Rand Paul Calls For Reid To 'Calm The Rhetoric' On Bundy Ranch:
This Is About The Needs Of A Turtle Over A Man

Must Know Headlines


Republicans Lead The Best-Run States In America,
Democrats Dominate The Worst

Five New ObamaCare Taxes Coming January 1

 The Coming Middle Class Tax Hike

Union Corruption 2012: Big Labor’s Federal Rap Sheet

 More Than 400 Women Have Died From Legal Abortions Since 1973

GOP Senators Offer Pathway To Citizenship For Young ILLEGALS:
Prohibits The Use Of Public Welfare Benefits
And Access To Federal Student Loans

Barack Obama

Mexico’s President-Elect Praises Obama On Immigration:
‘We Fully Support Your Proposal’

Obama The Job-Killing Owl-Killer

How Obama Aided And Abetted Hamas Attacks

24 Americans Sue Obama, Clinton For Funding Palestinian Terrorism

 Krauthammer: Obama Not Trying To Fix Our Fiscal Issues,
He’s Trying To Destroy The Republicans

Wavering: Obama Signs Anti-Carbon Tax Bill

Pew: 98% Of Black Women Age 18-29 Voted For Obama


Naked Obama Supporting Democrats
Storm John Boehner’s Office

U.S. Immigration And Customs Enforcement (ICE) Take Down
132 Websites In ‘Cyber Monday’ Crackdown

Poli-Sci Professor: Give Up Your Whiteness,
American-ness, Maleness, Heterosexuality

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Blamed Feds For Katrina Failure, Credit Them For Sandy

Flashback: U.S. Media Downplayed Muslim Brotherhood’s Fundamentalism

Touré Plays The Race Card, Denies The Existence Of A Race Card 

 GQ Dubs Mitt Romney As The Year’s ‘Least Influential’

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