Democrats Block Plan To Remove Foreign Nationals From Voter Rolls

“Helped Biden Steal The 2020 Election”–Trump Releases Statement On Stacey Abrams

Waukesha County Judge Deals HUGE BLOW To Democrats — Bans Use Of Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes In Wisconsin

Whistleblower Admits To Being Paid $45,000 To Stuff Ballot Boxes In 2020 Election

Texas Audit Of 2020 Election Results Have Come In — It’s So Bad That It’s Taking People’s Breath Away

MI Whistleblower Leaks Smoking Gun Photo From Election Night

ILLEGITIMATE Joe Tells Room Filled With Democrats: “It’s About Who Gets To Count The Vote” [VIDEO]

NYC Will Now Allow Non US Citizens To Vote In Elections

Zuckerberg-Funded Nonprofit Heavily Favored Dems In Allotting Millions In Election Aid: IRS Filings

Here’s Why Georgia Senate Didn’t Decertify the Obviously Corrupt 2020 Election Results In The State

Democrat Whistleblower Steps Forward: 35,000 “Fake Mail-In Ballots” In Pima County Alone; Letter Sent To DOJ

More Than DOUBLE Registered Voters than Town Population – Pima County 2020 Election Integrity Hearing Provides Evidence Of Thousands Of Fraudulent Votes

Pennsylvania Attorney General Files Suit To Stop Republicans Election Audit Plan

BANNON GOES OFF — After News Breaks that Dems will Shelve Build Back Better Bill – Will Move To Federalize Elections – Their Permanent Power Play

‘Stay The Hell Out Of Fulton County’: Pitts Blasts Perdue’s Ballot Inspection Lawsuit…Some To Hide Robb?

Jovan Pulitzer Releases Video Describing 300,000 14th Amendment Violations In  Maricopa County, Arizona

Brad Raffensperger Argues The State Farm Suitcase Video Was “Urban Myth” – Kicking Out Observers, Rolling Out Suitcases And Shoving Ballots Thru Machines 3 Times In Middle Of Night Is Completely Acceptable (VIDEO)

Wisconsin GOP Rep. Kathy Bernier Wants To End All Election Integrity Investigations In The State

HUGE: Wisconsin Election Hearing Reveals 119,283 “Active Voters” Who Have Been Registered For Over 100 Years! (VIDEO)

Wisconsin Election Investigation Finds Fraud–Number “Almost Certainly Exceeded” Biden’s Victory Margin

Wisconsin Hearing Emails Show Democrat Operatives Coordinating With City Election Officials

Americans Would Be Horrified To Find Out The Many Ways The Election System Is ‘Rigged’

The Real ‘Collusion’ Was The Creation Of ‘RussiaGate’ Out Of Absolutely Nothing

Election Officials Don’t Know What Happened To 15 Million Mail Ballots In 2020 Election

Here Is Some Of The Evidence: Crowdsourcing Evidence For Journalists

So Much Election Fraud Is Coming Out: GO HERE To See Updates

EXPLOSIVE: Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Report On 2020 Foreign Election Interference, Mass Voter Fraud

UNBELIEVABLE: Anti-Trump Democrat In Georgia ‘Suitcase Scandal’ Caught Running Same Batch Of Ballots Through Tabulator THREE TIMES! (VIDEO)

AZ State Rep. Mark Finchem Expects Arrests In Arizona: “Maricopa County Isn’t The Only County – We Are Waiting For Indictments”

92 Legislators From Multiple States Write A Letter To The American People Calling For A 50-State Audit, Decertify The Elections Where Necessary

Election Records Destroyed In PA

Over 500 Election Fraud Cases Are Pending In Texas Courts

“F**k  The USA!” – Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath To Being Former Skinhead, Heroin Addict – Lied In Denver Post Screed (VIDEO)

Over 23,000 Registered Voters Revealed To Have Same Phone Number And Over 4,000 With Same Date Of Registration Found In Wisconsin

Wisconsin Republicans May Put Voting Changes on Ballot — Democrat Governor Insists This Is Unnecessary and It’s Time to Move On

Wisconsin’s Election Integrity Investigator Seeks To Jail Two Democrat Mayors If They Continue To Avoid Official Interview – Threatens To Subpoena Zuckerberg Operative

WI Sheriff Schmaling: ‘Election Law Was Not Just Broken But Shattered!” – Releases Evidence of Election Fraud in Racine, Wisconsin!

Election In Wisconsin: 60,000 People Registered Whose Identities Didn’t Match Corresponding State Identification

VoterGA Uncovers That More People Were Registered In Fulton County, Georgia In The 2020 Election Than Were Eligible To Vote

Georgia Can’t Produce Over 17,000 Ballot Images…

Trump Reacts As Election Integrity Group Finds 2020 Ballot Images Destroyed In 74 Georgia Counties: ‘Wow, Look What Was Just Found In Georgia’

Ga. Secretary Of State Calls To Investigate Fulton Voter Application Shredding Allegations, 2 Employees Fired

Georgia Sec Of State Raffensperger Missing Chain Of Custody Docs For 6,995 Absentee Ballots, Report

REPORT: GA GOP Covered Up Massive Election Fraud

Receipts For The Deletes: Maricopa Deleted 85,673 Files (Including Ballots) Between 10/28 And 11/05

NOT MAKING HEADLINES: AZ Audit Could Not Find The Identity Of 86,391 Voters – They Don’t Appear To Exist And 73.8% Are Democrat Or No Party Affiliation

Nearly 700,000 Maricopa County Ballots Identified With Issues From The Audit

Maricopa County Officials Admit Under Oath That They Deleted 2020 Election Data

Over 284,000 Ballots, Or 1 Out Of Every 10th Maricopa County Ballot, Lacked Evidence That It Was The Original Ballot Received

“We Did Find Large-Scale Fraud”– AZ GOP Chair Calls For Full Canvas

“Maricopa County Fraudulently “Verified & Approved” Mail-In Ballots

Arizona Audit Reveals Pre-Meditated Fraud On Ballot Envelopes

REASONS TO DECERTIFY AZ – THE LIST: 70,000 Duplicated, Fraudulent, Illegal Or Ghost Ballots (7 Times Biden’s Margin Of Victory)

REPORT: Arizona Cross-Checked 673,000 Voter Identities With Social Security; 58% Had NO Match!

Detroit Used Defective Ballot Boxes In 2020 Election Despite Warning Stickers: “Not Approved For Use As A Ballot Container” …. ”You Could Shove Papers Right Through The Back Of Them”

“Back Alleys and Blank Ballots”: MI Election Integrity Experts Explain How the 2020 Election Was Stolen In Detroit [VIDEO]

Pattern Identified In Arizona Audit Mirrors Michigan Scandal Revealed In DetroitLeaks Tapes On Provisional Ballots

A Day Of Reckoning Is Coming In Michigan As Patriots Have Been Working Behind The Scenes To Uncover Election Fraud

Election Thief Gretchen Whitmer Vetoes Two Modest Election Reform Bills

Three Detroit Women Charged With Voter Fraud In The 2020 Election

Biden’s Border Crisis: Over 47K Illegal Aliens Failed To Report To ICE After Being Released Into US

Americans Charged Millions To Pay For Free Lawyers For Illegal Immigrants

Murderers, MS-13 Members Arrested With Migrant Groups In Texas Near Border

Huge Number Of Planes Coming Into PA Carrying Mostly Illegal Adults – Not Children

Foreign-Born Population Soars To New Record Under Biden

FOIA: Newly Released ICE Data Reveals Deportations Have Dropped By 90% Overall Under Borderless Biden Regime

Cartels Succeed In Record Delivery Of “Youth” Child Migrants In 2021

Investigation Reveals U.S. Taxes Paying For Illegals To Break Border Barrier: Being Handed Out To Immigrants On Bank Cards, Sometimes As Folding Cash In Envelopes

Texas Governor: ‘Unconscionable’ For Biden Administration To ‘Hollow Out The National Guard’

Joe Biden Flying Illegal Aliens, Deported By Trump, Back To U.S.

Biden Lets $100 Million In Border-Wall Construction Material Rust

DHS To Terminate All Border Wall Contracts In South Texas

CRIMINAL: Cuban Migrants Breach New Texas Border Barrier

DeSantis Seeks $8M To Bus Illegal Aliens Out Of Florida To Biden’s Delaware, Obama’s Martha’s Vineyard

55 Dead, More Than 100 Injured After Truck Smuggling Migrants Headed To US Crashes Into Bridge, Flips Over

With At Least 1.7 Million Illegal Border Crossings This Past Fiscal Year – Where Did These People Go & Who Paid For It?

18-Yr-Old Human Smuggler Kills TX Mom and Daughter…All Illegal Aliens Survive Crash

Man With A Plan: Ron DeSantis Issues Emergency Orders to Eliminate Illegal Aliens In His State

Deportations Down 90% Under Biden–“Biden Has Functionally Abolished ICE”

Border Patrol Migrant Got-Away Count Reaches 75K In 47 Days

Border Patrol Warns Morale Has Collapsed Along With Southern Border: ‘Downtrodden, Almost Dead Inside’

Biden 2019: “I Respect No Borders…And Cannot Be Contained By Walls”

Biden Admin To Border Agents: Prepare For The Flood:  1,200 ILLEGAL ALIEN Families Expected To Be Processed Each Day

Psaki: We ‘Did Not Eagerly Reimplement’ the Remain In Mexico Program

Record 2 Million Lawless Foreigners Cross Border Between Ports of Entry During Past 12 Months Of Covid

Migrants Charged With Rape, Murder After Illegally Entering U.S.

Border Officials Secretly Sent 70 Planes Of Migrants To Florida: DeSantis Office

Large Migrant Group Rushes Border In West Texas

TX Rep: Whistleblower Uncovered Secret Op: Sneaking Illegals Around In Empty Hotels

Biden Imports Army of 82,000 Afghans

Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Tech Team Up With Biden To Resettle Afghans In US $$$

ILLEGITIMATE & CRIMINAL Biden Seeks To Give ILLEGAL ALIEN Families $450,000 PER PERSON If They Were Separated At The Border Under Trump

Biden’s Billion-Dollar Payout To Illegals

Black Americans Sue U.S. Farms For Replacing Them With Foreign Workers: ‘It’s Like Being Robbed Of Your Heritage

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Cartels Trying To Recruit Young Americans To Smuggle In Illegal Aliens

Smugglers Pack 24 Migrants In Dump Trailers In 2 Texas Border Sectors

Biden Secretly Flying Underage Migrants Into NY In Dead Of Night

CAUGHT ON VIDEO: Illegal Aliens Get Priority Over American Citizens In Boarding Flights From Texas (VIDEO)

ISIS Terror Threat Issued In Virginia, DC; Related To Afghan Refugees

Biden Administration Expands List Of ‘Sensitive’ Places Where Immigration Officers Cannot Make Arrests

Large Group Of Mostly Unaccompanied Migrant Children Apprehended Near Border In Arizona

Biden Admin Releases 18K Unaccompanied Migrant “Children” Into U.S. In August

Shock Revelation: Biden Admin Loses Track Of Nearly 5,000 Migrant Children Released Into U.S.

President Trump: “This Is An Invasion”

Watch: Organized Migrant Caravan Moves Toward US, Surging Past Mexican Forces

Panama Official Tells U.S. Another 60,000 Haitians Are On The Way & Reports Arrest Of Al-Qaeda Operatives Trying To Blend In

Jen Psaki: Biden Drove Through The Border …In 2008

16K COVID-19 Positive Migrants Released Into U.S. By ICE, Says Whistleblower

Watch Omar Tell Illegals: ‘You Exemplify The Very Best Of Our Country’

Illegal Alien Gets Life In Prison For Murdering Four Americans

Afghan Now In Custody For Raping Teenager After Biden’s State Department Did Not Fully Vet Afghan Nationals Entering Country

Man Who Allegedly Beheaded Woman Had ICE Retainer, Let Go Repeatedly Despite Vast Criminal Record

Illegal Alien Arrested After Killing Two BYU Students In Orem, Utah

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Woman Who Reported Him For Abuse

‘NOT SENDING THEIR BEST’… Illegal Mexican Teen Busted For Setting Wildfires In California

Somali ‘Refugee’ Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting Of  Young Mother In Grand Forks, North Dakota

Sanctuary State NJ: Illegal Alien Accused Of Shaking Baby Unconscious

Report: Rampant Domestic Abuse By Afghan Men At U.S. Bases Prompts Deployment Of ‘Gender Advisors’

Thousands Of Afghan Refugees Are Resettling In Communities Around The US Every Week

Joe Biden Flying 1K Afghans To U.S. Every Day Until German Base Emptied

Tens Of Thousands Of Afghan Refugees Set To Be Released In The US Without Set Immigration Status

House Democrats Shot Down GOP Amendment To Bar Amnesty For Illegal Aliens With 10 Or More DUI’s

Video Shows Massive Groups Of Criminal Migrants Attempting To Force Their Way Through Border Gate

Haitian Criminal Migrants Being Released All Over US

Criminal Migrants Hide In New Car Transports On South Texas Trains

Criminal Migrant Got-Aways Jump To 340K This Year

DHS Insider Blows Whistle On Int’l Child Sex Trafficking Gangs Exploiting ‘Reasonable Fear’ Loophole

Second DHS Whistleblower Claims It’s Impossible To Deny Work Visa Renewals

Hunter Biden’s Close Buddy Arrested For Treason, And We’re Not Talking About It?

Yesterday A Judge Ruled On Prince Andrew’s Case Related to Alleged Sexual Abuse of a Minor – Today the Prince Has All Royal Connections Taken Away

Ghislaine Maxwell Gives Up Battle to Keep Names Of 8 Anonymous John Does In Sex Trafficking Operation Sealed

Line-Of-Duty Police Deaths Soar To Highest Level Since 1930, Report Finds

Colorado Rep. Perlmutter Becomes 26th House Democrat To Duck ‘22 Reelection

Soros-Backed Baltimore State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby Indicted On Perjury And False Mortgage Application Charges

FBI RAIDS Home Of Oath Keepers President Stewart Rhodes…One Day After Attorney For Jan 6 Political Prisoners Tells Tucker Carlson Rhodes is “Ready To go On Your Program…Call Me”

Darrell Brooks Accused of Driving an SUV Into a Christmas Parade Just Had 71 New Charges Added Against Him

Supreme Court Blocks Biden’s Vaccine Mandate For Private Employers

Military Documents About Gain Of Function Contradict Fauci’s Testimony Under Oath

PROJECT VERITAS Obtains Never Before Seen Documents Regarding Origins Of COVID-19, Vaccines And Suppressed Potential Treatments [VIDEO]

Michigan Auditor General Report: Gretchen Whitmer Undercounted COVID Nursing Home Deaths By As Much As 30%

Bushies Roberts And Kavanaugh Side With Lefties, Allow Healthcare Worker Vax Mandate To Stand

“It Has To Stop” – Joe Biden Tells Social Media Companies To “Deal With” Covid “Misinformation And Disinformation” (VIDEO)

Soros Funded District Attorneys In Cities With Highest Crime Rates

Sen. Tom Cotton: We Must Remove & Replace Every Single George Soros Prosecutor

George Soros’ Network Of Woke DA’s He Has Bankrolled In Cities Across The US: How The Billionaire Democrat Megadonor Gave Chicago’s Kim Foxx $2M And Philly’s DA – Where Murder Has Doubled – Got $1.7M\

Democrat Party: Created To subjugate – And Nothing’s Changed

WATCH: Joe Biden Has No Idea What Year It Is

WATCH: Pelosi’s Investments Kept Safe After Smash And Grab

Watch: Hillary Clinton Breaks Down In Tears As She Reveals Speech She Would Have Given If She Won In 2016

CDC Cancels PCR Test, Admits It Can’t Differentiate Between COVID And Flu!

REMEMBER: Ivermectin Safe, Effective, Won The Nobel Prize And FDA Approved Since 1996!

Dr. Robert Malone To Rogan: US In ‘Mass Formation Psychosis’ Over COVID-19

Oklahoma Man Recovers From COVID-19 After Turning Down Ventilator, Going Home

The FDA ‘Found’ More Pfizer Docs – Now It Wants 75 YEARS To Release Them To The Public

Producer Price Inflation Year Over Year Highest Ever On Record

REPORT: IRS Data Shows Trump Tax Cuts Benefited Working Class Americans Most

Inflation Jumps To Highest Level In Nearly 40 Years

Dems To Raise Debt Ceiling By $2.5T–You Can Thank The RINOs!

US Oil Reserves Released By Joe Biden To Go China And India — Will Not Put A Dent In US Gas Prices Here At Home

Many’ More Durham Indictments Likely In Connection To Steele Dossier: Former Director Of National Intelligence

The TWENTY-THREE Democratic Reps who have already dropped out of the running in 2022

Authorities Admit Currently Investigating Members of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Campaign: Durham

Many’ More Durham Indictments Likely In Connection To Steele Dossier: Former Director Of National Intelligence

The TWENTY-THREE Democratic Reps Who Have Already Dropped Out Of The Running In 2022

Authorities Arrest Steele Dossier Contributor Igor Danchenko

Confirmed: ‘PR Executive -1’ In Durham Indictment Docs Is Charles Dolan Jr.

Lawyer Michael Sussmann Fed Debunked Story To FBI About Alleged Computer Communications Between Trump And Russia And Was Paid By The Clinton Campaign, Indictment Stated

Warrant Issued For Former Clinton Global Initiative Co-Chair Steve Bachar On Charges of Securities Fraud & Felony Theft

Nets Tout Biden Deploying Military to Hospitals, Omit Unvaxxed Fired

No Fact-Checking for Biden’s Atlanta Smears

Brilliant Video Shows How They Manipulate You With The News

‘Walking Dead’ Star Lennie James Criticizes Woke Hollywood Casting Trend

CONFLICT: Fauci’s Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which Suspends People for Disagreeing With Her Father.

Journalists EXPLOIT January 6 To Push Dems ‘Voting Rights’ Agenda

Nets Bury Worst Poll Yet For Biden (So SHOCKING, Even CNN And MSNBC Cover)

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