The Corporate media is very “liberal” and full of Anti-American Socialists, Communists and Marxists who vote Democrat. They lie about, misreport, use extreme liberal bias on, and ignore news they don’t want people to know.  Two of the most obvious examples of this are the fact the Corporate Liberal media does NOT investigate or report election fraud by Democrats or crime by illegal aliens. They lie, deny and ignore election fraud by democrats and crime by ILLEGAL ALIENS. The Corporate Liberal (they are one) media helps the Democrat Party, Washington D.C., China & other Anti-American Communists rig & steal elections from US. Illegal aliens help democrats rig and cheat in elections.

This website exists to report the news that the Corporate Liberal media ignores and expose them for their Anti-American and Democrat bias. How the Corporate Liberal media treats Donald Trump and Joe Biden differently is the best example of media bias ever. If you can’t see it then you are 100% brainwashed by the party of slavery, the ILLEGITIMATE US GOVERNMENT, & Corporate Liberal media.

The US Government really is ILLEGITIMATE & CRIMINAL because they steal elections from Americans then bring in nonstop millions of lawless foreigners during the never-ending pandemic which they used to remove Donald Trump, and now use to control everyone and steal elections more.

Along with the Corporate Liberal Media, Hollywood & professional sports teams are in on it.