Mother Of Keith Scott Claims Book He Was Reading
When He Was Shot By Police Was The Koran

Must Know Headlines



Central American Illegal Immigrants Continue
To Flood U.S. Border At Record Rate

Admit Women And Children As Refugees Now,
Able-Bodied Men Will “Follow To Join” Later

Barack Obama

Dangerous Plans Hatched By Obama
And UN For Refugee Resettlement

FBI Documents Reveal Obama Used A
Pseudonym In Emails With Clinton

 No Serious Statement From Obama On Charlotte


BREAKING: Keith Scott Fired Gun At Police In 2004

Fingeprints On Gun Match Charlotte Shooting Victim


Report: FBI Gave At Least Partial
Immunity To 5 Clinton Aides

Top Clinton Aide Cheryl Mills Received
Immunity Deal In FBI Email Probe

Dems Walk Out Of House Hearing Intended To Hold Fetal
Tissue Procurement Company In Contempt Of Congress

State Department Reveals FBI Uncovered
2,800 Emails Clinton Never Turned Over

Democrat-Activist Media

The New York Times Ignores NAS Findings That
Immigration Policies Hit Poor, Minorities Hardest

Not News: ‘Obama’s Half-Brother Supports Donald Trump’

MSNBC Pushes Narrative That Police May Have
Planted Gun On Keith Lamont Scott [VIDEO]

Donny Deutsch On Hillary: ‘She Does Not Lie’

TIME Cheers Comedians Ditching Balance

NBC: Political Leanings Of Debate Moderators
‘Shouldn’t Even Be Brought Up’

NY Times Exec. Editor: Trump Must Be Called ‘Liar,’
But Hillary’s Just A Normal Exaggerating Politician


Ted Cruz Endorses Donald Trump: “If Hillary Wins
Our Country Is Devastated, I Have To Stop That”

Black Trump Supporter: Obama And Black
Lives Matter Planned Charlotte Riots (VIDEO)