Read The Letter Planned Parenthood Sent News Outlets
Warning Them Not To Air Undercover Videos

Must Know Headlines


Newly Recovered Lois Lerner Email Shows IRS
Tried To Cover Up Tea Party Targeting

John Boehner Coup: Mark Meadows
Files Motion To Oust House Speaker

#BlackLivesMatter Activists Kick Reporter
Out Of Event Because HE IS WHITE 

Marine Vet Marks Third Birthday Behind Bars In Iran

FDA: Mexicans Defecating In Farm Fields
Getting Americans Sick

ILLEGAL Immigration

Border Patrol Ordered The Release Of An Illegal Alien,
Now Accused Of Murder And Attempted Rape Of Child

ILLEGAL Aliens Are NOT ‘Law Abiding’

Report: Illegal Aliens Outnumber Unemployed Americans

8 ILLEGAL Alien Sex Criminals Arrested Near Texas Border

Planned Parenthood

3rd Shock Video Catches Planned Parenthood Vice
President Selling Body Parts Of Aborted Babies

She Worked With Planned Parenthood To
Sell Aborted Babies, Now She’s Exposing Them

Ben Carson On Planned Parenthood: ‘Same People Who
Say It’s A Meaningless Clump Of Cells Are Trying To Get Livers’

Donald Trump

Trump: All Illegals Must Be DEPORTED,
But The Good Ones Can Come Back Legally

MUST SEE=> Two Black Women Stump
For Trump – Hilarious! (VIDEO)

Ivana Trump HITS BACK – GUTS Daily Beast Smear Piece:
“I Think He Would Make An Incredible President”

Barack Obama

Hillary’s Such A Terrible Candidate,
Obama’s Talking About A Third Term

Oversight Committee To Obama—
Get Rid Of IRS Chief Or We Will

Obama’s Race Cops Now Targeting Small-Business Lenders

Report: Taxpayers Shell Out $6 Million
To Fly Obama To Africa


Hillary Hopped On Private Jet After
Pushing For Climate Change Agenda 

Kerry Acknowledges Iran ‘May’ Use Weapons Obtained
Through Agreement To Kill Americans, Israelis

Report: Jon Stewart Took Secret Trips To White House
During Key Moments Of Obama Presidency

Democrat-Activist Media

WaPo Horrified To Find That Republicans
Want ILLEGAL Aliens Deported

Panic in Pittsburgh: Media Struggling
To Ignore Black Mob Violence

English, Spanish Networks Censor Third Planned Parenthood
Video, But Cover Shooting Death Of African Lion 

CNN’s Henderson: GOPers ‘Saying
Outrageous Things,’ Obama ‘Genius’ 

Walker Chat With Unauthorized Immigrants
Censored On Spanish Nets