AP's Rugaber: Continued Large Deficits Signify 'Improvement In The Nation's Finances'

Must Know Headlines


The Ideological Underpinnings Of The Tax Rate Debate—
One Side Supports “Growth” While The Other Side Supports “Social Justice”

RED YAWN REVIEW: How Hollywood Butchered A Cult Classic To Appease China

 Amazing 4-D Ultrasound Captures Baby Yawning In The Womb

Greta Van Susteren: The Obama Administration Is Playing
– They Are Trying To Punish FOX

“Comprehensive Immigration Reform”: An Oxymoron In The Making

Morsi Grabs Dictatorial Powers In Egypt

Labor Unions

Wal-Mart vs. The Mob

Demonstrators At Walmart Protest Won’t Speak To FOX News (Video)

Idiots Join SEIU LAX Protest But Don’t Know Why

Dozen Arrested At Thanksgiving SEIU Los Angeles Airport Protest

Barack Obama

Libyan Weapons Flowing Into Gaza, Thanks To Obama

Obama’s ‘Constituency Groups’ Checklist Offers No Options For Whites Or Men

Obama’s Asia Trip: No Bows This Time,
But He Did Grab An Awkward Kiss


Univ. Of Texas Professor: Thanksgiving A “White-Supremacist
Holiday,” Founding Founders “Nazis”

Susan Rice Lays All Blame On Intel Community
For Her Misleading the American People 

Dem Operative Suspected In Serial Rapes

EPA Teaching Guide Tells Non-English Speakers To
Spy On Neighbors, Workplace

Democrat-Activist Media

CNBC’s Harwood: Benghazi Scandal Being
‘Prolonged’ Because Of Campaign ‘Bitterness’

CBS Incorrectly Claims Hamas Was Elected To Power In Gaza

Arab Winter: AP Minimizes Visibility Of
Morsi’s Dictatorial Power Grab In Egypt

Media Gave Romney The Shaft During Election

Brian Williams Mocks Romney For…Pumping His Own Gas?


TSA Humiliates Wrong Person: A Congressman’s Niece

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