“F**k The USA!” – Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath To Being Former Skinhead, Heroin Addict – Lied In Denver Post Screed (VIDEO)
Three Detroit Women Charged With Voter Fraud In The 2020 Election
Research Shows 2020 Election ‘Bought By Mark Zuckerberg’: Money Given To City And County Officials ‘Significantly Increased Joe Biden’s
Ga. Election Workers Caught Shredding Voter Registration Applications
A British Journalist Calls Biden’s Election Victory ‘Rigged’
Wendy Rogers: 21 Additional Legislators Sign Letter Calling For 50 State Audit For A Total Of 113 Signers

Democrat Party Files Lawsuit To Ensure They Can Steal All Future Pennsylvania Elections Through Mail-In Voting
Universal Mail-In Voting Has Already Become Permanent In Eight States
Democrats In One State Actually Ban Election Audits
RIGGED THAT WAY: Justice Breyer: Trump’s 2020 Election Case Did Not Meet ‘Normal Criteria’ For Supreme Court
Over 500 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending In Texas Courts

Election Fraud Has Become Law In California
92 Legislators From Multiple States Write A Letter To The American People Calling For aA 50-State Audit,,,Decertify The Elections Where Necessary
Pattern Identified In Arizona Audit Mirrors Michigan Scandal Revealed In DetroitLeaks Tapes On Provisional Ballots
AZ Secretary Of State Candidate Calls For Pima County Audit
#AuditTheVoteNJ Process Serves 19 State Officials Requesting Forensic Audit of the 2020 Election

Fulton County, GA GOP Holds Shocking Fundraiser For Democrat Atlanta Mayoral Candidate
VoterGA Uncovers That More People Were Registered In Fulton County, Georgia In The 2020 Election Than Were Eligible To Vote
Georgia Sec Of State Raffensperger Missing Chain Of Custody Docs For 6,995 Absentee Ballots, Report
REPORT: GA GOP Covered Up Massive Election Fraud
“All Hell’s Gonna Break Loose!” Two Voter Organizations Have Video Footage of 240 People Allegedly Dropping Ballots From Filled Backpacks Into Drop Boxes In GA [VIDEO]

BREAKING: Over 284,000 Ballots, Or 1 Out Of Every 10th Maricopa County Ballot, Lacked Evidence That It Was The Original Ballot Received
Nearly 700,000 Maricopa County Ballots Identified With Issues From The Audit
Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich Sends Letter To Maricopa County – FIRST REQUEST: Preservation Of Evidence/Litigation Hold
Arizona State Rep. Mark Finchem Calls For The 2020 Election Results To Be Decertified Based On The Plethora Of Evidence Identified In The Senate’s Audit

Maricopa County Officials Admit Under Oath that They Deleted 2020 Election Data

“We Did Find Large-Scale Fraud”– AZ GOP Chair Calls For Full Canvas
WOW: Matt DePerno Exposes Audit Report Was Watered Down–Report Writers Were Threatened
Arizona Audit Reveals Pre-Meditated Fraud On Ballot Envelopes
NOT MAKING HEADLINES: AZ Audit Could Not Find the Identity of 86,391 Voters – They Don’t Appear to Exist and 73.8% Are Democrat or No Party Affiliation
Over 17,000 Duplicate Votes Were Found In Maricopa County
“Maricopa County Fraudulently “Verified and Approved” Mail-In Ballots

Receipts For The Deletes: Maricopa Deleted 85,673 Files (Including Ballots) Between 10/28 And 11/05
They’re On the Other Side: GOP Totally Ignores AZ Forensic Audit That Found State Of Arizona NEVER Should Have Been Certified
RINO Arizona Governor Says No To Decertifying AZ Election
“Arizona Must Immediately Decertify”–Trump Calls For Arizona To Decertify Election
REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ – THE LIST: 70,000 Duplicated, Fraudulent, Illegal Or Ghost Ballots (7 Times Biden’s Margin Of Victory)
REPORT: Arizona Cross-Checked 673,000 Voter Identities With Social Security; 58% Had NO Match!

Election Officials Don’t Know What Happened To 15 Million Mail Ballots In 2020 Election
Here Is Some Of The Evidence: Crowdsourcing Evidence For Journalists
Mesa County, CO Clerk Submits New Report Claiming Massive Amount Of Election Data Was “Deleted” And “Destroyed” By Democrat SOS’s Office And Dominion Vendor
Grassroots Group Uncovers 23,000 Votes with Same Phone Number and 8,000 Voters Registered in 1918 All In One County In Wisconsin
They Got Caught! 24 Criminal Operatives Caught On Video Stuffing Dropbox With 1,900 Ballots In 3 Days (VIDEO)
Dem Wants Non-Citizens To Vote In NYC Elections: ‘If People Have A Problem, They Should Move’
PRESIDENT TRUMP: “They Are Going To Decertify This Election!”
Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Report On 2020 Foreign Election Interference, Mass Voter Fraud

43,000 Absentee Ballot Counted In DeKalb County In 2020 Violated Chain Of Custody Rules
Public Interest Legal Foundation: 82,766 Wisconsin 2020 Mail Ballots ‘Went Missing Or Undeliverable’

Democrats’ Reconciliation Bill Includes Free Community College Tuition For Illegal Immigrants
Texas Law Enforcement Officers Speak About Border Crisis
DHS Cancels Border Wall Contracts With CBP Laredo, Rio Grande Valley Sectors
Joe Biden Flying 1K Afghans To U.S. Every Day Until German Base Emptied
Tens Of Thousands Of Afghan Refugees Set To Be Released In The US Without Set Immigration Status

Biden lets $100 million in border-wall construction material rust

President Trump At Georgia Rally: “This Is An Invasion”
Biden 2019: “I Respect No Borders…And Cannot Be Contained By Walls”
Biden Admin To Border Agents: Prepare For The Flood:  1,200 ILLEGAL ALIEN Families Expected To Be Processed Each Day
Cruz: Biden’s Policies Responsible For 430,000 Percent Increase In Catch-And-Release At Border
Illegitimate & Lying DHS Chief: Being In The U.S. Illegally Isn’t Enough To Earn Deportation
Biden Appoints Sanctuary City Supporter To Prosecute Illegal Aliens
Biden’s Border Crisis Pops Off: Cartel Fires Machine Gun Over Border Patrol Tower After Days of Threats Against Agents by Armed Gangs in Tac Vests; “We Should Just Shoot You Soldiers” – (Video)

Democrats’ Amnesty Hail Mary: Halt Deportations By Paroling Illegal Aliens
Worst Year Ever’ Recorded: 1.8 Million Illegal Immigrants To Cross Border Under Biden
Biden Admin Trying To Stop Media From Exposing Border Crisis
Border Patrol Warns Morale Has Collapsed Along With Southern Border: ‘Downtrodden, Almost Dead Inside’
Biden Admin Releases 18K Unaccompanied Migrant “Children” Into U.S. In August
Shock Revelation: Biden Admin Loses Track Of Nearly 5,000 Migrant Children Released Into U.S.

Panama: We Warned Biden About Haitian Migrant Crisis, 60,000 More Coming

Watch Omar Tell Illegals: ‘You Exemplify The Very Best Of Our Country’
Man Who Allegedly Beheaded Woman Had ICE Retainer, Let Go Repeatedly Despite Vast Criminal Record
Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Woman Who Reported Him For Abuse
‘NOT SENDING THEIR BEST’… Illegal Mexican Teen Busted For Setting Wildfires In California
Somali ‘Refugee’ Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting Of  Young Mother In Grand Forks, North Dakota
DHS Secretary: ‘We Do Not Condone, We Do Not Tolerate Any Mistreatment Of Any Migrant’
“Enough Talking, It’s Time To Act”–Mexico President Calls Out Biden Admin Over Border Crisis

House Democrats Shot Down GOP Amendment To Bar Amnesty For Illegal Aliens With 10 Or More DUI’s
Haitian Criminal Migrants Being Released All Over US
Criminal Migrants Hide In New Car Transports On South Texas Trains
Video Shows Massive Groups Of Criminal Migrants Attempting To Force Their Way Through Border Gate
Criminal Migrant Got-Aways Jump To 340K This Year

DHS Insider Blows Whistle On Int’l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting ‘Reasonable Fear’ Loophole
Second DHS Whistleblower Claims It’s Impossible To Deny Work Visa Renewals
Memo Shows Border Patrol Is Experiencing ‘Critical Shortages’ Of Frontline Workers
“ABSOLUTE CATASTROPHE”: Here’s The Open Border Footage Democrats Don’t Want You To See

Sinking Ship: Nets Avoid Kamala Hiring Child Actors To Pose With Her In Space Video
Google & YouTube Will Now Censor Content That Challenges the Climate Change Consensus
They’re Afraid: CNN Publishes Article Saying Trump’s Iowa Rally WasTthe ‘Most Alarming Yet’
NYT Forced To Fix Claim 900,000 Kids Have Been Hospitalized with COVID
Facebook Using Incorrect AP ‘Fact-Check’ To Censor Posts: Report

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‘Let’s Go Brandon’: Anti-Biden Chants Go Global
‘More Painful Than 9/11’: Al-Qaida Threatens New Attack On U.S.
Navy Engineer Arrested For Allegedly Handing Over Nuclear Secrets Had A BLM Sign In His Yard
Feds To Release “Non-Toxic” Gas Into NYC Subway System To Test Biological & Chemical Attack Readiness

VP Kamala Harris Starred In NASA Space Video With Child ACTORS Who Had To Audition For The Part Despite Being Presented As Normal Kids
Psaki Says The Quiet Part Out Loud: ‘Biden Wants To Make Fundamental Change In Our Economy And He Feels Coming Out Of the Pandemic Is The Time To Do That’
Lying Psaki Claims “Little Hubbub” With Southwest Airlines Had Nothing To Do With Biden’s Vaccine Mandates
Lock Her Up: Yellen Supports Biden’s Plan To ‘Force Banks’ To Report Every Transaction You Make ‘Over $600’ To The IRS
INVESTIGATION: Here’s How Nancy Pelosi Got So Rich Off Of A Government Salary [Video]
The Bathroom Harassment Of Sen. Sinema Was Funded By Leftist Billionaires

Watch: Ex-Director of National Intelligence Sounds Alarm on Biden Policy: ‘This Makes Very Little Sense’
Women Lost 26,000 Jobs In September Thanks To Joe Biden
LOL: Psaki Claims Biden Is More Popular Than ‘Any Former Recent President
We All Know Biden Is Not in Charge; So, Who Is Really Running the Country? The Answer Is Obvious
Hawley: Biden DOJ Using FBI To Intimidate I Harass Parents ‘Unprecedented’
Back From Kabul, Trey Yingst Reports: “There Are THOUSANDS of Green Card Holders On The Ground In Afghanistan – Some Of These People Will Die” (VIDEO)

President Trump At Iowa Rally: We’re Going To Take America Back
Greatest American Come Back: Gaetz Will Nominate Donald Trump For Speaker Of The House In 2022
“Hillary Conceded, I Never Conceded”–Crowd Roars As Trump Says He Never Conceded

 35 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Mayor Lightfoot’s Chicago
Homicides Up 29.4%, Cities Continue With Police Reform
Mass Shooting In MN City Where $1.1 Million In Police Funds Were Shifted To Fund Health Department’s “Violence Interrupters” Leaves 15 Shot…One 20-Yr-Old Woman Dead

Fauci, HHS Officials Discuss Using New Virus From China To Enforce Universal Vaccines In Footage From Oct. 2019
Dr. Michael Yeadon States Most COVID-19 Deaths Directly Attributed To Remdesivir or Midazolam
Southwest Cancels 1,800 Flights Days After Pilots Fight Vaccine Mandates
Iceland Suspends Moderna Covid Vaccine Over Heart-Inflammation Fears
Sen. Ron Johnson: There is NO FDA Approved COVID Vaccine In The U.S.
Members Of Congress & Their Staffers Are EXEMPT From Joe Biden’s Tyrannical Federal Workers Vaccine Mandate
Indiana Family Given Pfizer COVID-19 Jabs Instead Of Flu Shots, Young Children Show Heart Issues
STUDY: Most Fully Vaccinated Nations Had Highest Number of New COVID-19 Cases
Woman Who Already Had COVID and Is In Stage 5 Renal Failure Is Denied Kidney Transplant And Removed From Transplant List By CO Hospital System Because She’s Unvaccinated

Young Mom Who Died From COVID Vaccine Was Coerced into Receiving Jab Via Government Mandate

Biden Now Says He’ll Allow Country To Get Back To Normal When 98% Of U.S. Is Vaccinated
Biden’s Lie About Federal Vaccine Mandate Is So Ridiculous It Was Even Debunked By The CDC
Pfizer Scientist: ‘Your Antibodies Are Probably Better Than The Vaccination’
China Joe May Force US Companies To Pay $700,000 Fines For Violating Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Biden Nominates USSR Apologist For Comptroller Of The Economy
MENTALLY GONE: Biden Slurs And Stumbles Like Crazy For 45 Straight Seconds While Reading Telepromter [VIDEO]
Senate’s Short-Term Deal Raises Debt Ceiling By $480 Billion, Extending Deadline To Dec. 3
Clayton Missouri School District Is Using US AG Garland’s Son’s Panorama Books Pushing CRT – Is Your District Too?
AG Merrick Garland’s Family Ties To Critical Race Theory Publisher Come Out: ‘A Reimagined Education System is our Antiracist Protest’
The DOJ Is Now Investigating Parents Who Object To Critical Race Theory Being Taught in Public Schools

Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Worked For Unit That Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story
Impeachment “Witness” Fiona Hill Has Ties To Soros, Russia And Steele Dossier
Facebook ‘Whistleblower’ Has Ties To Group Behind Trump’s First Impeachment, Jen Psaki’s Former PR Firm
Facebook Whistleblower Is A Leftist Activist: Report

Biden Administration Will Allow Afghan Children To Stay With The Adult They Arrived With In The US – After State Department Warned Men Are Bringing In Child Brides
CDC Warns of ‘Larger Imminent Outbreaks’ Of Measles After Six Afghan Refugees Test Positive
10% Of Biden’s Afghanistan Aid Will Go To Taliban

Google’s Ad Ban On Climate Skeptics Is About Politics, Not Environment
NY Times Publishes False Report Of 900K Child Coronavirus Hospitalizations
They’re Afraid: CNN Publishes Article Saying Trump’s Iowa Rally WasTthe ‘Most Alarming Yet’
NYT Forced to Fix Claim 900,000 Kids Have Been Hospitalized with COVID
Facebook Using Incorrect AP ‘Fact-Check’ To Censor Posts: Report