The Corporate, Liberal, and Public media are controlled by the democrat party of slavery, the US intelligence agencies, and their puppet masters. They report fake news 24/7.

Joe Biden is a tyrant. He has been in office for almost 50 years. Traitor Joe spent 36 years as a U.S. senator and 8 years as vice president. Now he is our illegitimate president. If you think that he honestly won all of those elections, then you are ignorant and brainwashed. If you don’t care then you are a cheater who likely gets money from the government and or came to the USA illegally.

The fake news has ignored and denied Joe Biden’s crimes while in office for almost 50 years. The fake news also denies and ignores election fraud by the democrat party of slavery and crime by illegal aliens.

Illegitimate Joe and his democrat party of slavery are the world’s number one child trafficker and human smuggler. They are a domestic and international terrorist group! But the fake news ignores it all.

The fake news and democrat party called Donald Trump a senile moron then went and stole it for Joe Biden.

What more proof do you need?!

Prison For Joe Biden


UPDATE: X let me back on 2 months after banning me. But I am very censored. My posts get NO REACH.

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