Hillary Clinton Was Endorsed By KKK Grand Dragon, Media Is Silent

Must Know Headlines


Horrifying: Students Made To Dissect Aborted Babies’ Brains

Crowd At Trump Rally In Akron, Ohio Is A Sea Of Women,
Minorities, Independents And Former Democrats (VIDEO)

Email Server-Wiping Firm Brags it “Stifled” Clinton Probe


$114M Quarterback Sits Out The National
Anthem To Protest Black Oppression

Flashback: ‘Oppressed’ Kaepernick Fined $11,000
For Allegedly Calling Black Opponent The ‘N-Word’

ILLEGAL Immigration

Angel Mom Of Sarah Root, Murdered By Illegal Alien,
Joins Donald Trump In Iowa: Obama, Hillary ‘Let Us Down’

Unlicensed Bus Driver Who Reportedly Triggered Deadly
Multi-Vehicle Crash Has Been In U.S. Illegally, Police Say

Expanded Central American ‘Refugee’
Program: Bring the Whole Family!


AFL-CIO Says Union Members
Will ‘Mobilize To Defeat Trump’

Donna Brazile Defends Clinton Foundation,
Says Favor Seeking ‘Normal’

Hillary Clinton Deleted Emails Using Program
Intended To ‘Prevent Recovery’

Hillary’s Long, Cozy Love Affairs With Racists

Billionaire Clinton Foundation Donor Denied
Entry Into US Because Of Terror Ties

How Hillary Plans To Triple Down On ObamaCare’s Failures

Democrat-Activist Media

On ‘Meet The Press,’ Ex-Obama Aide
Blasts Trump As A ‘Psychopath’

Joy Reid: ‘Planned Parenthood Is
Not A Eugenicist Organization!’

Don Cheadle Tells Trump:
‘Die In a Grease Fire’

#OperationTacoBowl Latino Pro-Trump
Rally In Anaheim – Media Silent

As Obamacare Rates Soar And Exchanges Fail,
Gruber And Media Still Downplay Failures