Dem Operative Who Oversaw Trump Rally Agitators
Visited White House 342 Times

Must Know Headlines


Vandals Throw Bricks Through Windows
At Delaware County Republican Party Office

Obama’s Half-Brother Will Be At
Vegas Debate Cheering For Trump

Whiner-In-Chief To Trump: Stop Whining

Nearly 65 Million U.S. Residents Spoke
A Foreign Language At Home In 2015

You Knew It Was Coming; Hurricane Matthew Amnesty

ILLEGAL Immigration

Haitians Entering Mexico Illegally En Route To
The US: 3,263 In 2015, 13,465 So Far In 2016

Illegal Family Crossings At Mexican
Border Up 95% From Last Year

UCLA Students Shout Down Mother
Whose Son Was Killed By Illegal Alien


Hillary Bus Caught Illegally Dumping Poop In Street:
Toilet Paper Was Scattered Everywhere, A
nd There Was A Foul Smell’

How Hillary’s Lawyers Ran Roughshod Over The FBI

FBI Files: Hillary Clinton Stole Furniture From State Dept

Wikileaks: Trusted Clinton Foundation Insider Was
Caught Loading Spyware On Computers,
Reading Employee Emails

Activist Caught On James O’Keefe’s
Camera Was On Hillary’s Payroll

FBI Document Dump Proves This Woman
Has No Business Anywhere Near Power

Democrat-Activist Media

Memo: Google’s Eric Schmidt Working
Directly With The Clinton Campaign

Study: 96 Percent Of Media’s Campaign
Donations Go To Hillary Clinton

Mainstream Media Silence Greets Report Of
Anti-Trump Dirty Tricks Funded By Democrats

CNN’s Dan Merica: Nothing To See In Wikileaks,
Hillary Clinton’s Private Speech Transcripts

Frightfully Dumb ‘Scream Queens’
Has Psycho Killer Dress As Ivanka

CBS Gushes: ‘Delicious Details’ Of
‘Last State Dinner Of Obama Era’

Russell Simmons: ‘Probably More
Christians Are Radicalized’ Than Muslims