Next Week Will Be Explosive…Both Arizona And Georgia 2020 Valid Election Results May Move These States To Trump
GEORGIA NIGHTMARE: Judge in 2020 Election Case Hands Investigation Over To Corrupt SoS Raffensperger – Gives Him 20 Days
REPORT: Arizona Cross-Checked 673,000 Voter Identities with Social Security; 58% Had NO Match!
Election Officials Don’t Know What Happened To 15 Million Mail Ballots In 2020 Election
Democrats In One State Actually Ban Election Audits
RIGGED THAT WAY: Justice Breyer: Trump’s 2020 Election Case Did Not Meet ‘Normal Criteria’ For Supreme Court
PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They Are Going To Decertify This Election!”
Results Of Canvassing In Arizona Released – ELECTION STEAL IS NOW CONFIRMED
Chuck Schumer Unveils Legislation To Make Voter Fraud Legal In The US (VIDEO)

Nancy Pelosi Booed in England: “Whole World Knows TRUMP WON, Nancy!”

New Trump Letter to Raffensperger: “Start the Process of Decertifying the Election”

Yes, The 2020 Election Was Stolen-How Big Tech, Big Media, Lying Democrats, Deep Staters & Vote Fraudsters Cheated Trump And America
Here Is Some Of The Evidence: Crowdsourcing Evidence For Journalists
Over 500 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending In Texas Courts
Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Report On 2020 Foreign Election Interference, Mass Voter Fraud
Mike Lindell: It’s Not Trump 2024, It’s Trump 2021!
Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers Launches Petition To Decertify The 2020 Election

43,000 Absentee Ballot Counted In DeKalb County In 2020 Violated Chain Of Custody Rules
[VIDEO] CA Women Caught Stealing Election Ballots From Apartment Complex
Public Interest Legal Foundation: 82,766 Wisconsin 2020 Mail Ballots ‘Went Missing Or Undeliverable’
“All Hell’s Gonna Break Loose!” Two Voter Organizations Have Video Footage of 240 People Allegedly Dropping Ballots From Filled Backpacks Into Drop Boxes In GA [VIDEO]

Petition To Decertify 2020 Election Nears 1 Million Signatures

Corrupt Obama Judge Orders Lin Wood & Sidney Powell Be Punished For Daring To Sue The State For Election Fraud In The 2020 Election
How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From Donald Trump
Attorneys Who Alleged Election Fraud In Michigan Ordered To Pay Legal Fees By Democrat Judge
In Rare Move, ILLEGITIMATE Judge Sanctions 9 Pro-Trump Lawyers For ‘Frivolous’ Election Fraud Lawsuit In Michigan

Biden Admin Trying To Stop Media From Exposing Border Crisis
Nets Censor EVIDENCE Fauci Lied About Funding Wuhan COVID Experiments
Fortune: Why Satanists May Be The Last Hope To Take Down Texas’s Abortion Bill
Google Relied On A Bogus Report From Abortion Activists To Ban Pro-Life Ads
Doctor Who Treats Actual COVID Patients Every Day Pens Blistering (MUST READ) Letter To Jimmy Kimmel
Biden’s Border Crisis Rages On; TV News Airtime Down 94%
Politico Reveals Full Acceptance Of Social Media Censorship
CNN Host: Time To Start Shaming ‘Stupid’ Unvaccinated People
CNN & UK Guardian Harassing Nicki Minaj’s Family In Trinidad
Doctor On CNN: Americans Who Wish To Have Privileges Need To Get Vaccinated: ‘Having The Right To Travel Interstate, It’s Not A Constitutional Right’ (VIDEO)
Media Increasingly Portray Patriotism As Negative And ‘Right-Wing’ In Decades Since 9/11
Jimmy Kimmel Laughs At Conservatives Dying From COVID: Who Cares, They’re “Right-Wing Nuts”
Mystery Solved: Melania Didn’t Make Fashion News Because The Left Loves Hairy Armpits And Groin Bumps In Dresses Too Much

BIDENVILLE SLUM: Illegal Aliens Now Bathing in River, Washing Clothes as Numbers Swell to 14,000 from 4,000 on Wednesday (VIDEO)
Del Rio Residents Protest Biden–Amid Border Crisis
Democrats Want Taxpayers To Foot The $2.8 Billion Bill For Amnesty Of Millions
While Americans Are Still Stranded In Afghanistan, The Biden Regime Is Fast-Tracking 22K Afghans for Permanent Settlement In South Carolina, Virginia, Missouri, Connecticut
Democrats Maneuver Behind The Scenes To Secure Amnesty Provisions In Biden’s $3.5T Spending Bill
Memo Shows Border Patrol Is Experiencing ‘Critical Shortages’ Of Frontline Workers

Biden Admin Bans Drones Over Del Rio Migrant Camp After Fox News Videos Show Thousands in Outdoor Detention Camp

Large Sections Of The Border Wall Have Been REMOVED & Left WIDE OPEN Along Heavily Trafficked Drug Route In Southern Arizona
ABSOLUTE CATASTROPHE”: Here’s the Open Border Footage Democrats Don’t Want You To See
Gov. Abbott Takes Emergency Action Against Illegal Immigration As Migrant Caravans Are “Overrunning” Texas
Biden Admin To Border Agents: Prepare For The Flood:  1,200 ILLEGAL ALIEN Families Expected To Be Processed Each Day

House Democrats Shot Down GOP Amendment To Bar Amnesty For Illegal Aliens With 10 Or More DUI’s
Illegal Border Crossings Continue Skyrocketing As Dems Push Bill Containing Amnesty Provision
SW Border Apprehensions in August: More Russians, Turks, Indians, Haitians
CDC Warns of ‘Larger Imminent Outbreaks’ of Measles After Six Afghan Refugees Test Positive
Dirty DC Judge Emmett Sullivan Blocks Trump-Era Rule Banning Illegal Alien Families From Crossing US Border

Endless Wars = Endless Refugees: The Last Thing America Needs Is The Compounded Chaos Of 30-Thousand Refugees
Radical Muslim Group Assists With Afghan Resettlement In America
Child Human Trafficking In American Cities Major Concern With Influx Of Afghan Refugees
Any Afghan Migrants Who Reach America or Europe Are Undeportable

Somali ‘Refugee’ Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting Of  Young Mother In Grand Forks, North Dakota
Man Who Beheaded Black Woman Had ICE Retainer, Let Go Repeatedly Despite Vast Criminal Record
Worst Year Ever’ Recorded: 1.8 Million Illegal Immigrants To Cross Border Under Biden
Biden Destroying Black Employment
Border Patrol Warns Morale Has Collapsed Along With Southern Border: ‘Downtrodden, Almost Dead Inside’
Biden Admin Flying Illegal Immigrants To Interior Texas Town, Distributing Them Throughout US
Border Patrol Rescues 2-Year-Old Girl & 3-Month Old Boy Abandoned In The Rio Grande River
HERE WE GO: Dangerous Fungus Resistant To All Drugs and First Found In Asia Is Identified In The US For The First Time

Biden Admin Releases 18K Unaccompanied Migrant “Children” Into U.S. In August
Shock Revelation: Biden Admin Loses Track Of Nearly 5,000 Migrant Children Released Into U.S.
DHS Insider Blows Whistle On Int’l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting ‘Reasonable Fear’ Loophole
Second DHS Whistleblower Claims It’s Impossible To Deny Work Visa Renewals
‘Every Single One Of  These Transnational Criminal Organizations Are Involved In Sex Trafficking’ 
Biden’s Migrants Raped In Panama Jungle

Biden 2019: “I Respect No Borders…And Cannot Be Contained By Walls”
“I’m Working On it, Man! Give Me Another 5 Days” – Joe Biden to Hecklers Demanding He Close Private Prisons, Abolish ICE (VIDEO)
ILLEGITIMATE LIAR China Joe Blames Trump Administration For Current Border Crisis
ILLEGITIMATE LIAR DHS Mayorkas Blames Trump For Biden’s Record 2021 Migration Wave

Criminal Migrants Hide In New Car Transports On South Texas Trains
Video Shows Massive Groups Of Criminal Migrants Attempting To Force Their Way Through Border Gate
Criminal Migrant Got-Aways Jump To 340K This Year
Man Who Beheaded Black Woman Had ICE Retainer, Let Go Repeatedly Despite Vast Criminal Record
10 Criminal Migrants Found in Fake Border Patrol Vehicle In Arizona
1100 Criminal Migrants Apprehended After ‘Breaching Old Barrier,’ Says Border Patrol
Texas Border City Street Commandeered To Hold Invaders


‘1 Down, 9 To Go!’: Invigorated Trump Sets His Sights On RINOs
France Recalls Ambassadors To U.S. And Australia
France Cancels Dinner To Celebrate French-American Relations, Shreds Biden For Stabbing Them In The Back
Trump Reacts To Biden Admin Bombing Innocent Family Instead Of ISIS-K Members
Pelosi Launches Disgusting Attack Overseas Against Trump Supporters, Refers To Them As A “Cult”
New Durham Indictment Exposes Second Leg Of Hillary Clinton’s Russia Collusion Dirty Trick
DeSantis Fires Back At Biden Agency For ‘Huge Disruption’ Caused By ‘Seizing Control Of The Monoclonal Antibody Supply’
WTH! Democratic Michigan Legislator Loses His Committee Assignments After He Tried to Escape From Jail
DEMONIC: FDA Purchased Intact Aborted Baby Heads, Fetal Organs On Ice For Experimentation With Mice

Biden Administration Will Allow Afghan Children To Stay With The Adult They Arrived With In The US – After State Department Warned Men Are Bringing In Child Brides
U.S. Schools Expected To Play Essential Role In Resettling Afghans
WAR CRIME: Pentagon Confirms President Biden Killed Innocent Afghans Including 7 Children In Drone Strike
No Disciplinary Action For Those Responsible For Afghan Drone Strike That Killed 7 Kids
“Several Thousand” U.S. Green Card Holders Are Still In Afghanistan According To Sec Blinken

Members Of Congress & Their Staffers Are EXEMPT From Joe Biden’s Tyrannical Federal Workers Vaccine Mandate
Lara Logan Video: Biden Told OSHA To Hide Info On Vaccine Side Effects
Inventor Of mRNA Vaccine Calls For STOP Of COVID Vaxx!
“I Refuse To Give In To It”…Biden Openly Threatens GOP Governors Who Don’t Obey His Pro-Vaccine Policies
Woke NBA Will Reportedly NOT REQUIRE Players to Get Covid-19 Vaccine; Meanwhile Referees & Staff Are Still Forced To Take The Experimental Jab
Biden ‘Requiring’ Businesses To Abide By His COVID Plan – But, Says ‘Please’ To Sports, Entertainment Industries

Trump Calls Upcoming Rally In DC A ‘Setup’ Designed To Nail GOP; Says ‘Disaster’
Motion Tracker Watchtower Installed Outside Of U.S. Capitol
Watch: The Feds Actually Arrest One Of Their Own At Staged ‘Justice For J6’ Rally
FBI & Journalists Disappointed By Pathetic ‘Justice For Jan. 6’ Rally Turnout At Nation’s Capitol

Millions Of Americans Could Have Died If Joint Chiefs’ Milley Warned The Chinese Of An Attack
The Liberal Media Defend The Indefensible General Milley

Staff Officer Milley Reportedly Ran Coup Against Trump As President

Xiden & His ILLEGITIMATE GOV Gave Taliban A List Of Names Of Americans And Afghan Allies
Biden Turned Down Taliban Offer To Allow US To Control Kabul And The Airport
OFFICIAL: Biden Had “Kill Shot” On Terrorist Who Killed 13 Marines, But Bowed To Taliban Who “Denied Permission To Shoot”
US Contract Working Dogs Abandoned at Kabul Airport After Last Plane Left
Taliban Doing House To House Executions In Kabul–Biden Admin Incompetence Left Biometric Data Behind
Radical Muslim Group Assists With Afghan Resettlement In America
GOP Lawmakers Drop Bombs: Stranded Americans Being Held ‘Hostage’ By Taliban Who ‘Want Something’ In Exchange For Release
Private Citizen Smuggles Mother And Her Three Kids Out Of Afghanistan….Biden Takes The Credit
Taliban Terrorists Execute Pregnant Female Police Officer In Her Home In Front Of Her Family – Use Screwdrivers To Pick Her Brains
Pregnant American Kicked In Stomach By Taliban–Still Stranded In Afghanistan
WATCH: Afghan Refugee Bemoans American Accommodations After Being Saved From Taliban; “Not As Good As We Expected”
Taliban Fighters In US Uniforms Throw Victory Parade Riding In US Military Equipment With US Guns (VIDEO)
Biden’s Pre-Emptive Airstrike On ISIS-K ‘Terrorists’ Actually Killed A Lot Of Kids

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