Kari Lake Takes Maricopa County to Court After Gov’t Buries Evidence In Election Challenge

Key Battleground State Launches ‘Automatic Voter Registration’ Ahead Of 2024

We’ll Have To Defeat Ballot-Tampering In 2024, Too!

Sidney Powell’s Attorney Alleges Brady Violations: DA Fani Willis Withholding Key Evidence

Soros Reveals Plan To Unleash Hell On Trump In 2024 Election

Wayne County, MI Was Never Lawfully Certified For 2020 Election

KNOWiNK Systems Allow Election Staff to Override Election Results

Swing-State Court: Leftists Promoted Illegal Voter-Registration Form

Wisconsin Election Director Doesn’t Even Show Up For Senate Hearing Regarding Her Actions During The 2020 Election

Left Seizes Election Working Training Organization

Alabama Lawmaker Charged With Felony Voter Fraud After Allegedly Voting In District Where He Does Not Live

Explosive Revelation: Fani Willis Linked To Massive Election Fraud And Money Laundering RICO

HUGE! CAUGHT ON VIDEO. .. Brian Kemp Tells GA Voters: “If You Give Anybody A Voting Machine They Can Hack It” (VIDEO)

Ignorant Fani Willis Did The Same Thing That She Claims President Trump Did But In His Case It Is A Crime

Fani Willis Questioned 2020 Election In Facebook Posts: ‘What Ballots Are They Throwing Out?’


“We Did Nothing Wrong. I Did Nothing Wrong. And Everybody Knows It” – President Trump Speaks After Georgia Arrest (VIDEO)

Gabe Sterling Bragged About Hiring ACLU Operatives to Process Absentee Ballots – Paul Sperry Reveals HUNDREDS Were Hired in Fulton County (VIDEO)

Capt. Seth Keshel Explains How The 2020 Election Was Stolen From President Trump In The Midwest States (Video)

Big Tech Has Already Begun To Censor Republican Candidates Ahead Of The 2024 Election

Biden ‘Using The Justice System To Preemptively Steal The 2024 Election’

Former Deputy National Security Advisor Claims FBI, CIA, And DOJ Will Rig 2024 Presidential Election After Successfully Rigging 2016 And 2020 Elections (VIDEO)

HERE’S THE PROOF: The FBI And Attorney General Nessel Hid These From The People Of Michigan – Piles Of Fraudulent-Manufactured Ballot Registrations From The 2020 Election

BOMBSHELL INVESTIGATION Reveals Ann Arbor City Clerk and Ally Of Dishonest MI SOS Jocelyn Benson, Ignored Election Law In 2022 Election In At Least 180 Instances On Election Day

Same FBI That Created BS Whitmer Case Ignore Legitimate Police Report In Michigan

The Muskegon Cover-Up: Gateway Pundit Investigators Visit Registration Fraud Epicenter And Find FBI Has Stalled Investigation And Silenced Officials, No Prosecutions In 3 Years

MI AG Dana Nessel CONFIRMS 8,000 To 10,000 Suspected Fraudulent Registrations Delivered To Muskegon Clerk October 2020, As Noted In MI State Police Report She Buried From Public

Forensic Study Into 2020 Detroit, Michigan Election Finds Up To 34,000 Illegal Ballots – And Additional Warnings From Detroit Clerks That THOUSANDS Of Absentee Paper Was Different Than Normal Ballots

Soros-Funded MI SOS Jocelyn Benson’s Voter Rolls Contain “Over 48,000 NON-LEGAL Voter registrations At Trailer Parks And Apartment Housing Addresses”


Democrat Plan To Steal 2024 Election

MUST WATCH: Pres. Trump Amplifies Dr. Jan Halper-Hayes’ Claims In Truth Social Post – Suggests Space Force Has Evidence Of 2020 Election Fraud: “Trump Knew iI He Presented Any Of The Goods Early On, We’d Have A CIVIL WAR”

 Nationwide Cellular Network Connects Election Equipment & Gives Federal Government Access To Election Systems At The Precinct Level

READ IT FOR YOURSELF! Massive Evidence Of Election Failures Posted Online

‘Total Loss Of Control’: American Vote System Data Compromised By China

Most Americans Support Election Integrity Policies That Democrats Oppose In Court

Obama-Appointed Judge Blocks Florida’s Election Law Banning Non-Citizens From Collecting Voter Registration Forms

The FBI’s Shocking Betrayal Of True The Vote

True The Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht Responds To GA Charges And Media Smears – With Hard Evidence!

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New Data Reveals That 93 Percent Of Illegal Aliens Apprehended By Border Patrol Have Been Released Into The U.S.

Peruvian Illegal Alien Who Came In Through Eagle Pass, Released Into US By Biden, Regime Brutally Murders American In Houston

Trump Vows To  Invoke 1798 Law To Handle Illegals As Part Of ‘Largest Deportation Operation
In US History


Biden’s Illegitimate DHS Plans Massive Migrant Releases In TX

Here We Go Again: Thousands Of Illegals Gather Under Texas Bridge As Eagle Pass “Under Siege”

Governor Greg Abbott Officially Declares INVASION at Southern Border by the Mexican Drug Cartels

Millions Of Criminals And Military-Aged Men Are Illegally Entering Your Country

Biden Protects 472,000 Venezuelan Illegals From Deportation

Senate Republicans Demand Immediate Changes To Biden Border Policies

El Paso Shelter Official: Surge In Migrants Is ‘A Warning’ — We Had A Shelter At 140% Capacity

Liberal Massachusetts Town On Cape Cod Protests When State Settles Illegal Immigrants In Motel

WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Massive Group Of Illegal Aliens Marching Into Arizona

63K Migrants Apprehended In First 10 Days Of Sept — Up 10 Percent From Aug

HORROR: Illegal Alien From Haiti Freed Into US By Open Borders Biden Charged With Killing 11-Year-Old Aiden Clark

Illegal Alien Arrested For Alleged Rape, Murder Of 11-Year-Old Texas Girl After Nationwide Manhunt

Former ICE Official: Illegal Alien Accused Of Abducting, Raping Missing Teen

Biden Regime Actually Enabling And Promoting Child Sex Trafficking In America

Illegal Alien Who Publicly Beheaded Girlfriend In Minnesota Found ‘Not Guilty’ Due To Mental Illness

Human Smuggler Fires On Border Patrol Agents In California

Biden Regime Actually Enabling And Promoting Child Sex Trafficking In America

The Biden Administration’s Brazen, Pro-Pedophile Agenda

Karine Jean-Pierre (D): Joe Biden “Has Done More To Secure The Border” Than Anybody Else

Biden Asks Congress For Billions To Expand Illegal Migration

Illegitimate  Joe Wants To Build Housing For Illegal Immigrants At The Border

NY Governor Announces Jobs Program For Illegal Aliens As 380K New Yorkers Are Unemployed

St. Louis Man Who Was Arrested For Kidnapping, Sexually Assaulting 6-Year Old Boy On A Bike And Attempting To Rape Second Boy Is Afghan Refugee

Tennessee Soccer Coach Arrested For Drugging And Raping Multiple Children Is An Illegal Immigrant, Police Confirm

Detective: Illegal Alien’s Cellphone Included ‘Several Videos’ Of Himself Raping Young Boys’

2nd Migrant Busted Near Border With Child Porn In Two Days, Say Texas Cops

‘It Was So Easy To Get Into The US’: Migrants Waltz Through Border Gates Welded Open By Biden Administration

Not Making Headlines: 90% of US Jobs Created In June Were To Foreign Born Workers – Including Illegals (VIDEO)

Illegitimate Joe Oversees Record Border Crossers In U.S. With Unresolved Asylum Claims, Outpacing Populations Of 11 States

Illegal Migrants Getting Immigration Court Dates In 2032

Sanctuary State NY: Illegal Alien Accused Of Murdering 28-Year-Old Man

Welcome To America: In First Two Months in NYC, Illegal Arrested at Least 6 Times for 14 Crimes

New York Reform Laws Allow Illegal To Brutally Rape Woman

Illegal Alien Sent To Western New York By Dem Mayor Eric Adams Charged With Sexually Assaulting Woman

Sanctuary State New York: Second Migrant Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Woman In Hotel Room

Report: Migrants Attack Two New Yorkers After Throwing Objects At Pedestrians

Biden Admin Cancels Online Warnings About Child Sex Trafficking

Biden’s DOJ Eliminates Language On Child Sex Trafficking From Government Website And Child Victims Of Prostitution – After Losing Track Of 85,000 Migrant Children

Biden To End DNA Testing That Was Used To Prevent Child Trafficking

Illegal Alien, Charged With Raping Teen Girl, Released Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

Illegal Immigrant Kids With Tuberculosis Infections Released Into 44 States

Whistleblower Says Biden Administration Trafficking Up To 40,000 Children Per Month From Border

Former ICE Director: Mayorkas ‘Opened The Door’ To Pedophiles, Child Pornography, Forced Labor

Ten “Migrant” Children Found Abandoned In 115-Degree Heat Near Border In Texas

Illegal Alien, Protected By Virginia Sanctuary County, Accused Of Attempting To Kidnap 4-Year-Old Girl

Wanted Accused Illegal Alien Child Rapist Captured Years After Sanctuary County Freed Him

Former White House Adviser Says Biden Admin Is Running The ‘Epicenter’ Of Child Trafficking

Biden’s Open Border: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Reenters U.S. After Sexually Assaulting Girl

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

Illegal Rapes 8-Year-Old, Then Forces Girl To Clean Her Blood From His Vehicle

Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old Disabled Child

Illegal Alien Gets Life In Prison (Could Get Out In 20 Years) For Raping, Impregnating 10-Year-Old Girl

PROJECT VERITAS: HHS Whistleblower Says Biden Government Complicit With Child Trafficking At Southern Border

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Who Traveled For Abortion

Illegal Alien Suspect In Kidnapping Of 12-Year-Old Girl Also Faces Capital Murder Charges

Illegal Alien Accused Of Sexually Assaulting Girl Under 12

Nine-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl
Wanted Killers Among Nonstop Millions Illegal Aliens Freed Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: Pregnant North Carolina Woman Loses Unborn Child After Being Shot By Gang Member (VIDEO)

Watch–Angel Mom Tells Congress: My Daughter Is Dead Due To Open Borders

Biden Helps Illegal Alien, Accused Of Killing Teen Girl, Evade Deportation

Syrian Refugee Who Killed 23-Year-Old Fargo Officer Came To U.S. Under Obama, Planned Mass Shooting

28-Year-Old Illegal Arrested For Allegedly Posing As High School Student For A Year

Angel Sons Of Sgt. Michael Kunovich Remember ‘Kind, Generous’ Father Who Died At Hands Of Illegal Alien

Five Illegal Aliens Charged With Murdering 15-Year-Old Boy In Maryland

RFK Jr: Border Hospitals Packed With Pregnant Migrants, Forcing American Women To Delay Deliveries

Biden Repeatedly Ignored Warnings About Children As Young As 12 Working In US Factories… Instead, Biden’s Anti-Child Regime Punished Whistleblowers

President Trump: “On Day One Of My New Term In Office — I Will Sign An Executive Order Ending Automatic Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Aliens” (Video)

FEDS: Chinese Migrant Charged With Possession Of Child Porn Video Of Preschool-Age Girl

Foreign-Born Workers In American Jobs Hit Record High

Biden Admin Increases Number Of Immigrants Allowed To Enter US Using Mobile App

Black Chicago Residents Slam City Officials Over $51 Million Funding For Migrants

Senate Democrats Propose More Funding And Work Permits For Illegal Aliens

Biden’s Labor Market: Foreigners Taking U.S. Jobs Hits Highest Level As Employment Of Americans Declines

Big Tech Corporations Continue Hiring Foreign H-1B Visa Workers After Mass Layoffs Of Americans

New Democrat Amnesty Bill Seeks To Flood Americans’ White-Collar Labor Market

Border Patrol Union President Blasts Biden Administration For Ending Familial DNA Testing At Border

Update On Alleged “White Supremacist” Who Crashed U-Haul Into White House Barrier: Sai Kandula Bought His Nazi Flag Online, Supports Eugenics And One World Order, And IS NOT A US CITIZEN

Video: Illegal Migrants Let Into Texas By Guard Soldier Who Opens Eagle Pass Border Fence Under Orders From Biden Admin

Biden’s DOJ Sides With Mexico And Mass Illegal Migration Against Texas And Border Security

Illegal Alien, Freed Into U.S., Convicted Of Beheading Legal Immigrant Woman Who Changed Name To ‘America’

El Paso Department Of Public Health Warns Of Community Outbreaks Of Chickenpox, TB, Infestations, And STD Due To Influx Of Illegal Aliens

Map Tracks Illegal Aliens Biden Regime Is Strategically Placing Across America… Are They Moving To Your Community?

New York City’s Sanctuary Status To Cost Taxpayers Billions

NYC Mayor Eric Adams Complains That 50% Of City’s Hotel Rooms Now Occupied By Illegal Migrants – Hurting The Economy

Migrant Processing Center In El Paso PACKED With Illegal Aliens – Nearly ALL Are Military Age Males (VIDEO)

Four Illegal Immigrants Sue Two Republican Counties In New York For Banning Hotels From Housing Illegals

Chicago Residents Raise Hell Protesting Illegal Immigrant Wave, While Sanctuary-City Leadership Rolls Out The Welcome Mat [VIDEO

Armed Open Border Law Enforcement – Owen Shroyer Video: Armed Federal Agents Sent To Border To Protect Illegals Entering Country – As Democrats Try To Strip Americans Of Their Second Amendment Rights

Illegal Immigrants Get Free Smartphones Paid For By US Taxpayers – Some Do Not Have Court Dates Until 2035 (VIDEO)

HERE WE GO: Biden Regime Green-Lights Release Of Illegal Aliens Into the United States With “Legally Questionable” Memo – Thousands More Arrive To Storm The Border (VIDEO)

Black Residents Of Chicago’s South Shore Are NOT HAPPY About Plans For A ‘Migrant Respite Center’ In Their Neighborhood (VIDEO)

31K Migrants Apprehended At Border In 72 Hours, 7.3K Got-Aways

Migrant Surge Grows To 11K Apprehensions/Got-Aways Per Day for Last 3 Days, Says Border Chief

DHS Prepares To Free Border Crossers Directly Into USA Communities

Biden Prepared To Veto Bill That Would Build More Border Wall And Restrict Migrant Asylum As Crisis Looms

WATCH: Angry El Paso Migrants Harass American Reporters In Tense Exchange

Biden’s Borderless USA:  21K Venezuelan Illegal Alien Migrants In 12 Days Crossed Border Into One Texas Sector

Video Shows Biden Admin Dumping Migrants On Texas Border City StreetsTX Mass Murderer Identified As Mexican National Who Has Been Deported Four Times

ICE: Jailed ‘Wife’ Of East Texas 5x Murder Suspect Also A Deported Migrant

INVASION: Drone Footage Shows Hundreds Of Illegal Aliens Cross The Border Into Brownsville, Texas (VIDEO)

Police Officers Warn US Rep. Tony Gonzales, “There Have Been Cases Of Scabies, Measles, COVID, And Bed Bugs” Among Illegal Aliens In El Paso

Uber Eats Driver Murdered By ‘Demonic’ MS-13 Member After Making Delivery To His Home

Biden Border Crisis Bringing Invasion Of Gang Members And ‘Cartel Affiliates’

As Title 42 Ends, Our Human Trafficking, Illegitimate, Foreign Controlled, & Terrorist DHS Plans To Accommodate Expected Surge Of Illegal Immigration, Rather Than Prevent It

Joe Biden’s Parole Pipeline Imports 300K Ukrainians To U.S. — Twice The Population Of Charleston, SC

More CRIMINAL ILLEGAL ALIENS Apprehended In Canadian Border Sector In 7 Months Than Last 4 Years Combined

Terrorists Bush, Obama, Clinton Team Up With American Express To Fly Migrants Into American Communities

Biden Administration Claims Credit For Reducing Illegal Migration Even Though The Numbers Actually Went Up

NBC Duped By Adult Border Crosser Who Posed As Migrant Child To Get Into U.S.

Armed Mexican Migrant Convicted In Canadian Border Human Smuggling Case

‘Hemorrhaging Personnel’: Border Patrol Union Chief Warns Of Staffing Crisis As CRIMINALS Flood In From….. Canada

Border County Has 377% Surge In Human Smuggling, 610% Increase In Fentanyl Under Biden
DHS Chief Mayorkas Unable To Say How Many Americans Have Been Killed By Illegal Aliens Since Biden Took Office

Biden’s Secretary Of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Says “Look, The Border Is Secure

Border Patrol Chief Defies Joe Biden: Testifies Border Patrol DOES NOT Have Control Of Border, It Is A “Crisis,” And They Should Finish Trump Wall (VIDEO)

White House Doubles Down On Kamala Harris’ Claim That Border Is ‘Secure
Illegitimate Joe Cuts Deportations Of Illegal Aliens By More Than 90% In U.S. Towns

WATCH: Border Patrol Agents Cut Texas Border Barrier, Let Migrants Enter U.S.

Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s Border Agenda Is ‘Invasion’

Hundreds Of Billions Sent To Ukraine Could Have Built Seven 450-Mile Border Walls Along U.S.-Mexico Border

More Than 1.2M Fugitive Illegal Aliens Remain Living Across U.S. Despite Having Final Deportation Orders

Official Says Biden’s CBP One Program Benefits Drug Cartels
Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better’

Biden’s DHS Released Illegal Alien Into U.S. Who Is Now Wanted For Murder

Illegal MS-13 Gang Member, Accused Of Murdering Kayla Hamilton Was Freed Into U.S. By Biden’s DHS

Rancher Charged With Killing Illegal Alien Called Border Patrol 30 Times in January, Agents Had Key To Property: Neighbor

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Family Of Five Brutally Murdered By Drug Cartel Fugitive In Texas

‘Human Smuggler’ Kills 7-Year-Old Girl, Her Grandmother, 2 Others In Texas Horror Crash: Cops

Twice-Deported Gang Member, Wanted For Murder, Among Biden’s 1.2M Illegal Alien ‘Got-Away’ Population In U.S.

Female Border Patrol Agent Reportedly Has Nose Broken By Illegal Immigrant

Massive Group Of Military-Age Males Storm Port Of Entry In El Paso In Effort To Get Into US (VIDEO)

Migrant Posing As Minor Who Killed Father Of Four That Took Him In Gets 60 Years In Prison

Illegal Alien Gets 10 Years In Prison After 2-Year-Old Son Found Dead In Dumpster

Police Vehicle Hit By Unlicensed Driver While Police Were Investigating Incident By A Different Unlicensed Driver

BIDEN’S AMERICA: 2-Yr-Old Abandoned Boy Found By TX State Police On Border By Himself With One Toy And Disturbing Note Inside His Backpack

Watch Omar Tell Illegals: ‘You Exemplify The Very Best Of Our Country’

Illegal Alien Gets Up To 19 Years In Prison For Strangling Massachusetts School Teacher To Death

Sanctuary State: Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Guilty Of Triple Murder

Ex-Uber Driver Who Murdered Eight People In NYC Was In The U.S. On A Diversity Visa

Video: Migrants Try To Smash Their Way Into Texas Ranch House

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison After Stabbing Queens Woman 55 Times, Stuffing Her In Duffel Bag In Plea Deal

Illegal Alien Accused Of Scamming Palm Beach Residents Out Of $80K By Claiming To Have A Sick Child

Illegal Aliens Linked To South American Theft Ring Accused Of Burglarizing Alabama Jewelry Store

WTH! Three-Time Deported Illegal Alien Arrested Again For Slew Of Crimes Including 21 Sexual Assaults

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Girlfriend, Two Of Her Children, Mother And Daughter Who Lived Next Door

Man Beats Woman For Wearing American Flag Shirt

Illegal Alien Charged With Killing Father Of Two In Texas Hit-And-Run

Report: Afghan Man, Brought To U.S. By Biden, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy

Man Who Beheaded Mother In Front Of Horrified Neighbors Is An Illegal Immigrant With Expired Visa

Ukrainian With Long Criminal Record That Killed 7 Bikers While High On A Mixture Of Drugs Found Not Guilty

Honduran Migrants Kill, Try To Eat Bald Eagle

Three New York ‘Teens’ Arrested For Killing Beloved ‘Faye’ the Swan – And Then Eating Her!

More ILLEGAL ALIEN Headlines

Third IRS Agent Says Joe Biden’s DOJ Blocked David Weiss From Charging Hunter

“Pay Attention!” – Rep. Troy Nehls Forces AG Garland To Watch ‘Son Of A B*tch’ Video Of Joe Biden Bragging About Threatening Ukraine To Fire Viktor Shokin (VIDEO)

Judicial Watch Obtains Photos And Documents Of Chinese-Owned Lab In California

Here Come The Whistleblowers! Former Capitol Police Chief Says Pelosi Story Is A Lie!

Latest Chapter In Series On Biden’s Monumental Lies Hits Internet

Hunter Biden Sues IRS In Lawsuit Blaming ‘Whistleblowers’ For Exposing His Tax Fraud

Former Ukraine Prosecutor Says He Was Fired Under The Obama Admin For Investigating Burisma

NEW: Hunter’s Suspicious Foreign Trips With Then-VP Biden Exposed

BOMBSHELL: Joe Biden Discovered Using Pseudonym “Robert L. Peters” For Alleged Business Dealings, Bribery

As Hunter Biden Struggled With Burisma Fallout, His Father Moved To Fire Prosecutor Probing Firm

Foreign Oligarchs Moved Millions To Biden-Tied Firms Before Meeting Joe Biden, Investigators Say

Kazakh Tycoon Linked To Chechen Warlord Who Called For Jihad On America Bought Hunter A Sports Car After Dining With Joe Biden

Devon Archer Testifies Joe Biden Met With Moscow Mayor’s Wife In Georgetown – Who Wired $3.5 Million To Hunter – And Then Joe Biden Kept Her Off Sanctions List

Hunter Put Joe Biden On Phone With Business Associates ‘2 Dozen Times’

REPORT: Hunter Biden Art Buyer Is A Democrat Megadonor Who Received Prestigious Appointment From The President

Archives Admits Biden Stored About 1,170 Pages Of Records At Biden Penn Center, Some Under DOJ Review

9 More Boxes Of Biden Documents Found Inside Boston Law Office

Ron Johnson: Hunter Paid ‘Tens Of Thousands’ For Sex-Trafficked Prostitutes

Grassley And Comer Say They’ve Found Evidence Of Biden Getting PAID OFF For ‘Policy Decisions’

Biden Crime Family Financial Scandal Is “Biggest Foreign Corruption Scandal In American History” That Now Reaches All The Way To The Oval Office (VIDEO)

Senate Report: Biden Business Received $5.1M Within 10 Days Of Hunter Biden’s WhatsApp Text While ‘Sitting’ Next To Dad

Business Expense: Hunter Biden Deducted Payments To High-End Prostitutes And Sex Clubs From His Taxes

Whistleblowers: Biden’s DOJ Stopped Prosecutors From Going After Hunter

At Least 5 Whistle-Blowers Come Forward Against Biden Family

Biden DOJ Indicts Whistleblower Gal Luft Days After He Releases Video Detailing Criminal Allegations Against Biden Crime Family

New Evidence From National Archives Exposes Joe Biden’s Involvement In Hunter Biden’s Corrupt Business Dealings

Grassley Unveils Document Outlining Biden Bribery Schemes

House Oversight Committee Releases Official Timeline Of Biden Influence Peddling


Watch: IRS Whistleblowers Testify On Biden Criminal Investigation

IRS Commissioner: DOJ Responsible For Whistleblower Purge From Hunter Biden Tax Probe 

Second IRS Whistleblower Comes Forward After Purge Of Investigative Team From Hunter Biden Probe

Hunter Biden’s Lawyer Controls Entity With 10% Stake In Chinese State-Backed Investment Fund

Hunter Biden Demanded Payment From Chinese Businessman Henry Zhao: ‘I Am Sitting Here With My Father

Joe Biden Family’s Chinese Money Trails

Biden Family Got Payments From Chinese Intel Corps Through Shell Companies
Durham Report Reveals FBI Shut Down Four Criminal Investigations Into The Clintons

Top 10 Takeaways From Durham Report

Durham Report: Biden Was Briefed On Alleged ‘Clinton Plan’ To Tie Trump To Russia

Durham Report: FBI Should Never Have Begun ‘Russia Collusion’ Investigation

Congresswoman Files Resolution To Expel Schiff After Explosive Discoveries In Durham Report
NBC Notices Border Crisis As Nets Scramble To Insist Biden Is In Control, ‘Taking Action’

ABC, CBS, NBC Scold House GOP For Holding Up More Ukraine Aid

Rupert Murdoch Steps Down As Chairman Of Fox, News Corp

George Soros Getting His Claws Wrapped Around Local News Media In Swing State

‘ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE’: Video Montage Compares Media Lies On Trump-Russia Hoax With Current Defenses Of Biden Family

ABC & NBC Cry: ‘GOP On The Attack’ Against Biden AG Merrick Garland

WRONG! CNN Reporter Claims Hunter Biden ‘Has Struggled’ To Sell His Crappy Paintings

Shock: ABC Rediscovers Border Crisis, CBS Unearths Cartel Gun-Running Scheme