Arizona Signs Extension For Arizona Audit Venue–Through June 30th
Maricopa Co. DELETED Entire 2020 General Election Database Days Before Equipment Was Delivered To Audit: “This Is Spoilation Of Evidence!”
Maricopa County Elections Witness Testifies That Dominion Ran Entire Election – County Officials And Observers NEVER HAD Access or Passwords! (Video)
Dominion, Maricopa County Rebuff Arizona Senate’s Attempt to Get Election Machine Passwords
Boxes of Ballots Opened in Maricopa County Show “Significant Discrepancies” Between Number of Ballots and Batch Reports in the Boxes
“They Sent Everyone Home – Rebooted the System on Election Day” – Arizona Elections Witness Jan Bryant Joins Steve Bannon to Talk About Maricopa County Election
GOP Chair Dr. Kelli Ward: Election Should Not Have Been Certified If Maricopa County Election Routers Were Shared with Law Enforcement (VIDEO)
Dominion Panics In AZ, Starts Hiding Info From Auditors
“Why Are You Working So Hard To Shut the Audit Down? What Are You Hiding” – TGP Reporter Confronts AZ Secretary of State Katie Hobbs — Katie Hobbs Runs! (VIDEO)

US Census Bureau Confirms Huge Conflict in Total Number of Voters in 2020 Election
Pennsylvania May Be The Next State To Flip Votes To Trump
“The Number Of Votes Is Massive”- Trump Issues Statement On Michigan Election Case
“They Are In Absolute Panic Mode”- The Biden White House Is Scared Of Arizona Audit

How We Know Democrats Rigged And Stole The 2020 Election
Mexico President Accuses Biden Admin Of Financing Anti-Corruption ‘Coup Plotters’ Group
Mike Lindell Says “Game Changer” Will Soon Emerge From Michigan
Liberals PANICKED As Trump’s Path Back To The White House Becoming Clear!
Florida Voting Integrity Bill Immediately Faces Lawsuits After Becoming Law
Biden’s  ILLEGITIMATE DOJ Is Now Getting Involved With The Arizona Election Audit

Here Is The Evidence: Crowdsourcing Evidence For Journalists
Sidney Powell: ‘More Than Enough Evidence’ To Reverse Election Results In At Least 5 States
CCP Adviser Outlined Detailed Plan To Defeat US, Including Manipulating Elections

97% Of First Time No ID Ballots Were Fraudulent In Wisconsin
Trump In “Regular Contact” With Lawyer At The Helm Of Election Integrity Push
Mike Lindell: I Have “Undeniable” Evidence The Election Was Stolen
HUGE: Tea Party Patriots Recruiting 200 Poll Workers Per District

Attorney Matt DePerno Drops New Bombshell Claims In Antrim Co Case…Evidence Will Prove MI Sec of State and MI AG “Are Wrong In False Assertion That This Was The Safest Election In History
MI Court: Michigan Secretary of State’s Absentee Ballot Order Broke Law, Vindicating Trump Claim
Michigan’s Dishonest Sec of State Jocelyn Benson Refuses To Testify In Front Of Senate Committee Only Weeks After Asking MI Legislature To Lift Photo ID Requirement to Vote, Restrict Purging Of Voter Rolls

Lin Wood Calls For Military To Declare 2020 Election Null & Void!
Biden Signs Election Executive Order to Increase Voting by Criminals
MUST READ: Democrats Were ONLY Able to “Win” in 2020 By Breaking Chain of Custody Laws in EVERY SWING STATE
Sidney Powell Releases 270 Page Report On 2020 Foreign Election Interference, Mass Voter Fraud

Report: Zuckerberg’s Grant Program Demanded Control Of Elections
REVEALED: Facebook Funds CCP-Linked ‘Marxist Journalism’ Training To Create More Effective Regime Propagandists
Day 102: CNN *Wants* A Domestic Terror Surge Under Biden?
FLASHBACK: When The Media Used a Gas Crisis To Bash A President
Ex-MSNBC Host: Black People Should Have The Right To Kill A White Person Who Calls Them The N-Word
WATCH: Eye-Opening 2017 CNN Report Reveals How Easily US Voting Machines Are Hacked After Trump Beat Hillary
Non-Partisan Judicial Watch Finally Uncovered How Big Tech Colluded With Biden Campaign And A US State To Censor President Trump
CNN Doxxing AZ Audit Workers? Snapping Photos of License Plates
NBC Announces That It Won’t Air The Golden Globe Awards In 2022 Over Recent Controversies

More Than 178,000 Illegally Crossed Southern U.S. Border In April, A Two-Decade High
BORDER CRISIS: CBP Reports 944% Increase In Migrants This April
Biden Cancels All Pentagon Money Used For Trump’s Mexico Border Wall
Biden ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Releasing Illegal Alien Armed Robbers, Drunk Drivers Into U.S.
Illegal Immigrant From Mexico Raped 2 Young Girls Under Age 10
Man Accused Of Sex-Trafficking Teen Girl In 6 States Arrested In Tampa
20 Governors Send Letter To Biden Rejecting Plan To House Illegals In Their States: ‘Unacceptable and Unsustainable’
Biden 2019: “I Respect No Borders…And Cannot Be Contained By Walls”
Report: Biden Administration Has Spent $3 Billion On Migrant Facility Contracts
Another Prominent Dem Busted For Sex Trafficking
Report: Illegal Alien Sex Offenders Freed Into U.S. Due To Biden ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders
Large Group Of Venezuelan Migrants Cross Rio Grande–Local Enforcement Says Its “One Of The Biggest Groups They’ve Apprehended”
Border Crossers Flying for Free into U.S. With Help From Catholic Charities
Biden’s Catch-And-Bus Policy: Why Are Thousands Of Illegals Being Bussed To Red States During Covid Pandemic?
Biden Lies Again, Reopens Floodgates For Illegal Aliens

Mexico President Accuses Biden Admin Of Financing Anti-Corruption ‘Coup Plotters’ Group
“Border Czar” Kamala Harris Stomps Out of Meeting with Mexican President
2 Border State Govs Say Biden, Harris Haven’t Reached Out
Sanctuary State Washington: Illegal Alien Convicted of Child Sexual Abuse
Democrats Work to Defund Police Program So Criminal Illegal Aliens Can Evade Deportation

Arrests of Illegal Aliens Have Dropped To A Disturbing Number Under Biden
Sanctuary State: Illegal Alien Gets Five Years in Prison for Killing 24-Year-Old
Illegal Alien Charged with 4 Murders Looks To Evade Death Penalty with ‘Intellectually Disabled’ Label
Biden Blood: Eight Illegals Dead After Head-On Crash in Texas
Semi-Trailer Load of Illegal Aliens Unloaded in Pearsall, Texas – Going Viral! Who’s Behind This? (VIDEO)
Father Of Two Killed in Wrong Way Crash, Illegal Immigrant Charged With Drunk Driving & Felony Death by Vehicle
GOP Congresswoman: I Saw Girls Under 10 Who Had Been Gang Raped, Screaming So Loud Their Vocal Cords Gave Out

180 Migrants Found In 3 Texas Stash Houses Near Border
Almost 500 Incidents Of Violent Crimes At The Border Since Biden Took Office: Report
The Migrant Crisis Isn’t Just About Illegal Immigration, It’s Also About The Cartels That Run The Border
Video: Lying Biden Blames Trump Administration for Current Border Crisis

War Correspondent: ‘It’s A War Out There’ On The Border
Thanks To Biden’s ‘Humane’ Border Policy, Cartel Drops Two Toddlers Over Border Wall
After Blowback From Democrats, Biden Promises To Raise Refugee Admissions Cap Over 8x Trump-Era Limit
Coyotes Tell Univision That Business Is Booming With The Benefits Biden Is Now Granting
AZ Border Sheriff Goes OFF On Biden For Insulting Law Enforcement Protecting The Border
Border Crisis: Towns Across Texas Getting Overwhelmed – Sheriff
Report: Four Texas Counties React to Horror On The Border As Local Judge Declares ‘This Is An Act Of  War’
“I’m Working on it, Man! Give Me Another 5 Days” – Joe Biden to Hecklers Demanding He Close Private Prisons, Abolish ICE (VIDEO)
Count Of Illegal Alien Population Excluded From U.S. Census Data
BEYOND STUPID: Harris, Mexico Pres. To Discuss Giving Migrants US Citizenship Of They Plant Trees In Mexico: Mexican Official

Biden Now Says Border Crisis ‘Under Control’ While He Unscrupulously Continues to Blame Donald Trump [VIDEO]
Retired ICE Special Agent Victor Avila: No Rules Are Being Followed On Border…No ID’s Needed To Board Flights Taking Mostly Young Men To Destinations Around The U.S…It’s Worse Than Anyone Imagined [VIDEO]
Report: Joe Biden ‘Sanctuary Country’ Orders Freeing Thousands of Criminal Illegal Aliens into U.S. Communities

Texas Ranchers Dealing With Armed Human Smugglers
Texas Mayor Sounds Alarm on Border Crisis: Illegals Are Robbing Houses, Getting Into Car Chases Every Day
Texas Bar Owner Says Migrants Are Hiding in His Bathrooms After Entering US Through Hole in Border Wall
Texas Rancher Sounds Alarm: Thanks To Biden, Human Smugglers Are ‘Driving Right Through Fences Onto Our Property’
Border Patrol Union President: Trump Saw 45-Year Low in Human Smuggling at the Border — Now It’s All Back (VIDEO)
Democrats Hope Illegal Aliens Become ‘Voters’ Through Open Borders
Migrant Drug Carriers Found On Air Force Bombing Range In Arizona

Biden Admin Stops Fining Illegal Aliens Who Refuse to Leave America and Cancels Their Debts
“Hypocritical and Dangerous” – Texas AG Ken Paxton Sues Biden Admin For Releasing Covid-Infected Illegal Aliens Into US
Texas Border County Declares Disaster amid Migrant Surge – Seeks National Guard
Border Agents Ordered to Abandon DNA Tests That Trump Used To Identify ‘Fake Families’
‘Worst Is Yet To Come’: Graham Reveals How Biden’s Border Crisis Is About To Get Worse
Pastor, Girls High School Basketball Coach Among 79 Arrested In Hillsborough County Human Trafficking Operation

Number of Migrant Children Reported In Mexico On Way To US Skyrockets 900% In 3 Months
Report: Texas Facility for Migrant Girls Closed Amid Crowding Concerns, Worker’s Death
Disturbing Video Captures Migrants Drowning In Rio Grande

Hilarious Picture From Mar-A-Lago Is Bringing Joy To Twitter Users
GROSS: Van With “Hitler Was Right” Written On It Harasses Pro-Israel Supporters In Boca Raton
T BEGINS: Fort Campbell Commander Warns Unvaccinated Soldiers No Pass or Leave of Base and Non-Deployable Until Vaccinated
Gas Prices Jump to Highest Level Since 2014
Amid Current Energy Crisis, Michigan Governor Whitmer Orders Immediate Closure of ANOTHER Pipeline
More Than 120 Retired Flag Officers Call On Americans To ‘Save America, Our Constitutional Republic, And Hold Those Currently In Office Accountable’
Democrat Sen. Kyrsten Sinema: The Border ‘Is A Crisis…We All Know It’

Indian Health Ambassador Gets COVID Vaccine Live on TV to Show Everyone How Safe It Is – Dies 2 Days Later
CCP Virus Pandemic Was ‘Preventable Disaster’ and ‘Terrible Wake-up Call’: WHO-Commissioned Panel
Rare And Deadly ‘Black Fungus’ Increasingly Seen In COVID-19 Patients In India: Reports
Report Verifies China Was Plotting World War III Using Covid As Bioweapon

Ted Cruz: Ilhan Omar Is ‘Acting as Press Secretary for Hamas’
Heartless Biden Energy Sec Chastises Working Class: If You Drove An Electric Car, Gas Shortage Wouldn’t Effect You
Squad Members Attack Israel As Hamas Rockets Rain Down, Because of Course
Biden’s Chief Of Staff Warns Biden To Not “Underestimate” Trump
100 Days In: Team Biden Focused On Demonizing Republicans, Not Helping America
Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton Gets Involved After Plano Police Officer Allows BLM-Antifa to Illegally Block Traffic, Brandish Weapon

“F*ck You Chinese People! I Hate You!” – Police Need Help Identifying Black Man Who Punched Asian Store Owner In The Face (VIDEO)
Bullets Fired In Times Square Argument Miss Intended Target, Hit Little Girl Toy Shopping With Her Parents
Colorado Gunman Opens Fire At Birthday Party, Killing 6 People And Then Himself
GRAPHIC VIDEO: Two Asian Women Attacked By Black Man With Cinder Block In Baltimore
After Only a Few Days In Jail, HUNTER BIDEN’S PIMP Was Suddenly and Mysteriously Released To A Treatment Center Rather Than Serving Years in Prison

COMMY CUOMO: Gov. Announces Separate Baseball Stadium Seating For Vaccinated, Unvaccinated Fans
Jenner’s Candidacy Reveals The Truly Tolerant Political Party Isn’t Democrats”
Jen Psaki Admits Biden Is Told To Avoid Answering Impromptu Questions From Reporters
Democrat-Run Portland Basically Legalizes Rioting by Not Prosecuting Rioters

WATCH: BLM Thug Woman Attacks White Lady In Wheelchair At Target
Black Driver Tells Hispanic Deputy “You’ll Never Be White” In Disgusting Confrontation
Video: BLM Threatens Outdoor Diners…Tells White People To “Get Out Of New York…We Don’t Want You Here”
Black Man Stomped On Yao Pan Ma’s Head, Leaving Him Comatose
Marxist BLM Founder Recently Bought Four Homes Worth Millions
Justice: Rioter Fined $12 Million for Helping Set Fire to Minneapolis Police Station During BLM Riots
Black Student Accused of Starting Fire in Building Full of Her Sleeping Peers in Apparent Hate Crime Hoax

Survey Shows Blacks Wildly Overestimate Frequency Of Police Fatally Shooting Young Black Men
At Least 26 Shot Mother’s Day Weekend in Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago
70% of Blacks Approve Of The Job Their Local Police Are Doing
CDC: 117,626 Black Children Killed by Abortion in One Year
FLASHBACK…Hacked Email From Pelosi Shows Memo To Staffers: Make BLM Think We’re On Their Side…”Do NOT Say ‘ALL Lives Matter!”…”Don’t Mention ‘Black-On-Black Crime’
DOJ Report: For Black Victims Of Violent Crime, 70.3% Of Offenders Are Fellow Blacks, 10.6% Of Offenders Are White

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