

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

Former White House Adviser Says Biden Admin Is Running The ‘Epicenter’ Of Child Trafficking

Biden’s Open Border: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Reenters U.S. After Sexually Assaulting Girl

Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old Disabled Child

PROJECT VERITAS: HHS Whistleblower Says Biden Government Complicit With Child Trafficking At Southern Border

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Who Traveled For Abortion

Illegal Alien Suspect In Kidnapping Of 12-Year-Old Girl Also Faces Capital Murder Charges

Illegal Alien Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Girl Under 12

Nine-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl

Illegal Alien Gets Up To 19 Years In Prison For Strangling Massachusetts School Teacher To Death

Sanctuary State: Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Guilty Of Triple Murder

Ex-Uber Driver Who Murdered Eight People In NYC Was In The U.S. On A Diversity Visa

Video: Migrants Try To Smash Their Way Into Texas Ranch House

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison After Stabbing Queens Woman 55 Times, Stuffing Her In Duffel Bag In Plea Deal

Illegal Alien Accused Of Scamming Palm Beach Residents Out Of $80K By Claiming To Have A Sick Child

Illegal Aliens Linked To South American Theft Ring Accused Of Burglarizing Alabama Jewelry Store

WTH! Three-Time Deported Illegal Alien Arrested Again For Slew Of Crimes Including 21 Sexual Assaults

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Girlfriend, Two Of Her Children, Mother And Daughter Who Lived Next Door

Man Beats Woman For Wearing American Flag Shirt

Illegal Alien Charged With Killing Father Of Two In Texas Hit-And-Run

Report: Afghan Man, Brought To U.S. By Biden, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy

Man Who Beheaded Mother In Front Of Horrified Neighbors Is An Illegal Immigrant With Expired Visa

Ukrainian With Long Criminal Record That Killed 7 Bikers While High On A Mixture Of Drugs Found Not Guilty

“INVASION!” 1,000+ Migrants Storm Texas Port Of Entry

Las Vegas Stabbing Suspect In US Illegally With Criminal Record In California

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering 76-Year-Old Man Outside His Home

Rep. Chip Roy Slams Biden ‘Assault’ On Border: ‘Americans Are Dying, Cartels Are Profiting’

Illegal Aliens Arrested & Released For Allegedly Stealing $12.5K From Macy’s
Biden’s Migrants Are Displacing Americans From Homeless Shelters

Biden’s State Department Teams Up With Multinational Corporations To Funnel Refugees Into American Jobs

Illegitimate Joe’s Labor Market: 1.9M Fewer Americans Working, 2M Foreign Workers Funneled Into U.S. Jobs

Border Chief Welcomes One “Migrant Job-Seeker” For Every 18-Year-Old American

DOJ: Outsourcing Firm For Fortune 500 Companies Hired Foreign H-1B Visa Workers Over Qualified Americans

Healthcare For Illegal Aliens In DHS Custody Costs Taxpayers $324M A Year As Over 30M Americans Go Uninsured

Rep. Troy Nehls: El Paso County Helping Resettle Illegal Aliens Across U.S. Who Are Not Eligible For Asylum

More ILLEGAL ALIEN Headlines

Clinton Campaign Contractor Withheld 1,500 Documents Requested By Durham

J6 Unmasked: Security Footage Shows Pelosi Evacuating Hollywood-Style From Capitol As Daughter Films

Jen Psaki And Ex-FBI Chief James Comey Claim Trump Could Accept Nomination ‘In An Ankle Monitor’ – As They Ignore Durham’s Report Debunking Election Interference

Trump Says The Biden Family Is Being Protected By A Dual System Of Government

Whistleblower Who Was Set To Reveal “Explosive” Information On The Biden Crime Family Before Disappearing Speaks Out In Interview – Is Hiding Out As Fugitive In Undisclosed Foreign Location

DOJ Halted Clinton Foundation ‘Investigation’ As Trump Left Office, Biden’s FBI Destroyed All Evidence

Trump Calls To ‘Purge These Criminals’ In Power, Rails Against Clinton And Biden After Durham Report

Biden Admin’s $40M ‘Anti-Terrorism’ Program Targets Breitbart News, Conservatives

Legal Action Unleashed As Feds Hide Biden Family Business Secrets

IRS Commissioner: DOJ Responsible For Whistleblower Purge From Hunter Biden Tax Probe 

‘Lied Continuously’: Schiff Could Face Millions In Fines For Russiagate Deceit

Second IRS Whistleblower Comes Forward After Purge Of Investigative Team From Hunter Biden Probe

US Senators Are Being Issued Satellite Phones In Preparation For A ‘Disruptive Event’
FBI AGAIN Refuses To Share Document Republicans Say Proves Biden Was Involved In Criminal Bribery Scheme With A Foreign National – 24 Hours After McCarthy Said They Would Hand It Over

FBI Scandals Mount: Conducted Warrantless Searches On More Than A Quarter-Million U.S. Citizens In 12-Month Period

4 Big Moments As House Democrats Attack FBI Whistleblowers

‘THE FBI WILL CRUSH YOU’: Whistleblower Garret O’Boyle Ends Weaponization Hearing With Chilling Statement

Democrat Puppet Blasts GOP Hearing With FBI Whistleblowers, Calls MAGA Republicans Domestic Terrorists

FBI Whistleblower Reveals Shocking Details About The Agency

FBI Obtained Americans Bank Records Without Subpoena: Whistleblowers

FBI Found Guilty Of Covering Up Hillary Clinton’s ‘Sickening’ Crimes: Durham Report

Disturbing Testimony Reveals FBI Collected License Plate Numbers Of Parents Attending School Board Meetings

FBI Whistleblower Details Disgusting Treatment By Agency: ‘Rendered My Family Homeless’

Washington FBI Field Office Confirms Undercover Officers, Confidential Informants, And FBI Assets Were Embedded In The Crowds At The U.S. Capitol On Jan. 6th

WATCH: MTG Announces Articles Of Impeachment Against Biden

At Least 5 Whistle-Blowers Come Forward Against Biden Family

Biden Family Got Payments From Chinese Intel Corps Through Shell Companies

Current CIA Officers Were Actively Recruiting Intel Officials To Sign Bogus Hunter Laptop Letter to Lie To Americans And Tilt Election To Joe Biden (VIDEO)
Durham Report Reveals FBI Shut Down Four Criminal Investigations Into The Clintons

Top 10 Takeaways From Durham Report

Durham Report: Biden Was Briefed On Alleged ‘Clinton Plan’ To Tie Trump To Russia

Durham Report: FBI Should Never Have Begun ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation

Congresswoman Files Resolution To Expel Schiff After Explosive Discoveries In Durham Report

Ron Johnson: Hunter Paid ‘Tens Of Thousands’ For Sex-Trafficked Prostitutes

Grassley And Comer Say They’ve Found Evidence Of Biden Getting PAID OFF For ‘Policy Decisions’

Biden Crime Family Financial Scandal Is “Biggest Foreign Corruption Scandal In American History” That Now Reaches All The Way To The Oval Office (VIDEO)

Republicans Can Prove Blinken Lied Under Oath About Hunter Biden Email, Sen. Johnson Says

Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Controls Entity With 10% Stake In Chinese State-Backed Investment Fund

Sudanese Militants Seize US-Funded BioLab In Khartoum Containing Dangerous Samples Of Measles, Cholera, Other Pathogens

New Jeffrey Epstein Docs Expose Sex Offender’s Close Relationships With World’s Most Powerful Elites

Rapper Found Guilty In Illegal Foreign Influence Scheme To Fund Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign

Prominent Names Found Meeting with Epstein After He Became Convicted Sex Offender

Judge Shoots Down Hunter Biden’s Last-Ditch Effort, President’s Son Now Expected In Arkansas Courtroom

James Comer Says Biden Legal Team Is Intimidating Witnesses; “They Fear For Their Lives”

Congressman Raises Concerns Over Prostitution And Human Trafficking Allegations Involving Biden Family

Biden Family Took Tens Of Millions From Entities Directly Connected To The CCP, China Military, And Ukraine

Democrat Donors And A Chinese Secret Police Station

Former CIA Officer Comes Forward, Explains Why He Didn’t Sign The Infamous Hunter Biden Letter

Ex-Acting CIA Director Reveals He Had 50 Spies Sign A Letter Saying Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Was Russian Disinformation To HELP Joe ‘Win The Presidential Election’

Biden Confronted About U.S. Troops Reportedly Operating In Ukraine Without Congressional Authority

IRS Whistleblower Says Biden Admin Interfering In Hunter Tax Fraud Probe

Marjorie Taylor Greene Drops Bomb On Biden Crime Family – Oversight Committee Has Evidence Of Biden Family Connections To Human Trafficking Of Prostitutes From US, Russia, Ukraine

Comer Says New Financial Records Reveal SIX ADDITIONAL Biden Family Members Involved In Shady Overseas Deals (VIDEO)

Biden’s Bank Records Show Ties To China Energy Company: Evidence Reveals ‘Millions’ Delivered To Family

CHINA COUGHS UP THE DOCUMENTS: Releases Proof Of MILLIONS OF DOLLARS Of Payments From China Firm To Hunter Biden – And They’re Just Getting Started!

Biden Directly Linked To Raid On Trump’s Home In Florida

George Soros’ Son Visited Joe Biden’s White House At Least 17 Times

‘Ridin’ With Biden’: Alex Soros Shares Photo With Puppet President

George Soros: Propaganda Powerhouse

Report: George Soros Funds Global ‘Fact Checking’ Empire

Propaganda Acolytes: 54 Soros-Tied Figures Linked To Major Media

Newly Released Records Show That George Soros Is Even More Influential In American Politics Than You Think

Trump Enters Court And Pleads Not Guilty To Bogus Charges By Soros-Funded DA

George Soros’ Man In The Manhattan DA’s Office: Billionaire Dem Donor Funded Alvin Bragg’s Campaign To The Tune Of $1 Million While He Promised To Put Trump Behind Bars

Why Trump Should Deport George Soros After 2024

Soros-Backed Prosecutor Implodes After Judge Rejects Plea Deal For Alleged Killer

Soros DA Dismissed Michigan State Shooter’s Prior Felony Gun Charge

Propaganda Czar: Soros Bankrolls 253 Groups To Influence Global Media

Pro-Crime Prop Backed By Soros Freed Over 7,000 Pedophiles

‘Soros-Backed’ Texas DA Accused Of Evidence Tampering, Witness Retaliation In Army Sgt. Self-Defense Murder Case

America Is Under Attack By These 469 MSM ‘Journalists’ Funded By George Soros

Big List Of 10 Ways FBI, White House Pushed Big Tech To Censor Americans

Soros-Backed Dark Money Group Dumped Millions Into Democrat-Linked Organizations

Biden’s Non-Binary “Pup Handler” Sam Brinton Charged With Grand Larceny Related To Theft Of Tanzanian Fashion Designer’s Clothes

State Rep. Who Was Expelled From TN Legislature And Later Reinstated Shown Attacking People At 2020 BLM Rally [VIDEO]

Democrats Are Taking In Multi-Millions From Foreigners And No One Seems To Care

Biden Lets Criminals Run Free In D.C.: Declined To Prosecute 67% Of All Arrests

Son Of Radical Florida Democrat Arrested For Threatening To Shoot Up School, Stab Students

Multiple Major Banks Subpoenaed In Biden Crime Family Investigation

Schweizer: ‘Stunning Disconnect With The Mainstream Media’ And Biden Family Chinese Deals

Archives Admits Biden Stored About 1,170 Pages Of Records At Biden Penn Center, Some Under DOJ Review

Joe Biden Family’s Chinese Money Trails

Hunter Biden Associate Arrested, Provided FBI With ‘Damning’ Information Against Biden Family

House Oversight Committee Shows Bidens Received $1 Million After China Wired $3 Million To Biden Associate

New Evidence From National Archives Exposes Joe Biden’s Involvement In Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Business Dealings

9 More Boxes Of Biden Documents Found Inside Boston Law Office
WATCH: De-Transitioned Girl Testifies In Support Of Child Mutilation Ban In Louisiana: “I Exist”

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