Dems Lower Voting Age To 16 In Cities – Pelosi Once Said: “It’s Important To Capture Kids While They’re In High School”

COLLUSION: Chinese Government Operatives Used Their TikTok Accounts To Help Democrats In The Midterms

Trump: Throw Out 2020 Election Results Or Have New Election

FBI Agent Reveals In Testimony: Big Tech Companies Met With FBI ‘On Weekly Basis’ Ahead Of 2020 Election

‘Smoking Gun’ Testimony Shows the U.S. Government Was Involved in Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Twitter Files Confirm: Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Censored ‘So That Donald Trump Would Not Be Reelected President’


Georgia Man Sentenced To 25 Years In Prison For Voter Fraud

Louisiana Democrats Sentenced To Prison In Vote Buying Scheme

Arizona County Chair Reveals He Was Forced To Certify Katie Hobbs’ Election ‘Under Duress’

CORRUPT Maricopa County Supervisors Vote Unanimously To Certify Rigged 2022 Election

“I Went After Drug Traffickers…You Are Vote Traffickers” – Attorney To Corrupt Maricopa County Board Of Supervisors (VIDEO)


Gregg Phillips Explains Why He & Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent To Prison: “We Have Irrefutable Evidence That The Entire PA Voter Registration File Is Living On A Server In China—Serial Numbers, Ballot Bundle Numbers”

Soros-Backed Prosecutors Score Major Wins In Midterms

It Worked Once, Why Not Twice? Here Are Five Ways Democrats Are Cheating And Stealing The 2022 Election Like They Did In 2020


Video Captures ‘Illegal Electioneering’ For Fetterman, Shapiro In Philadelphia

Two Massive Unexplained Ballot Drops Gave Gretchen Whitmer The Lead In Michigan – They Ran A ‘Drop And Roll’ In Michigan Last Night

Election Map Of New York Appears To Show Exact Same Vote Counts For All Red Counties

Dominion Again! Voting Machines Malfunction, Other Problems Emerge

Putin Crony Admits To Meddling In US Election, Says It Will Continue ‘Precisely, Surgically’


Pennsylvania Democrat Officials Mailed Out 240,000 Ballots To Unverified Voters! …UPDATE: Now At 255,000 Unverified Voters!

FBI Whistleblower Leaks Document Showing Agency Targeting ‘Misinformation’ Under ‘Election Crimes’ Ahead Of 2022 Midterm Elections

30,000 Voter Registration Notices Sent To Non-Citizens, In Spanish And English, By Democrat Colo. Sec. Of State’s Office


Another Democrat Going To Jail For Election Fraud

Facebook Fined $25 Million For Violating Election Law

Email Released In Danchenko Case Proves Obama And His Deep State Lied And Set Up President Trump In Attempt To Remove Him From Office

Hillary Panicked As SCOTUS About To Give States The Power To Overturn The Election!

CBS Shocked Violent Felons Committing Voter Fraud Were Arrested

Man From Jamaica Arrested By Florida’s Election Crime Unit After Registering To Vote As A Democrat With Fake Birth Certificate, Voting In Two Elections


What’s Going On? Los Angeles County Drops Criminal Charges Against Konnech Chief Eugene Yu The Day After Midterm Elections

Election Software CEO Surrenders After Admitting Election Data Was Sent To China; Must Wear Ankle Monitor

Election Firm ‘Konnech’ That Sent Poll Data To China Donated ALL Political Cash To Democrats… Including Joe Biden

Konnech Election Software CEO Who Was Arrested Earlier For Ties To China and Labeled “Significant Flight Risk” Caught With Luggage On Way To MI Airport – Left Cell Phone Behind – Has “Substantial Ties To China

Dekalb County Will Continue To Use Konnech For Election Management After CEO Arrested For Sending CCP American Election Worker Personal


IN STATE AFTER STATE… Democrats Are Running As Republicans To Get Into Office – They Even Have A Name For It – They Call It “Secret Sleepers”

Election Integrity Experts Identify Privacy Flaw Affecting All ICP/ICE Dominion Voting Systems Across 21 States

“F**k  The USA!” – Dominion’s Eric Coomer Admits Under Oath To Being Former Skinhead, Heroin Addict – Lied In Denver Post Screed (VIDEO)

Highly Anticipated CISA Report On Dominion Voting Machines Proves ‘Most Secure Election In History’ Was A Lie


House Judiciary Democrats Vote To Support Non-Citizens Voting In Our Elections

Dems Use DOJ To Criminalize Election Challenges

They Can’t Win If They Don’t Cheat… House Democrats Vote To Give Aliens The Right To Vote — IN UNANIMOUS VOTE!


Democrat Lawmaker Sentenced To 30 Months In Prison For Committing Election Fraud & Stuffing Ballot Boxes For Democrat Candidates

Biden’s USPS Chief Of Mail-In Ballots ARRESTED In Child Sex Sting

Manhattan Immigrant Has Been Voting Illegally For 13 Years: BOE

Election Worker Charged With Two Felonies Over Alleged Voting Equipment Tampering

Former Mayor Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud


Watch: 12 Minutes Of Democrats Denying Election Results From 2000-2016

Trump Calls To Be Reinstated As President Or Hold New Election

Hillary’s Hidden Hand: Clinton Okayed Anti-Trump Media Hit Job, Trial Reveals

Clinton Campaign Pushed Journalist To Spread Fake News About President Trump

Clinton Campaign ‘Just Made Stuff Up’ About Trump/Russia, Former FBI Intel Chief Says

FLASHBACK: President Trump Says “I Caught The Swamp, I Caught Them All”


Clinton Campaign, DNC Fined By FEC For Lying About Steele Dossier Payments

Durham Revealed That Fusion GPS Employees Sent Journalists 100s Of Emails With Unverified Accusations Against President Trump To Trigger Negative News Stories 

New Details From Durham Report Reveal Lawyers Tied To Hillary Campaign Spied On Trump WHILE HE WAS PRESIDENT!

Major Durham Filing: CIA Called Clinton Campaign Attorney’s Anti-Trump Data ‘User Created’

Durham Bombshell: Prosecutor Unveils Smoking Gun FBI Text Message, ‘Joint Venture’ To Smear Trump


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Illegitimate Joe Says He Won’t Visit the Arizona Border ‘Because There Are More Important Things Going On’

Migrant ‘Ladder Crews’ Scale Arizona Border Wall Nightly

PROJECT VERITAS: HHS Whistleblower Says Biden Government Complicit With Child Trafficking At Southern Border

Report: Thousands Of Migrants Waiting In Mexico To Rush U.S. Border When Title 42 Ends


WATCH: Thermal Drone Video Shows Massive Group of Illegal Aliens Marching Like Soldiers Into Private Property In Eagle Pass, Texas

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison After Stabbing Queens Woman 55 Times, Stuffing Her In Duffel Bag In Plea Deal

Twice-Deported Illegal Alien, Accused Of July 4th Shooting Plot, Sentenced To Fewer Than Six Months In Prison

WATCH: Illegals Flee From Smuggler’s Truck (2 Get Processed,  6 Get Away) During Texas Traffic Stop Near Border

Biden Administration Sending Air Marshals To Southern Border, But They Won’t Be Detaining Migrants

WATCH: Shocking Video Shows Illegals Easily Jumping Over Border Wall and Disappearing into Texas Traffic


Twice-Deported Illegal Alien, Accused Of July 4th Shooting Plot, Sentenced To Fewer Than Six Months In Prison

Dems Protect Alleged Pelosi Attacker From Deportation

94 Migrants From Six Countries Surrender At Border Wall In Arizona

Massachusetts Taxpayers Asked To Pay $139M To House More Illegal Aliens

130K Migrants Apprehended In Texas-Based Border Sectors In October

Illegal Alien “Broke” Into Katie Hobbs’ Office 

Biden’s Open Border: Previously Deported Illegal Alien Reenters U.S. After Sexually Assaulting Girl

Afghan Criminals Will Be Released Into U.S., Former ICE Director Says

Man Beats Woman For Wearing American Flag Shirt


Joe Biden Welcomes Foreign Population At Southern Border Greater Than 15 States

The Democrat Party Still Denies Entry To Unvaccinated Legal Travelers But Not Illegal Aliens Walking Across The Open Border

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Girlfriend, Two Of Her Children, Mother And Daughter Who Lived Next Door

Illegal Alien Charged With Killing Father Of Two In Texas Hit-And-Run

Congressman Says Homeland Security Confirmed Venezuela ‘Sends Violent Criminals’ To The United States

Las Vegas Stabbing Suspect In US Illegally With Criminal Record In California

Lara Logan: They’re Giving Social Security Numbers To Illegal Aliens At The US Border (VIDEO)

Soros’ Open Society Foundations Dole Out Millions To Left-Wing Immigration Groups


Biden’s Invasion: Disturbing Video Shows Young Illegal Immigrant Children Who Appear To Have Been Drugged At The Southern Border

Biden Delivering Unaccompanied Minors To Small New York Town

Former White House Adviser Says Biden Admin Is Running The ‘Epicenter’ Of Child Trafficking

Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better

Whistleblower Says Biden Administration Trafficking Up To 40,000 Children Per Month From Border


Illegals On Terrorist List Soars By 400% As Expert Warns A Major Attack Could Be Imminent

Obama Claims That Racism Is The Primary Reason Why People Oppose Biden’s Open Border Policies

Terrorist Biden Says Republican Governors ‘Should Not Interfere’ With His Immigration Policies

Biden Makes Securing U.S. Jobs Easier For Border Crossers, Illegal Aliens

Top ICE Official Makes Harrowing On-Camera Admission About What The Biden Administration Is Doing At The Border

Major Metropolis To Start Packing Migrants Into “Tent Towns”


Bombshell Emails Reveal Biden’s DHS Still Knowingly Releasing COVID-Positive Border Crossers Into US

Thousands Of Illegals Storm The Mexican Border And Push Through National Guard Barricades On Way To US (VIDEO)

At Least 476K Migrant Got-Aways Recorded in 2022 So Far

5 Million-10 Million Illegals Have Crossed Our Southern Border Since Joe Biden’s Inauguration

FOIA: Newly Released ICE Data Reveals Deportations Have Dropped By 90% Overall Under Borderless Biden Regime

DHS IG: Insufficient Vetting Means Some Afghans Resettled In U.S. May ‘Pose A Risk To National Security’

Biden Allowed In Afghan “Refugee” Freed By Taliban


Watch Biden Agents Open Border Gate Previously Locked By Texas National Guard To Let Illegal Migrants Into The Country [VIDEO]

Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better

Biden’s Deputies Open New Route For The World’s Criminals 

52,000 Illegal Aliens Crossed Texas Border Into Nation’s Busiest Sector In August

DoD: 8,866 Reports of Sexual Assault in FY 21, 13% Increase From Prior Year

5K Migrants Walked Across Border Over Labor Day Weekend In One TX Sector

4K Migrants Apprehended Or Got Away Over Weekend In One Texas Border Sector


Illegal Alien Accused Of Driving Drunk And Smashing Into Off-Duty Deputy’s Motorcycle – Killing Her

Illegal Alien Runs Over State Trooper In NC… You Won’t Believe How Much Their Bail Was

Man Charged in Fatal Hit-And-Run Of Pinellas County, Florida Deputy Entered US Illegally Thanks To Joe Biden’s Open Borders

Joe Biden’s DHS Urged To Disclose Details Of Illegal Aliens Charged With Murdering Deputy Ned Byrd

Suspect Charged In Murder Of Harris County Officer Was In The U.S. Illegally, Per ICE


Report: Afghan Man, Brought To U.S. By Biden, Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 12-Year-Old Boy

Man Who Beheaded Mother In Front Of Horrified Neighbors Is An Illegal Immigrant With Expired Visa

BIDEN’S AMERICA: Family Of Five Brutally Murdered By Drug Cartel Fugitive In Texas

Illegal Alien Gets 25 Years In Prison For Sexually Abusing 10-Year-Old Girl

Joe Biden: Mass Immigration, Changing Demographics Making America ‘So Much Better

WTH! Three-Time Deported Illegal Alien Arrested Again For Slew Of Crimes Including 21 Sexual Assaults

Ukrainian With Long Criminal Record That Killed 7 Bikers While High On A Mixture Of Drugs Found Not Guilty

Illegal Alien Charged With Sexually Abusing 14-Year-Old Disabled Child

Watch Omar Tell Illegals: ‘You Exemplify The Very Best Of Our Country’

Biden Helps Illegal Alien, Accused Of Killing Teen Girl, Evade Deportation

Illegal Alien Charged With Raping 10-Year-Old Girl Who Traveled For Abortion

Illegal Alien Suspect In Kidnapping Of 12-Year-Old Girl Also Faces Capital Murder Charges

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering 76-Year-Old Man Outside His Home

Illegal Aliens Plotted July 4th Mass Shooting, Thwarted By American ‘Hero Citizen

George Floyd Rioter Avoids Deportation After Sentence For Lighting Police Cars On Fire

Illegal Alien Gets Fewer Than 20 Years In Prison For Murdering Man Off Coast Of  Massachusetts

Afghan National Charged In Murder Of New Mexico Muslims

Rep. Chip Roy Slams Biden ‘Assault’ On Border: ‘Americans Are Dying, Cartels Are Profiting’

Female Migrant With Murder Conviction Found By Border Patrol In West Texas

Suspect In High-Profile Murder Of NY Mom Was In The Country Illegally: Report

Nine-Time Deported Illegal Alien Charged With Molesting 9-Year-Old Girl

Twice-Deported Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Member, Accused of Kidnapping Attack, Gets 7.5 Years In Prison

Foreign Criminals Using Tourist Visas To Rob Rich Californians

Man Who Fatally Shot His Three Daughters In California Church Was In US Illegally

Illegal Alien MS-13 Gang Members, Freed Into U.S., Stabbed Boy To Death

Sanctuary State: Six-Time Deported Illegal Alien Guilty Of Triple Murder

18-Yr-Old Human Smuggler Kills TX Mom & Daughter…All Illegal Aliens Survive Crash

Illegal Alien Gets Life In Prison For Murdering Four Americans

Afghan Now In Custody For Raping Teenager After Biden’s State Department Did Not Fully Vet Afghan Nationals Entering Country

Illegal Alien Arrested After Killing Two BYU Students In Orem, Utah

Illegal Alien Charged With Murdering Woman Who Reported Him For Abuse

‘NOT SENDING THEIR BEST’… Illegal Mexican Teen Busted For Setting Wildfires In California

Illegal Alien Criminal Vows To Attack Any American Who Tries To Prevent His Illegal Crossing – Video

Somali ‘Refugee’ Charged With Murder In Fatal Shooting Of Young Mother In Grand Forks, North Dakota

Illegal Alien Gets 10 Years For Stabbing 33-Year-Old Man To Death

Secret Night Flights, Rampant Criminality & 100,000 Dead Americans


DHS Secretary ‘Very Pleased’ That ‘Remain In Mexico’ Policy Will Go Away (As Border Surge Continues)

Number Of Illegals Rescued By Border Patrol Soars To Record As Biden Declares Border Is ‘Secure’

White House Press Secretary: ‘We Agree That The Border Is Secure’

Biden Spokeswoman: ‘We’re Taking Unprecedented Action’ To Secure The Border

Kamala Harris Insists Border ‘Secure’ As Illegal Aliens Set To Pass 2 Million This Year

Biden’s Secretary Of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas Says “Look, The Border Is Secure”

Mayorkas On Border Security: ‘I Think That We Are Doing A Good Job.’

Donald Trump: Joe Biden’s Border Agenda Is ‘Invasion’


Biden Regime LOST HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS Of Illegals In The United States

Biden Admin To Border Agents: Prepare For The Flood: 1,200 ILLEGAL ALIEN Families Expected To Be Processed Each Day

Whistleblower: Nearly 400 Afghans Listed As ‘Potential Threats’ Resettled Across U.S. By Biden’s Agencies

‘We Have An Emergency ’: Organization Says Of Illegal Aliens Arriving In Charlotte From Border 


The FBI Is Targeting Trump Supporters As Domestic Terrorists Proving Again that The FBI Is Arguably The Greatest Threat To Our Republic

US Postal Service SPIED ON Republican Activists Under Biden Administration, Democrats Block Inquiry

Democrat Mayors Run Every One Of The Top 10 Cities Homebuyers Are Looking To Leave

Biden’s Former ‘Disinformation Czar’ Registers As Foreign Agent, Here’s Where She Is Now

Balenciaga’s Child Trafficking Connection

Did you know Kamala Harris’ stepdaughter Ella Emhoff is a model for Balenciaga?


Former Navy SEAL Trans Poster Boy Announces De-Transition

Children Receiving Hormone Therapy ‘Probably Will Be Infertile’: Pediatrician

Doctors Are Giving Gender-Confused Kids ‘Puberty Blockers’ Used To Castrate Sex Offenders — And With Harmful Consequences


UNLEASHED: Twitter Owner Elon Musk Releases Hunter Biden Laptop Scandal Censorship Docs

Elon Musk Delivers Shocking Proof Of Twitter’s Election Collusion With Top Dems

Twitter Files Confirm: Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was Censored ‘So That Donald Trump Would Not Be Reelected President’

FBI ‘Russia Collusion’ Official Tried To Block ‘Twitter Files’ Release On Friday

‘Smoking Gun’ Testimony Shows The U.S. Government Was Involved in Censoring Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Hillary Clinton Linked To Dark Money Campaign Against Elon Musk Restoring Free Speech On Twitter


Top Oncologist: Cancer In Patients Exploding After COVID Shots

International Consortium Of Scientists Warn About Dangerous ‘Nanotech’ Found In COVID Jabs

WATCH: Died Suddenly

Anthony Fauci’s Daughter Worked For Twitter During Censorship!

Anthony Fauci Deposition Released: Replied ‘I Don’t Recall’ 174 Times!


Pro-Crime Prop Backed By Soros & Democrats Freed Over 7,000 Pedophiles

Judge Will ‘Name And Shame’ Jeffrey Epstein VIP Clients Because Public ‘Have A Right To Know’

CIA Agents Caught Raping Children Allowed To Walk Free Because Prosecution ‘May Reveal State Secrets’

Passion Of The Christ’ Star Claims Hollywood Execs Are Trafficking Children For Adrenochrome

REPORT: FTX Founder Pumped Left-Wing Media Outlets With Investment Money

STUDY: Broadcast Networks Bury FTX CEO’s Massive Donations To Dems

Joe Bankman, Father of Former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried, Was The Legal Mastermind Behind FTX

Disgraced FTX Founder Donated To Six RINOs Who Voted To Impeach Trump

WATCH: Democrat Maxine Waters Blew FTX Founder A Kiss Last Year – Will Now Lead Investigation Into FTX’s Collapse

Sam Bankman-Fried And FTX Donated Over $300,000 To Lawmakers Investigating Him

FTX Founder Sam Bankman-Fried Took $1 Billion Loan From His Hedge Fund Before Declaring Bankruptcy

Biden: ‘When It Comes To The Gas Prices, We’re Going Through An Incredible Transition’

Joe Biden’s America: People Turning Off Their Heat As Prices Skyrocket, ‘Like Living In An Igloo’

Biden Adviser Says We Have To Protect The ‘Liberal World Order’

Top New Biden Staffer Defended Underage, Gay Prostitution Website Raided By Feds


Former Obama Official Pleads Guilty To Charges He Illegally Tried To Influence Trump Administration

Project Veritas: Leaked Call With Prison Inmate Reveals Democrat Senate Candidate Calling For “Secret Sleepers” To Infiltrate South Carolina Republican Party

LGBTQ+ Activist In Office Of Nuclear Energy Once Defended Website That Sex-Trafficked Young Boys

Democrat Andrew Gillum Charged With 21 Felonies Related To Campaign That Lost To DeSantis


Man Who Discovered Hunter Biden Laptop Sues Schiff & Media (DOCS)

The 50+ Intelligence Officers Who Claimed Hunter Biden Laptop Was Russian Disinformation 


Chinese Elite Have Paid Some $31 Million To Hunter And The Bidens

Joe Biden Wired Hunter Biden $100,000 And A Portion Was Used to Pay For Russian Hookers – *Watch Video Of Hunter Verbally Abusing A Hooker*

Joe Biden: I Bet Everybody Knows Somebody…That In An Intimate Relationship… The Guy Takes A Picture Of His Naked Friend And Then Blackmails (VIDEO)

Biden Says ‘There’s Going To Be A New World Order Out There & We’ve Got To Lead It’

Hunter Biden’s Laptop Contained Defense Department ‘Encryption Keys’

Beau Biden Foundation Rakes In Millions, Spends Fraction On Kid Programs


Biden Gives $40 Billion To Ukraine 

Tens Of Billions Of US Dollars Were Transferred To Ukraine And Then Using FTX Crypto Currency The Funds Were Laundered Back To Democrats In US

CONSPIRACY CONFIRMED: U.S. Spent Millions On Banned Bio-Weapon Labs In Ukraine

Where Did Biden’s Billions Sent To Ukraine End Up?

Biden Approves $800 Million In Military Aid For Ukraine

RARE VIDEO Found: George Soros Brags About Setting Up His Foundation In Ukraine

The Pentagon Reveals There Are 46 ‘Peaceful’ Biolabs In Ukraine

Hunter Biden Bio Firm Partnered With Ukrainian Researchers ‘Isolating Deadly Pathogens’ Using Funds From Obama’s Defense Department

A Walk Down Biden Crime Family Lane In 2019/2020 Ukraine – An Overview Of Our Reporting

Hunter Biden Got 1 Million Dollar Salary From Ukrainian Energy Company 

Ukraine And The US Have One Thing In Common – Obama/Biden Ran A Coup In Both Nations

“Ukraine Has Biological Research Facilities, Which In Fact, We Are Now Quite Concerned,” Nuland Said

A Tragically Hilarious Compilation Of Team Biden Lying About Ukraine [VIDEO]

Trump-Hating NBC Hack “Reporter” Is Accused Of Fraudulently Voting In FL Election

Propaganda Czar: Soros Bankrolls 253 Groups To Influence Global Media

Facebook Ready To Nuke All News On The Platform, Reveals It’s Because Of A ‘Cartel-Like’ Entity

DNC TV: ABC, NBC Hype Walker’s Scandals, Ignores Warnock’s Anti-Semitic Ties

Another Hollywood Producer Accused Of Sexually Assaulting 38 Women…Allegedly Used Harvard Club And Mother’s Home To Sexually Assault Women

Elon Musk Slams Far-Left Wikipedia for Its “Non-Trivial Left-Wing Bias”

Far-Left Media Buzzfeed To Cut Workforce By 12% Due To “Worsening Macroeconomic Conditions” – Trading Now At $1

Vaccinated NBA Announcer Suffers Medical Emergency Live On Air (Video)

Big Tech Censorship Is the Largest Campaign Finance Violation In History Costing Americans Billions And Potentially Trillions