Soros Backed Marxist Media Group Got $364 Mil From US Gov

Must Know Headlines


Americans’ Net Worth Drops To 43 Year Low

Six Bipartisan Entitlement Reforms To Solve The Real Fiscal Crisis:
Only Presidential Leadership Is Needed

The Government is Spending $100,000 to Teach Teen Girls
“Better Condom Negotiation Tactics”

Remembering Some Of  Those Who Said The Muslim
Brotherhood In Egypt Wasn’t A Threat To Democracy

Does Government Want To Drain Americans’ 401(k) Plan?

Report: Sick Babies Starved To Death Under Socialized Medicine In England

New Islamist Constitution Brings Back Slavery To Egypt

Barack Obama

Obama’s Now Borrowed More Than All Presidents From Washington To George  W

Obama To Republicans: My Offer Is This, Nothing

 Obama Pushes Tax Hike For Families Earning More Than $250K

President OBAMA Has Been Largest Beneficiary Of  BP Money In Last 20 Years

Obama Travels To Pennsylvania To Speak For 18 Minutes:
Second Term Carelessness With The Taxpayers’ Money Begins


Another Solar Company Goes Bust – Got $26 Million In State Loans

Nancy Pelosi Supports Giving Obama ‘Unilateral Control’ To Raise Debt Ceiling

Democrats: Higher Rates For Wealthy ‘Just The Beginning’

Junk Science Job-Killer Salazar Strikes Again, Shuts Down Oyster Company

 For Susan Rice, Benghazi Was Kenya 1998 Deja Vu

The Return Of  The Tax-And-Spend Democrats To D.C.

 Dem Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse Wants Global Warming Skeptics Burned
At The Stake: “We’ve Tolerated The Deniers For Far Too Long”

Democrat Hank Johnson Wants Amendment Controlling Speech:
“Corporations Are Teaching You To Hate Government”

Democrat-Activist Media

Local Media Coverage Of Sandy Aftermath; National Media Mostly Ignores

Media Ignoring Real Story of Fiscal Cliff, Bozell, Varney Agree:
Dems, Obama Refuse To Budge On Spending, Entitlements

ABC Continues To Spin For Susan Rice:
She Ran Into A GOP ‘Buzz Saw’ On Tuesday

Former NBC Head Zucker Hired To Head CNN


Two Pakistan-Born Brothers Arrested In Florida On Terrorism Charges

Judicial Watch Obtains Records Detailing Assassination Of
U.S. Born Terrorist Anwar al-Aulaqi By A U.S. Drone

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